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Pawsome Dog Moments Caught on Camera

There’s a reason why we consider dogs as our best friends. These feral creatures have quite the tendency to not only be loyal but they also help to create the most memorable experiences even during our ruff days. From being our buddies when we’re kids to growing up with them by our side to save us from our bad days. They’re always ready for a cuddle or a walk. Another lovely thing about dogs is that they provide us comfort when we’re down and they even notice our sadness better than humans sometimes. We’ve gathered some of the most heartwarming moments where our furry friends nestled up to our side and even tried to be silly. Just like humans, dogs have a sense of humor too and we’re living for those moments.

The Jason Bourne

All our life, we hear motivational things like you can be anything you want to be and to never stop believing in ourselves. Well, it’s true, you can be anything you want to be, but what about dogs? Does this statement still hold true for them?

Image courtesy: Imgur

This dog probably watched Jason Bourne and learned how to fit into any environment without being noticed. Well literally, you can see the birds have accepted him as one of their own and don’t seem to mind the intruder. The CIA should probably locate this one for one of their next covert missions.

Ninja Boi

If you’ve ever had a dog, you would know that they are not the best at hide-and-seek. While they tend to hide their heads behind curtains or beds or sofas, their body is still fully visible, because they think if we can’t see the human, the human can’t see us! But what about blending in?

Image courtesy: Imgur dog snapchats/Pinterest

This doggo is probably the master of disguise and at first glance you might not even notice him calmly lying among his favorite toys. He might even be a ninja, who knows? We had to do a double-take on this one, he almost fooled us with those symmetric ears and round face!

That’s Quite a Hat!

Now dogs can be quite funny if they want to be but there are cases when you see dogs literally lying around in front of the fire all day long, doing practically nothing. This is something a pampered dog would do and we do love spoiling our pets don’t we?

Image courtesy: fallinpets

Here you see a couple of dogs chilling out with their master with one of the funnier ones deciding to seat himself on top of the owner’s head. We will excuse you if you initially thought that this guy was wearing a hat from the Victorian era. Because we thought the same thing initially. Without the other half of the dog’s body this would have been a great prank.

The Man Dog

You will always be a little one in the eyes of your parents, and that holds true in the case of pets as well. No matter how old you get, your parent wouldn’t mind picking you up and posing for a hilarious picture. Same goes for dogs, no matter how big they are, their human wouldn’t shy away from picking up their good boi!

Image courtesy: fallinpets

This long boi is held up by his master who is definitely filled with the joy of picking up his best friend but the outcome of the picture surprised everyone! Apparently, even the dog! Don’t you think the shadow is just perfect? Who wouldn’t want to have a gentleman-dog friend!

The Pawfect Picture

If you have ever tried taking a family photograph where everyone looks good in one frame, you would know that is highly unlikely to happen. If you can fit everyone in the frame there would always be someone goofing around and get framed for a lifetime of being the ‘family joke’.

Image courtesy: DIMA Business Solutions Private Limited/YouTube

Well, here we have the perfect example, so it’s not just us humans, even the dogs have the same troubles. In all four frames, either one of them has their eyes closed, someone is making a funny face, or just being a saggy boy. Good luck taking the perfect portrait here.

Do NOT Recreate Moments

Recreating old moments has led to some of the most cringe worthy and also funny photos on the internet in the recent years. People have tried it for years, reliving the vintage moments from their old photos and replicating the images in real-life to the best of their abilities. But it doesn’t always go as planned.

Image courtesy: News INI

Here is one fine example of how not to recreate old photos. While the first image is absolutely perfect, the human tried to relive that moment without taking the pups size and weight into account. And well, you can see the outcome for yourself! Take notes here and vow never to recreate photos from the past.

Are You Cold?

Some dogs are not built for extreme weather. Like some of them might not be too happy in tropical and hot environments while others will be shivering at the first sight of snow or even a cold breeze. This animal on the other hand is a whole different species.

Image courtesy: Reddit

This boi, however, thanks to that thick furry coat, is loving the cold weather and snow and sits there asking humans are they feeling cold! And don’t worry, as soon as you’ll call upon him for playtime he would be up and running in no time!

But Why?

Some dog species have very short legs and that leaves them at the mercy of their masters to provide them proper support while trying to reach up to higher places. In many such situations, the humans place tiny stairs next to the couch or beds in order to make it more accessible for the ‘Lil pup.

Image courtesy: ifunny

The eyes tell the story here! The owner forgot to place the stairs back in its place after a quick clean up of the lounge and ended up having the dog feeling betrayed. Its favorite spot was no longer accessible and here his eyes are telling the human “Why did you betray me?”

Water is Kryptonite

No exaggeration there! Water is to dogs as Kryptonite is to Superman. The internet is filled with videos of dogs resisting water and bath time despite their humans putting in all efforts to prepare the perfect temperature bathwater and a nice scented perfume.

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

Even though we’re pretty sure it’s only this doggo’s favorite fluff going into the washing machine but the look on his face says it all. He is probably thinking if the cute pup can be in there going round and round, it might be him next! His facial expression trumps all the others!

A Proud Mama!

Motherhood is probably one of the best feelings and nothing can even come close to the joy of holding your first baby. However, things after the first one quickly change and the realization that your life would never be the same hits the hardest at that moment!

Image courtesy:dog snapchats/Pinterest

This poor doggo is the perfect example. The joy is clearly visible in the first image after having her first pups turn into the horror and agony of countless sleepless nights in the second one when she has her second lot come in. Stay strong mama, you’ll make it!

Because Why Not?

Jaguars, either the cars on the road or the animal in the jungle are quite exquisite to look at. In the jungle, it signifies the abilities to be stealth and agile while hunting while on the roads, it shows that you made it! These animals rule the kingdom of the world. The other creature in this image well, tried.

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

If you haven’t made it yet, don’t worry, your dog will be right by your side as your perfect support and will help you fake it till you make it! This good boy poses as the Jaguar logo you find on the hood of one of the most luxurious cars and is just the motivation his human needs.

Thick as Thieves

There are numerous tales in the world of unusual friendships, sometimes its between humans and animals and sometimes between a predator and its prey. However, you know something is about to go down when a dog, a cat, and a deer become friends!

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

The human of this doggo came home one day to find his best friends with him. Surprised just much as we are, it seems that the dog has got some serious social skills though that he managed to get this close to the most unusual companions.

Why so Serious?

Having a bad day? Nothing seems to be going your way? Well it can never be as bad as being that kid at the park who has to leave the earliest! While adults have learned to mask their emotions, kids usually frown and make a puppy face whenever unhappy, and well, same is the case with dogs!

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

This guy’s friend had to leave the dog park early and clearly, someone is not impressed! And why wouldn’t he be upset? Who likes to quit playtime early and say goodbye to all friends who are still going to be there playing long after you’re gone!

No money no problem

If you have been browsing a lot of online shopping websites recently, its highly likely that anyone sitting beside you must have looked at some of things you were looking at and taken some inspiration. Well, one dog went just a little too far with inspiration.

Image courtesy: aww/Reddit

The human here would have probably been shopping online for wearable blankets and that led to the good boi head on his own DIY project. He chewed up a hole big enough for his head in the blanket and got cozy in front of the TV to binge watch the next show! Good boi!

The First Hybrid

Photo-bombing is an old trend that has produced some of the finest gems on the internet. However, only a few photo opportunities have led to the birth of the first human and dog hybrid. Science has finally found a way to merge the two and they came up with this:

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Here you see a girl attempting to take a cute picture for her social media account that ended up making her look like the first human-animal hybrid. As much as the image is hilarious due to the perfect alignment of the mouth with the dog’s, it’s horrific as well to see what the final output of such an experiment might look like.

The Perfect Color Palette

Colors define our world! From our food to the sceneries to our closets, everything is identified by its color. And what better way to see color gradients than dogs aligned perfectly from the lightest to the darkest shade. It almost looks like a perfect series of anyone colors from the lightest to darkest shade.

Image courtesy: Twitter

Someone posted this picture on Twitter where these dogs are enjoying some lazy time in the sun, lying down on stairs. As you can tell, the further you look the darker the coat color gets. Perfection! They look like they spent a whole day running around after each other.

Wasn’t Me!

Dogs are like a perfect piece of the puzzle, they fit right in to a human’s family equation and become a forever lasting part of it. They are not just loyal companions, but also the funniest to be around and some memories with them last for a lifetime.

Image courtesy: Tumblr

Here you see a poor boy who fell asleep surrounded by his human friends. He farted out so loud that he startled himself and woke up with the face that tells how scared he was. Well, this would surely be a moment the humans would remember and laugh at for a very long time.

That Mini Heart-Attack though!

Sometimes even the bravest of us can get scared from the simplest of things. You can see countless prank videos on the internet where people disguised as something as simple as plants can scare the living daylight out of a person. But what would happen if you see a tiger in your neighborhood?

Image courtesy: Imgflip

Here you see the trickery of shadows that made this doggo look like a tiger, and no doubt the person who took the picture certainly had to look very closely to spot the real thing here. What if this dog is named tiger and he just wanted to see what his cool coat would’ve looked like with the stripes? Smart creature.

Can it get any better?

There are certain moments captured by photographers around the world that would make you say that the perfect picture! But hey, if you’re a dog person, this next one is probably one of the most ultimate shots you would ever see.

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

Here you see a handsome boy captured through the fur on the tail of another dog! You may be cool, but honestly, you can never be as cool as the handsome dog seen through this tail right here. Almost looks like a shampoo commercial, we’d definitely buy it if this dog were selling.

Boots are Never Out of Fashion!

Boots are like the BFF for many of us, they are never out style and can go with almost all sorts of dresses. Perhaps, the most epic turn of events is when your pooch somehow ends up with Chanel boots and you’re there to picture it for the world to see.

Image courtesy: Tumblr

This white dog went on to get a makeover of his own. A jump in the puddle transformed the fluffy legs into long boots and then comes the internet fame. People have even compared this cuddly pup with the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” in which perhaps the most iconic scene is the one where the actress appears in the scene wearing – you guessed it – Chanel Boots!

Why Are You Here?

In your childhood, seeing your teachers, or bus driver, or even your classmates out in the world at a supermarket or the park left you thinking, why are they here? Well, the same thing apparently goes on in a dog’s head! They’re all smiles until their world is rattled.

Image courtesy: Tumblr

Here you see the horror of seeing the salon lady outside the salon in the eyes of this doggo. She must have been thinking this is a glitch in the matrix, the salon lady cannot be lurking outside the building. Maybe she’s a doppelganger and the dog saw her a few minutes ago.

Sir, please step down!

Cats can surprise you, for real, they will end up on the highest trees and poles and look like they are stuck up there. When someone tries to rescue them, they jump down at the last moment and act like nothing happened. However, in the case of dogs, this is not very common and you will hardly ever see a dog climb stuff just for giggles!

Image courtesy: Twitter

How did this dog even manage to go up there? Rest is all fine, but someone needs to answer this important question. This is certainly one of the most unusual situations and even the doggo below is asking him HOW? Maybe he’s lighter and more agile than the other dog?

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

A fence is never enough to hold any dog back from getting in touch with his favorite humans. They are the master opportunists and will wait for the perfect moment to ask humans for petting or some cuddles. If we saw this dog, we wouldn’t hesitate to give him a pat.

Image courtesy: Imgflip

Who can even resist this adorable face? If you were to see a doggo staring at you from under the fence seeking your attention and a few pets you wouldn’t just pass by with a smile, you will surely stay a while and make sure the doggo feels happy as much as you do!

Rise Against the System

What are rules for? To be followed? Not really! Someone once said, rules are meant to be broken, and you guessed, dogs took that advice literally. No matter what you do, how well you train your good boi, there will always be incidents where they will find a loophole in your rules and turn the situation in their favor.

Image courtesy: meme

Here you see this cute lady clearly setting an example of exploiting the system. The humans used to shut the door behind her every time she stepped outside, and well, she hated it. So she came up with her own system where her butt stays inside and she can still breath that fresh goodness outside.

Pasta is Life

With dogs around you, you never know what is going to happen next and what kind of a hilarious technique they will come up with next to make you laugh. Sometimes, they are not even trying to be funny but us humans see it in a totally different light.

Image courtesy: Reddit

This girl is holding a single piece of uncooked pasta in between her paws and eating it. Yup, eating it raw, just like human babies do. This is absolutely hilarious and cute all at the same time despite the fact that in her head, she is just enjoying something different for the first time.

They Grow Up So Fast

We already know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Well sometimes, a pup that seemed to be no bigger than a banana grows up to be a giant is when things can get a bit out of hand. This is no regular dog, this is a dog that has beat all the standards of a what a dog should be.

Image courtesy: Buzzfeed

Here is the prime example, the owner obviously pampered this pup and made it a habit for him to enjoy sitting in his lap. Little did he know that the pup will grow up to resemble a polar bear and would hardly even fit the couch let alone his lap. The bright side though, he must be saving a lot of money by keeping warm next to his cuddle buddy!

You Did What To Me?

The worst part of waking up after a surgery is probably the side effects of the anesthesia and the gibberish that some people come up with to try and make sense of the real world. And well, it is not much different for this poor doggo that just got neutered at the vet.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

The doggo is just waking up from the anesthesia and to be honest its not the prettiest of pictures out there and he would have tons of other good photos taken by him. He’s probably thinking, what is this? What have they done to me? And now I have to wear a cone as well?

Are You an Angel?

It is no secret that dogs probably love their humans more than themselves. But sometimes, this love can truly melt your heart and show you how awesome these animals are. Not only are they awesome but they are also incredibly loyal to their owners.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Despite being blind this pup stood at the door waiting for mommy to get back home. To everyone’s surprise, he was standing at the wrong door and stayed there until she returned. This just shows how loyal they are and sometimes they are no less than angels.

The Printer is Acting up!

Don’t you just hate it when the printer suddenly runs out of ink and starts pushing out blanks? Well, this pup is no less than a printer mishap but that makes this doggo even more precious. This shade is certainly a rare kind and definitely one for the books.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Perhaps born with one of the most unique coats ever, what do you think we should call it? A black doggo with a white suit or a white doggo wearing a black mask? Either way, it is undeniable that he is one handsome boi and will find a loving home.

One Emoji Please!

Texting would have never been fun if there were no emojis involved. How can you ever share your feelings without putting a face to it, text alone can never deliver emotions. And what better emoji than a happy dog who just realized its time for a walk.

Image courtesy: Tenor

Dogs are intelligent, they know what humans are saying and can actually understand your words. So once this girl heard the human say its time to go for a walk, her eyes lit up with a huge smile. Just makes one think, what kind of an amazing reaction would she give when asked if she wanted to grab a snack!

Only Dog Can Judge Me!

It is always fun to see any animal mimic humans and you’ll see thousands of videos and pictures all over the internet that have been a source of great laughter for millions. This is no different but the plot twist is the judgmental looks of the doggo.

Image courtesy: meme

If you’ve never been to a club, bad luck, but if you have been to one you know that look don’t you? Every club always has this one person standing in a corner just observing and judging everyone around them. Don’t be that guy, but who can stop this dog? He can stand there and judge the whole internet all day and everybody would still love him.

Cats & Dogs

Generation after generation we’ve been taught that cats and dogs are sworn, enemies. It might be true in the broader sense of the analogy but to be honest, as pets, both get along and can be best friends. In a past life, these two creatures were already best friends.

Image courtesy: Reddit

It is pretty clear they are not impressed by the human trying to intervene during their play hour. As much as Tom & Jerry told us that cats and dogs can’t be good friends, this shows us anything is possible and its all about the love we share with others. Good job guys.

404 Error – Yawn Not Found!

Unlike humans that see and perceive the world by the looks of it, dogs take a different approach and associate a smell for everything around them. That’s the reason why they cannot stop poking their nose into anything and everything they can find.

kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Despite the smallest window of opportunity, the black and white boi decided it is the perfect time to find out what his buddy’s mouth smells like, that too right between a yawn. What makes it even funnier is the fact that the yawning boi has total disbelief on his face as his yawn gets interrupted like a 404 error appeared in his brain.

Dog.exe has stopped working

If you’ve ever had multiple pets at home you will know that it is not unheard of an animal taking some characteristic of another one and trying to incorporate it in their own lives. We’ve all seen a puppy trying to pull off the clucking and cackling of chickens, but are you ready to see the cat like dog?

Image courtesy: Twitter

Its one thing to have a cat tower at home which is built precisely to hold the weight of a cat, but what if your dog stops to dog and starts being more like his cat friend? Well then you can find your cats tower being occupied by the pup who will take a complete story of it.

Whose Birthday is it?

Dogs are carnivores but that does not mean they don’t have a sweet tooth. And what better way to settle the cravings then having a whole cake for yourself. We sure hope that cake didn’t contain chocolate though! Must be dog-friendly after all it’s her birthday.

Image courtesy: greenlemon

Here you see this good girl has been rewarded with a proper dog themed cake for her birthday and her reaction says it all, as the human writes himself, “the reaction was worth every penny.” Happy birthday dear, Lucy we hope you had a good one!


Well you just saw the printer malfunction on a dog earlier in a post. This gets even better here and the transition is actually mind blowing. A husky mamma gave birth to 6 pups and as they keep coming out it seems something went wrong with her printing machine!

Image courtesy: Reddit

The first one comes out a dark shade of grey and by the last one the toner has actually ran out and the pup turns out pure white. Marvelous is the only word that comes in mind looking at these babies sleeping aligned perfectly according to their shade of grey.


Dogs are possessive, they hate it when their humans show love to other animals or even other humans at times. However, this jealousy has never led to anything dangerous and usually is nothing more than a few foul looks. Just like this look:

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

So someone built a Lego model of their dog and what they would have thought was probably not the reaction they got in return. The pup is utterly unimpressed and seems sort of uncomfortable with the presence of his lookalike.

Raise the Alarm

Everything lies in the expressions. And this snap is where this statement really shines. The horror and surprise packed all in one place here make it the funnier. Someone ought to have told him from the getgo that stealing is a nono.

Image courtesy:, kidfriendly memes/pinterest

So this good boi was caught in action trying to go through the purse of someone’s mom and oh boy, does he look guilty! His expressions are like yeah excuse me, I was just trying to find some goodies but oh well now you’ve seen me, please don’t raise the alarm!

Pep Talk

Everybody needs some motivation in their lives. From watching motivational speakers inspire thousands of people through their life experiences or just by simply giving yourself a good pep talk standing in front of the mirror. Well apparently, even dogs need some self pep talk every now and then.

Image courtesy: Imgur

What you see here is a German Shepherd giving himself, perhaps a dose of that good pup talk! Either he’s telling himself to stay calm and don’t be mad at the human or just telling himself that he’s the most handsome lad in the whole neighborhood.

Lights Out!

Every now and then you have a day where you just crash on to the bed and the next thing you know is its morning and you slept through the whole night like a baby. Well sometimes, even the dogs have the same story and while they can be very cute to look at while they sleep, only some may be able to reach the level of this snap.

Image courtesy: BrightSide

This girl falls asleep on the couch like she has been through a hard day at work doing loads of tasks and manual labor. Just like us humans, she has her mouth open and a goofy face with no care in the world what might be happening as she flies off to dreamland.

Leaves Are Not Allowed To Leave!

Well clearly not until this doggo says so! Dogs can get excited for smallest of things and sometimes leave humans wondering what was the pup so excited about? Same goes for autumn leaves, dogs love raked up piles of leaves and just dive nose in first at the first chance they get.

Image courtesy: Imgur

This good boy is way too excited to have fun jumping in and out of this stack and it clearly shows. We humans can learn a lot from this and find happiness in the smallest of things around us. This dog is an inspiration for humankind. Good job, doggie.

Saruman’s Favorite Boy!

Who hasn’t seen or read the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Saruman marked all of his warrior orcs with a white hand on the head, but when it came to this good boy, it’s safe to say he wanted to make a special one! So instead of giving him a white hand, he gave him a black paw mark on the nose. True Story! Kidding!

Image courtesy: Imgur

This pup has certainly got one of the most unique marks which actually looks like a paw print right on the face! We can say this pupper has been touched for greatness. Could it be a stamp or could it be real? We’re guessing it’s real.

Gorgeous Legs!

While you’re diving through this list take a moment to pause and marvel upon the magnificence of this beautiful dog and his sleek doggie legs. He could have been a model in a past life, don’t you think? They could make a whole show of dogs with gorgeous legs.

Image courtesy: imgur

It is just another normal day in the life of this dog sitting and relaxing on the couch but his owner can’t stop admiring his fancy feet. If anything, this doggo deserves a chance to be in the fashion industry walking up and down those ramps in all his glory.

The Cutest Beggar!

Dogs can definitely be one of the biggest over-reactors and always come up with different ways to have their way with humans. Sometimes, their hunger knows no bounds and they would go to any lengths of being persuasive towards you for a small treat.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

This good boy had been nagging the human for food and it spent so much energy on asking for it that finally got tired and drooped on the couch waiting. Now he will take you on a long guilt trip with those puppy eyes and sad face until you give in to his demands.

Class of 2020!

Dogs are perhaps one of the most disciplined pets if they are trained right and even if they are not, they have the tendency to show excellent manners. It’s not just in front of their humans, they get extremely happy when among other good pupils!

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

This group photo from daycare is a perfect example of their discipline and happiness. And you know it, they take their group photo sessions very seriously, not a single pup here has a goofy expression and its just cuteness overload all around.


Public transport is not everyone’s piece of cake and some of them just prefer to ride our own car rather than sharing the space with 50 other strangers. But what if we get a bus that we can share with dozens of doggies? Now wouldn’t that be a dream come true!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

It is safe to say that this bus would surely be full of cuddles and snuggles with these furry dogs and the bus driver will not have to deal with people complaining about changing their seats either. We prefer dogs over humans sometimes. This time being one of them.

I’m Hulk!

While dog physiques highly depend upon the specie and from the smallest chihuahua to the massive English mastiff there is a lot of variation not just in the size but also their fur coats and colors. However, we have found the dog that would have surely made it to the Avengers!

Image courtesy: greenlemon

This Golden Retriever, however no longer golden, went on a regular day of rolling around in the lawn when the grass was just freshly mowed. The result is epic though, a green retriever, I’m pretty sure he went around the day pretending he’s Hulk and impressed all his neighborhood friends.

Why is Everyone Here Today?

Ever went to the supermarket and thought why is everyone here today? Why couldn’t I for once get the counter a little less crowded and be able to checkout sooner! Well this dog has probably got some similar thoughts going on in his doggy brain!

Image courtesy: Imgflip

The poor doggo thinks he has to wait in this huge line for his turn to get a treat. This is one of the most hilarious things you will find and probably one of the cutest too. Looks like the dinosaur is more important than you, little doggo!

Release the Kraken!

We all are familiar with the famous mythical beast named Kraken thanks to numerous appearances in movies. But the image of the Kraken we have always seen shows it to be one of the most hideous creatures and what you’re about to see if probably one of the most cutest things on the internet! Behold the Dog-topus!

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Most unscientific experts have dubbed this as the most important discovery of our lifetime. However, this is just a loving doggo mama and her babies with an uncanny resemblance to an octopus. Is that a furry white octopus or a dog? we’re absolutely stumped!


While some of us might be the creative geniuses that can assemble IKEA products but admit it, there are still many among us that hate this tedious task and would rather prefer to buy a fully finished product. But what if your dog came from IKEA and you had to assemble it?

Image courtesy: Reddit

When constructing your dog make sure you follow all the instructions in the manual or else you’ll end up with an upside-down doggo like this one perhaps? He reminds us of the Exorcism of Emily Rose and not in the good way… Still cute though.

Not this Excuse, Again!

Whether be it your college or university or your work, sometimes the excuses you make will be very hard to believe for the people listening to you. And a student saying his assignment got destroyed by his dog you must have heard quite often, but what happens when the teacher lands in the same spot?

Image courtesy:Daily Mail

So the tables have finally turned, and now the teacher has to explain to his students how his doggo ate everyone’s homework! We’re pretty sure he was met with the same response students have had to bear for years when they came up with the same excuse.

Melting Love

So what makes a dog adorable? Can we possibly list down a few things, sure, but there can never be consensus on this and there are far too many reasons we love dogs. Even those, with the wrinkly faces! No matter their shape, size or color we love them all.

Image courtesy: Reddit

This human loves his dog and that can surely be seen by that huge smile here. He’s one happy pup and his human doesn’t even mind his wrinkles, rather he jokes about him being an inflatable dog. His face looks smooshed. Did anyone get a bike pump for this guy?

It’s Just Wind!

Dogs never mind going out for a walk, be it day time or night time. Even if it’s raining outside, your dog would never say no to going out for a walk. And here is exactly what happened on this day. This fluffball looks like he’s going to fly away!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

When it comes to walks even a huge storm is not enough to stop this dog from going out. As you see here, the whole fur is blown back by the power of the strong winds and it seems to have zero impact on this doggo who’s just out and about minding his own business enjoying his walk.

Picture Time!

Its never easy to take pictures of your dog, especially if the doggo is an energetic one who doesn’t like to stay still at one spot. And while taking your dog for a hike is one of the best ideas since the stunning views and the companionship of your best friend is all you want, pictures might not be the best outcome of the trip.

Image courtesy: Reddit

Here is a derp moment from this doggo while he was out on a hike with his human. The human must have thought that the valley and mountains in the background with my best friend in the middle would make the perfect picture, well, there’s your perfect picture mate!

Who Are You?

Bath time can be very tricky with dogs, while some dogs love their time with water and bathing, others will resist to the best of their abilities to not get wet. But what happens when your dog transforms into a polar bear while taking a bath?

Image courtesy: meme

It is safe to say that this doggo loves bath time but his uncanny resemblance to a polar bear here can not be unseen. However, nothing to panic about here as this polar bear will only steal your heart without causing any damages.

The Dynamic Duo!

Can you find someone in this world who would say I love my dog but I don’t like this certain feature about him? Pretty sure nobody out there would be like that, even if their dogs have the weirdest and biggest floppy ears on the planet.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Despite the fact he can’t see right now, we’re sure he loves his doggo brothers just as much as the human capturing this epic moment. It seems as if this was a deliberate act of messing with him then the smirks tell the rest of the story.

What Sorcery is this?

If you live in the northern regions or on top of mountains, seeing snowfall is something normal for you. But snow in some regions is a rare occurrence and for some people, they have never seen snow in their life. The same goes for dogs, their first snow experience is a really memorable moment.

Image courtesy: Reddit

The excitement and joy are evident, the eyes are glittering with the first snow fight and the picture is taken at the perfect moment, just before this dog caught his first-ever snowball! Good job. He really aced this one and with that expression it looks like he nailed it after a few tries!

The Centaur

Photo accidents are not uncommon when you were trying to capture a moment and it turned out to be something completely different. While sometimes its photobombing, the other moments are just pure coincidence and hilarious at the same time.

Image courtesy: Reddit

The dog came into the frame at the perfect moment as this lady is cutting vegetables in the kitchen and he just standing beside her being a good boi patiently waiting for his treat. Well, female centaurs do exist it seems. This picture is misleading and would probably make for a good Halloween costume.

Somebody’s Unhappy!

For humans, too much is never enough and the more the merrier is the way to go when it comes to dogs. But what happens when the old dog of the house has to deal with 2 more brothers, this snap tells that perfect story. We can’t help but to feel sad but smile at the same time.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

At one point, he was clearly the only pup at home and received the undivided love of his human but since his younger brothers came along, this changed and perhaps the old boi is now thinking he has been betrayed by his human. But don’t worry, we know for sure the human loves him as much as he used to.

A Flat Tire

Alaskans and people up north have used dog sleds as means of transportation for centuries now, but they surely never had the technology we have today to capture a moment similar to this one. This is a rare picture of a husky in the snow.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

So this is what a flat tire looks like in the snowy parts of the world! The family is certainly enjoying this break by one of the dogs running the sled while his brothers look at him surprised, probably saying you’re making us all look bad, get up and get going now!

My Hearts are for you

Patchy boys are fairly common and sometimes their fur can show some of the most unusual patterns in some of the most unusual places. Take this heart-eyed boi for example. He stole our hearts. Literally. Look at those gorgeous eyes.

Image courtesy: snapchats/Pinterest

Certainly one of the most unusual and heart-melting patches on a doggo, these heart eyes are surely going to warm the human’s heart every time the owner looks at him. This picture just proves that dogs truly do love humans for sure. And those heart-shaped eyes are to die for!

Extending Signal Range

Dogs have different ways to express their emotions for humans to understand and respond. They will flutter their eyes at you in hopes for treats, tilt their head and ears when they want attention, and nag you for attention just when you were not focused on them.

Image courtesy: Reddit

Here is a doggo that looks like he is extending his audio listening range and hoping to get in touch with his human. No doubt the ears are unexpectedly long and the spaces between the bench are the perfect openings to give the extended listening range.

I know what you did last summer!

Pets feel guilty when they know they’ve done something they shouldn’t have done like breaking the human’s favorite vase or shredding the toilet paper. Sometimes they get away with it but other times they’re caught red-handed and they can’t escape.

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

Here you see these two troublemakers sitting there with the guilty face on and you know something isn’t right. But how would you find out what they did? They have no way of telling you and you still cannot figure out what’s broken. Well let’s just hope for the best and laugh at the cute face here.

I’m a Boat!

It is a hot summer day and the heat is just about unbearable, that’s when most humans decide to beat the heat and cool off by jumping in some water. While humans are swimming in pools and beaches, dogs are now taking refuge in sidewalks.

Image courtesy: meme

Here’s the dog version of beating the heat but by acting as a floating croissant on the running drain water. It’s like the dog always wanted to be a boat and has finally achieved his lifelong dream. Must have been a hot day out, ey? What a genius way to cool off.

Long Live the King

Dogs are never seen as a stately or kingly figure probably due to their impatient nature and playfulness. However, there’s one dog that is waiting to be crowned and no, he’s not kidding, he’s very serious about his business. And he even has the coat to prove it.

Image courtesy: Reddit

The owner thought it would be a cool joke to play but now the doggo awaits his coronation ceremony where he is named King of the world and he would accept no less than that. And to be honest, he does have a regal aura to him.

One Day Transformation

Humans are very cautious about their looks and their physique and you can see frequently people showing off their transformation images on the internet after spending months at the gym or after undergoing haircuts or makeovers. However, only a few can manage to become a brown bear from a polar bear!

Image courtesy: Reddit

Here we have a good dog that went out on an adventure without his owner knowing a thing and came back covered in mud. Interestingly, he now looks like a polar bear wearing a brown bear costume for Halloween. We can’t believe this is the same dog. Can you?

I Like the Human-way

Humans need pampering when it comes to going to bed. They need a proper foam surface to lie down on, with that perfect fluffy pillow and a nice quilt to wrap around. Since our dogs have seen us do it, who is to say they don’t love the same?

Image courtesy: meme

This doggo was found by his human all tucked in by himself with his favorite pillow and blanket on top! Looks like that good life has impressed this one too. We’d love to be this dog at the end of the day, without a worry in the world for anything except meals and napping.

Anything and everything

Dogs love and enjoy any activity as long as they have their best friend alongside them to enjoy those moments. Take this fluffy bundle of joy for example. His expression captured perfectly through a fisheye lens for all to appreciate and admire..

Image courtesy: meme

Toby never knew canoeing could be fun until his human asked him to join in on the adventure and we sure are glad that he did! Toby loved every moment of it and his expressions tell the rest of the story. It seems like the happiest day of his short dog life.

In The Name of Science!

Dogs are very curious animals, they investigate everything and are always keen to learn new things. This is especially true for learning about other animals. This curious dog was trying to figure out another curious creature. Is it a bird? A plane?

Image courtesy: Reddit

He could not make his mind whether it was a moving rock or something else. He was so intrigued that he spent a lot of time and energy trying to explore what it could have been. Too bad he’ll never understand that it isn’t a rock with legs… Hopefully he didn’t try to toss it around!


Dogs are very intelligent and can outsmart humans a lot of times. Deny them a slice of pizza and you’ll be surprised at the tactics they would deploy to get just one bite. This little puppy did his best to look innocent but he was caught red-handed.

Image courtesy: Imgflip

So you won’t give him pizza? Fine! This doggo went to the door and started barking as if someone was behind the door! The human came to inquire and left the pizza unguarded and voila, the sneaky boi ran back and grabbed a slice of well-deserved pizza while the human-only stood there thinking how could he get played like this?

Can She Fly Though?

People are born with some of the most unusual features sometimes and the same thing goes around with dogs. And just same as the humans, we often hear the phrase, “no worries, you’ll grow into it” is fairly common and same goes for dogs too. But what if you don’t grow into it?

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes

This girl heard the same story, you’ll grow into the ears and it will all be fine. However, the second image shows her all grown up with the same big ears that are even bigger now! Not sure if they are any help in flying but its safe to say she can hear EVERYTHING!

The Horror of Becoming The Prey

There are certain moments in life where the facial expressions say it all. And if you have got the photo evidence of it, you know exactly at what moment you realized the tables have turned and things are about to go down. Especially with a facial expression such as this.

Image courtesy: greenlemon

You can actually see the horror in the eyes of this dog once the human gives it a taste of his own medicine! It is a true moment of disbelief like the dog is screaming HOW COULD YOU? I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE PREDATOR! In the second snap, the dog looks mortified. We’re living for his face here. Priceless.

Anything to Impress Mommy

Kids will do anything to impress their parents, so why would they think dogs wouldn’t do the same? As much as dogs love humans, they certainly are willing to go to any lengths to make sure their master is happy. They’ll even stand on their hind legs to make a statement.

Image courtesy: Tumblr

Here you can see a doggo posing like a whale statue behind. He absolutely nails the pose and thanks to the matching fur color with that of the whale, it is not much different, to be honest. We couldn’t tell the two apart. Nice one doggo!

Who Needs a Fancy Bed!

We already know you love your dog and will probably not spare any expense on his happiness. But what if you spend a lot of money on something that was supposed to be his comfort zone and the doggo decides this isn’t meant for him?

Image courtesy: awww/Reddit

Here a human spent $100 on a comfy bed for his best friend and well, the doggo clearly doesn’t know what to do with it. It seems as though the pup was like, hey man, I’m okay as long as I have you! He captured our hearts, and this dog couch as well.

Charging Pads

Wireless technology has made so much progress in recent years and now we can simply put our devices on a charging pad without connecting any wires to have it charged. Technology is so advanced that even dogs come with charging pads now. Just kidding!

Image courtesy; Pinterest

These adorable doggos are having a peaceful nap time but their beds surely look like one of those fancy wireless charging pads you can find for your mobile phones these days. Well the human certainly throws a hint that things get noisy anytime someone rings his doorbell but who cares, as long as the dogs are fully charged!