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The 40 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Beach vacations are one of a kind. They are perfect for unwinding and giving yourself a much deserved break from a hectic routine. Soak your feet in the wet sand and let the beautiful tropical sun kiss your skin while exploring some of the most breathtaking beaches around the world.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora

Bora Bora Island is a jewel of the South Seas. The stunning beauty of this place is unmatched, where misty mountain peaks surround turquoise oceans and the sunsets paint the sky with picturesque beauty. Treat yourself to a luxurious overwater bungalow and have the time of your life in the magical island of the South Pacific.

Enjoy the secluded beaches with the island resort, or visit Matira Beach for a tranquil canoe ride on a peaceful morning. You can also take a boat to the coral gardens and explore the underwater beauty of the island. Indulge yourself in the delicious Polynesian cuisine and wind up the day by sipping cocktails under the stars. 

Male Atoll, Maldives

The Maldives exudes a dreamlike, surreal beauty owing to its luminous deep blue waters and lush tropical trees. Out of the 26 natural atolls of Maldives, Male has the most visitors. You’ll find many luxury resorts facing the pearly white beaches and aquamarine oceans waiting to be explored.

The snorkeling and diving activities in Male Atoll are world class, and it is one of the top surfing spots in the world. You can also enjoy swimming alongside the whales and manta rays or plan a tranquil cruise vacation to explore the islet in all its charm and glory.

Honokalani Beach, Maui

Honokalani beach of Maui has a distinct, jet black shore that’s hard to miss. Electric blue waves wash over the shores, as exotic birds sing and fly over the thick and lush jungle like foliage surrounding the beach. There are several activities to enjoy on the beach, but take some time to just sit and soak in the beauty and the amazing details, with tiny lava pebbles dispersed in the sand and majestic sea caves within the steep lava cliffs.

Molokini islet is great for snorkeling, as it has the most colorful display of corals and underwater beauty. If you like to hike, you can take a detour to the Haleakala national park with a dormant volcano and lovely pools and waterfalls of Ohe’o.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Nestled in the tiny, unspoiled and picturesque village of Barbados, the Bathsheba beach is heaven on Earth. The rocky, rugged shorelines surround the untouched beauty of the place. Don’t forget to catch the ‘Soup Bowl’, a spellbinding natural phenomenon where the wild waves crash into the pearly white sands of the shoreline and create sizeable boulders.

The waves are massive and consistent, making it ideal for surfing. If you are a nature lover, you will love the Andromeda Botanic gardens nearby the area, adorned by exotic tropical vegetation and flowers. Enjoy your stay in quaint seaside cottages and fall asleep with the sound of the wild and free waves striking the rocks along the dramatic shoreline.

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Phang Nga Bay has a very distinct look, with pure limestone karsts welcoming you to explore the emerald green waters and the famous ‘James Bond Island’. The best way to explore this place is via a boat trip that takes you around the islets and Koh Panyee. The intense and vivid scenic beauty of the quiet beaches takes you back to simpler times, with untouched beauty and clear blue skies.

The James Bond Island or Nail Island is featured in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and is a famous tourist spot. The island is surrounded by its characteristic rocky pinnacle and lush green mountains. Stop by for lunch at Koh Panyee and explore the beautiful village with hundreds of houses and shacks facing the shallow sea.

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

The Harbour Island lies at the eastern end of Atlantic Ocean, and is well known for its remarkable pink sand beach. It seems to stretch to an endless length and is ranked as one of the best sand beaches of Bahamas. This characteristic color of the sand is due to the microscopic coral insects ‘Foraminifera’. The sand is always soft and cool, and is ideal for romantic walks along the shoreline in shimmering moonlight.

Swimming is safe in the beach as the waters are calm and the waves are gentle. Snorkeling is also a famous activity in the area, as well as horseback riding on the beach. In the evenings, lay down a blanket and enjoy the tranquil sunset sky contrasting with the beautiful pink sand to create a fairytale image.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Queensland is ‘The Sunshine State’ of Australia. It is adorned by scenic golden beaches, thick rainforests, reefs, waterfalls, rivers and sublime tropical islands. The beauty of the Great Barrier Reef is indescribable. Hundreds of coral cays and reefs, along with a part of the mangrove islands beautify the area. It attracts snorkelers and divers from around the world to explore over 1600 species of marine life and psychedelic coral formations.

The Whitehaven Beach has beautiful, powdery white sand surrounding its turquoise waters, holding an uninhabited and unspoiled exquisiteness. Airlie Beach is also a great point to launch your tour of the area, and the shores are lined with luxury beach resorts. Strung along the reef, the Whitsunday islands are quite a spectacle.

Anse Lazio Beach, Seychelles

Praslin Island has the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Along the north shore of the island lies Anse Lazio or the Chevalier Bay, holding unparalleled beauty and allure. It is a treat for nature lovers, as you have to hike up a hill to access the unspoiled beach. The crystal clear waters in striking shades of blue are surrounded by granite boulders resting tranquilly on soft blond sands.

The beach has lovely coconut palms and Takamaka trees that provide shade and offer a nice spot to lay down your blankets and have a nice picnic or just soak in the sun.  Take in the wonderful beauty of the area and enjoy exotic cuisines and cocktails along the way.

Navagio Beach, Greece

The dreamlike beauty of Navagio beach seems almost too good to be true. Located on the coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands of Greece, the exposed cove sits like a mythical place made of wonders and magic. The best way to take in the majestic beauty of the beach, is to view it from the edge of the cliff surrounding it.

The tour guides take you on a trip of the beach by boat, or you can explore it by swimming in the warm blue water and taking in the view of the steep cliffs and stony pebbles. It is also famous as the Shipwreck Beach. The best time to visit the Navagio beach is early morning, when the water shines with warm and gentle sun rays at the height of its beauty and no crowd of tourists.

Palm Beach, Aruba

Palm Beach is the ideal vacation spot for all the adventure seekers out there. It occupies a two mile long strip along the northwest side of Aruba and is jam packed with outdoor activities that will keep you on your toes, be it day or night. From snorkeling to parasailing, surfing along the thrashing waves or just enjoying a nice swim, you will love the time you spend here.

The night life is rich and exciting with exotic restaurants, nightclubs, casinos and bars to heighten your holiday experience even further. You can also explore the lush Bubali Bird Sanctuary which has an observation tower and serves as a home to many exotic bird species.

Gouverneur Beach, St. Barts

St. Barts has a rustic French charm, with lovely beaches and private resorts and villas. The star studded island has a lot to offer, with jet-setter adventures being the most common and beloved activity in the area. The green hills provide a picturesque backdrop to the blond sand beach of Gouverneur, with clear flowing waters ideal for water sports.

You can often spot celebrities on the beaches, especially during peak vacation season. Besides the beautiful beaches and shorelines, you can indulge in delicious continental delicacies, shopping and sightseeing. Plan a day for sailing, fishing, kayaking and kite surfing on the stunning Saline and Gouverneur beach.

El Nido, Palawan

Philippines is a tropical wonder with over 7000 islands. The options can greatly overwhelm you, but we highly recommend visiting El Nido in Palawan for a truly spectacular beach vacation. The warm aquamarine seas are great for both unwinding and relaxing, or enjoying thrilling water sports. The powder fine shorelines are complimented by spectacular limestone formations, prehistoric caves of wonder, divine waterfalls and soaring cliffs.

Philippines has typical tropical weather that helps you plan a number of outdoor activities round the year. The luxury beach resorts surround the beautiful beaches so you can stay near the ocean and let it call out to you and soothe your senses.

Belle Mare Beach, Mauritius

Belle Mare is a small area along the east coast of the beautiful land of Mauritius. Belle Mare has a pristine white sand beach filled with natural and unspoiled beauty. The wonderful coral protected lagoon takes you to a magical world of its own. There’s plenty of watersports to enjoy and many restaurants surrounding the shoreline and adorned with lush green, soaring trees.

The coconut white sands of the lagoon encircle deep blue waters that are ideal for snorkeling and diving. You get to swim alongside the playful eagle rays and barracudas, and spot the odd bull shark lurking beyond the barrier reef. You will also enjoy Belle Mare if you love golf, as there are two world renowned golf courses in the area.

Varadero Beach, Cuba

Enjoy endless adventures in the warm Caribbean sands and get your adrenaline pumping with amusing watersports in the Cuba beauty that is Varadero. Projecting the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean along its north coast in Cuba, this beautiful resort has wonderful sugar white sand, with luxurious mansions and beach resorts overlooking the sea.

The locals call this area ‘Playa Azul’ which means blue beach. It signifies its crystal clear, blue water exuding warmth and beauty that invites you to take a dive and leave your troubles behind. If you are up for it, you can explore Havana at a two hour drive from Varadero and hop on some roller coasters as well as appreciate the architectural beauty of Cuba along the way.

Arcipelago della Maddalena, Sardinia

Sardinia is a lovely European summer destination with gorgeous beaches and a lot of rich culture. Here, you will witness some of the clearest waters, and we highly recommend taking a trip to Arcipelago della Maddalena. It comprises of several islands, most of them uninhabited with abandoned lighthouses, adding to its beauty. The beaches are surrounded by peculiar granite rocks and lovely Mediterranean shrubs.

The weather is nice and windy, which allows you to enjoy windsurfing and sailing in the blue waters. You can also go on a boat trip that starts early morning and takes you to different islands of Sardinia while you nibble on delicious salami and cheese platters.

Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos Islands

Brace yourselves for a truly otherworldly experience at the Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos Islands. The islands hold the most splendid, ethereal blue seas and powdery sand shorelines. The islands are surrounded by the world’s third largest coral reef, which invites you to take a dive or snorkel and explore its hidden underwater beauty.

The scuba diving sites are dispersed throughout the islands. You have many options, whether you want to dive deep into the Grace Bay Beach, or explore the rustic lighthouse and palm tree beaches of Grand Turk Island. The deluxe, all-inclusive resorts will give you a perfect beach holiday experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

San Blas, Panama

San Blas islands give you a personal and refreshing experience, as it has private islands and deserted beaches that you can explore without worrying about a swarm of tourists. At San Blas, there are 365 islands that have beautiful, immaculate beaches with little to no crowd, sitting like an unharmed paradise.

The water is clear and you can spot dozens of starfishes along the shores. Sail around in the perfect turquoise ocean, and enjoy fishing or sightseeing in the area. You can also book a charming little hut for yourself to spend the night and enjoy the lovely islands a little longer before heading back to the city.

Costa del Sol, Spain

Enjoy a personalized experience at Costa del Sol, the sunshine coast of Spain. It is a national treasure, adorned with beautiful sandy beaches, villages brimming with culture and history, enthralling theme parks and flashy towns.

The beautiful sunshine coast is always warm and sunny, and offers a number of activities to make the most of this pleasant weather round the year. The silky sand is soft and warm, and has luxurious hotels and beach clubs for your stay. The beaches are loaded with ice cream parlors, tapas bars and small shops to give you a truly wholesome and enjoyable experience.

Camps Bay, Cape Town

Camps Bay is a famous spot in Cape Town, South Africa. The beloved beach is known for its striking stretches of white and soft sandy shorelines and clear waters that are great for swimming. The water is always pleasantly chilly, which makes up for the hot weather of the suburban beach.

You also get a view of the Twelve Apostles Mountains and lush green forestation. The wondrous hilly backdrop enhances the beauty of the ocean. Besides all the great beach fun, you can find several cafes and bars, along with posh seafood restaurants and shops in the area.

Plage Notre Dame, Porquerolles

Porquerolles is a heavenly island nestled on the south coast of France, just a few minutes away from Hyeres. Plage Notre Dame is a gorgeous beach on the island, wafting off ethereal scents of pine and eucalyptus. A beautiful crescent of sand forms its outline and surrounds blue and peacock green water.

Hop on one of the tastefully painted little ships and take a tour of the island, or walk along the sandy paths along the shores. The outdoor restaurants serve local cuisines as well as fresh seafood. The island is preserved as a national park, and you can plan picnics or go swimming, snorkeling and surfing in the water.

Reynisfjara beach, Iceland

This black sand beach is located on the South Coast of Iceland, and is one of the most spectacular beaches you’ll ever see. It is situated besides the quaint village of Vik in Myrdalur and the shorelines are adorned with unique rock formations. The beach got its unique black color due to volcanic eruptions and cooled lava.

The clear waters have a backdrop of soaring high cliffs called ‘Gardar’ with whimsical caves and steps. The structures that’ll really get your attention at the Reynisfjara beach are the immense basalt sea stacks. According to the legends, these rocks were built by two trolls who lived in the caves. The beach has a mystical allure and also served as the location for Eastwatch in Game of Thrones.

Luskentyre Beach, Scotland

Nestled in the Isle of Harris, the majestic Luskentyre beach is a little piece of heaven on Earth. It has a soulful and poignant beauty that makes you forget about the mundane things in life. The days are filled with picturesque pastel colored natural beauty offering magical views. The sound of waves crashing against the rocks is like music to the ears.

The unspoiled location is ideal to unplug from the modern world and unwind. Explore the beach by walking barefoot on the warm and soft sand, or hike up the highest mountains of North Harris for a breathtaking view of the turquoise ocean in all its glory.

Padar Beach, Indonesia

At the wonderful Padar Island, you’ll get the best of everything. It is a rare and breathtaking combination of pink, black and white sand beaches. The surreal landscape is adorned with lush green, misty peaked mountains in unique shapes. The black sand beach has dark mineral deposits due to volcanic eruptions, whereas the pink one has pulverized red coral sparkling with white sands.

Enjoy the beautiful colored beaches and wildlife ranging from manta rays to exotic reptiles. You can marvel at the views by land via hiking and trekking, or explore the underwater wonders by snorkeling. Soak in the warm and sunny weather throughout summers and fall, and put on your best hiking shoes for the trip!

Anakena Beach, Greece

One of the great things about Greece is the rich history and monumental beauty it holds. The Anakena Beach is one of the best beach locations in Greece, with iconic archaeological structures facing the beautiful white coral beach. The area is home to a set of moai, which are huge figureheads carved in stone. It also has Ahu Nao-Nao stones and fascinating caves.

The beach has a tropical vibe with coconut palm trees and a nice sunny weather for tanning. The waves are gentle and mild, making it perfect to go for swimming with the kids. The beach also has wonderful marine fauna, and some colored fishes are even visible with the naked eye!

Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay Beach is an isolated tropical heaven surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. The cliffs are the main attraction for hiking and trekking, where climbers get to enjoy magnificent views of the narrow peninsula. The beach is accessible via boat rides from Krabi or Ao Nang.

The beach is child friendly with shallow and mild waves. The pearly white sand encircles beautiful green waters. You’ll find many ethnic shops and cafes in the surrounding area. Go for a nighttime dip in the magical waters, and marvel at nature’s light show with the bio-luminescent planktons that glow in brilliantly vibrant shades of blue.  

Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

Oludeniz is a charming little resort village along the southwest coast of Turkey. The world literally means ‘dead sea’ for the still and calm waters of the blue lagoon. It is famous for the lovely Oludeniz Beach and the natural beauty surrounding the waters.

The scenic landscape has lovely ocean views and has a lot to offer. You can enjoy paragliding, diving, surfing and snorkeling amongst other things. The area also has archaeological ruins for exploration. The beach is separated from the sea by a curving, pearly white shore line fringed with pine trees. The beach is further beautified by soaring mountains and clear blue skies.

Tulum Beach, Mexico

The picture-perfect teal waters and sparkling white sands of the Tulum beach are a sight to behold. The tropical beach gives off a bohemian vibe and is lined by many restaurants and café. The area also contains unspoiled ruins of the ancient Mayan port city for exploration.

There are various tours and guided excursions to make the most out of your beach trip. Swim with adorable sea turtles and soak in the sunny tropical suns all day long while eating tacos. The beach has a wonderfully calming, laid-back vibe, lined with palm trees and beautiful cliffs.

Wineglass Bay Beach, Tasmania

The Freycinet National Park holds the awe-inspiring beauty of the Wineglass bay beach in Tasmania. The beach has glistening bluish-green waters surrounded by a crescent of clear sand shore. The forested mountains surround the area, and are ideal for hiking to get a complete view of the otherworldly beauty it holds.

You can enjoy a wide range of activities in Wineglass Bay. Put on your best shoes and go for hiking in the mountains, or take a boating trip around the waters. For a more personal experience, you can rent out a kayak or go snorkeling underwater. 

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach loosely translates to ‘heavenly sea’, and it surely lives up to the name. It is nestled on the windward coast of Oahu in Hawaii. The aqua water is brilliantly blue and surrounded with lovely white sand shore. The tropical beach has cool palm trees and a sunny weather the entire year round.

The most distinguishing feature of Lanikai beach is the Na Mokulua or ‘the Mokes’, which are twin islands that can be seen less than a mile away. If you are a good swimmer, you can swim to the islands or take a kayak, but beware of the tiger sharks that are often spotted in the waters.

Egremni Beach, Greece

Egremni beach stretches along the coasts of Lefkada Island in Greece. The wonderful white sandy shoreline and high limestone cliffs guard the milky blue waters. The beach is never too crowded and gives you a serene and calm vibe to lay down and relax.

There are a lot of fun activities including sailing, private tours, cruising and scuba diving to explore the beach. It gives you a feel of pure wilderness with no man made structure in sight. The unique and dramatic colors act as a perfect backdrop for pictures and videos.

Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Ipanema Beach is the crown jewel of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. The sub-tropical island has lovely blue waters encircled with warm and inviting shorelines that set the mind at ease. The beach is surrounded by Leblon and Copacabana beaches from west to north, and together they make a magnificent stretch of ocean bodies.

The Latino city is vibrant and lively, and allows you to plan a lot of outdoor fun. All the activities are centered on the beach and include surfing, swimming, jet skiing and snorkeling. Get a chilled bottle of ‘bem gelada’ and enjoy the sunny weather under a colorful umbrella.

Kelingking Beach, Bali

Kelingking Beach will make you fall in love at first sight. The whole beach is surrounded by soaring high cliffs adorned with lush green vegetation and exotic birds. The sandy white shore sparkles like grains of salt, and has unique limestone formations extending into the Indian Ocean.

The beach is also known as ‘T-Rex Bay’ for its unusual shape that resembles the arm of a T-Rex. The streets and cliffs reaching down to the beach are bumpy and slippery, so be careful of the trek, but rest assured that it’s well worth your time and efforts.  

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

This exotic and beautiful beach is located in the colorful town of Kovalam in the state of Kerala. The beach has a lovely palm fringed shore and a striped lighthouse. You can enjoy the lovely views with lush green forestation and clear waters via boats, and admire the wildlife at Periyar Sanctuary.

Kerala is known as ‘God’s own country’ because of all the natural beauty it holds. The beach and surrounding areas allow you to plan many outdoor activities like speed boating, surfing, scuba diving and much more. Don’t forget to witness the heavenly sight of sunsets at the beach, and stock up on banana wafers before you leave.  

Koekoho Beach, New Zealand

The Koekoho beach is a beautiful, white sand beach on the Otago coast of New Zealand. The beach is famous for the Moeraki Boulders lying on the shores that resemble dragon eggs. They are fascinating to look at and a prime spot for taking pictures all day long.

The boulders have been exposed by shoreline erosion from coastal cliffs. There are a few boulders still present on the cliffs that are susceptible to falling down on the beach due to erosion. You can stand or sit on the boulders and enjoy the lovely views of sunrise and sunset while sipping on cocktails.

Sveti Stefan Beach, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan or Saint Stephen is a lovely islet located along the Adriatic coast from Budva in Montenegro. The divine beaches are completely encircled with stunning views of lush green hills. The pine forests fill the air with an earthy aroma, and the majestic mountains enhance the beauty of the pink sand shore and crystal clear waters.

Exploration and accommodation at Sveti Stefan is a bit towards the pricier end, but it’s definitely well worth your money. The Aman resorts overlook the turquoise ocean and offers breathtaking views of the area.

Santa Barbara East Beach, California

Santa Barbara is a colorful and lively city along the central coast. It depicts the Spanish colonial heritage of California with white stucco buildings and red tile roofs. It is famous for the Santa Ynez Mountains and the lovely beaches amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. The East beach has glittering golden sand embellished with palm trees and a boulevard.

The beach offers a lot of fun games and activities. It has beach volleyball courts, upmarket hotels and tasteful cafes and restaurants. There’s plenty of time to stretch and unwind on the warm and sunny shores while enjoying beautiful sunsets and drinks.

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos

Dive deep into the fantastical beauty of Greece by exploring the splendid island of Skiathos. The island holds a lot of beauty, and one of its gems is the aquamarine waters of Lalaria beach. The beach stretches across the remote north coast of the island. It gets its name from the unique and adorable little white pebbles that are scattered on the shores.

Lalaria beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs sparkling in sunshine. You can take shelter in the shadows of the cliff, or take a hike to admire the beach from a different view. It is one of the most picturesque beaches of Greece with the huge rock arch of Tripia Petra and clear waters ideal for swimming.

Jokulsarlon Beach, Iceland

Indulge in a unique and once in a lifetime experience by planning a beach vacation to this inimitable and distinct beach in Iceland. It is a glacial lagoon that forms a stunning beach in south east Iceland. The beauty of the Jokulsarlon beach is heavenly and unreal.

The shores have chunks of snow white glaciers that glow like diamonds. They sparkle against the black volcanic sand and hold an unparalleled beauty. It is a great vacation spot for summers. In winters, the fish filled lagoon attracts hundreds of adorable seals. You can also witness the breathtaking formation of aurora borealis at night.

Parlee Beach, Canada

Parlee beach is the warmest salt water beach of the Great White North. The serene and tranquil beach has a lot of natural beauty. You can plan a lot of fun activities for your beach vacation around the waters and the national park for both kids and adults.

The beach has supervised swimming, along with a football and volleyball court and a number of fun competitions like ultimate Frisbee and sand sculptures. The impressively groomed property around the beach has campsites and hiking trails, along with tasteful restaurants and shops. It is without a doubt one of the most happening beaches in Canada.

Henne Strand, Denmark

Henne Strand is a lovely, long sandy beach stretching across the Jutland peninsula of Denmark’s west coast. Although it is a very famous beach, it is never densely crowded and gives you a tranquil and soothing vibe. Take your time to soak in the natural beauty of the clear fields and vast open space, with just the sound of your breathing and the crashing waves.

It is an ideal spot for summer vacations with pleasantly sunny weather to plan outdoor adventures and beach exploration. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes and dotted with a lot of beach houses and quaint wooden cabins for accommodation.