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Stay Active at Ferguson Lake Nature Reserve: 3 Fun Things To Do On Your Visit

Home to a crystal-clear lake that teams with life, an abundance of flora and fauna, and a ton of exciting nooks and crannies to explore, Ferguson Lake Nature Reserve is any outdoor enthusiast’s go-to stop in Prince George, BC.

It sounds beautiful, right? Sure! But you might be wondering what all there is to do there. Luckily, we know the area well and are ready to shed some light on the best things to do there.

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Kayaking and Canoeing

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The lake at the reserve is clear and calm, making it ideal for water sports like canoeing and kayaking. Kayakers can stay within the main area of the lake, or they can branch off and follow the lake’s various channels, as they wind through the reserve’s unique landscape.

They can bring friends, or go alone; there’s plenty of room for more than one kayaking enthusiast to be on the water!

Admiring Authentic Log Cabins

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If you have a love of history, or even just a love of old, abandoned buildings and authentic log homes, the various cabins situated around the reserve will easily be your favorite part of the trip.

The log cabins that can be found dotting the nature reserve are authentic, hand-made, and are older than the reserve itself. They are sturdy and safe to explore, making them a fantastic backdrop for new Instagram photos.


Birds are abundant at this all-Canadian nature reserve. Whether you’re cruising the trails, exploring the cabins, or taking a ride on the lake’s shimmering surface, you;re bound to see birds overhead.

The species that can be spotted are native to the area and incredibly diverse. If you like birds, be sure o bring a bird book and some binoculars!