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Mother Nature Reclaiming What’s Hers

We are only on this Earth for a certain period of time. Our existence here is temporary, and although we build ourselves many structures, we won’t be using them forever. How many times have you seen dilapidated buildings left on their own? A very important thing that everyone needs to know is that in the battle of man versus nature, or civilization versus nature, nature always wins. We can build the tallest buildings and the grandest structures, but when nature decides to reclaim it, we can do nothing. We have here a collection of photos that will show you the many times Mother Nature reclaimed cities, towns, and structures. They look fascinating, eerie, and otherworldly. They also bring a sense of nostalgia, and a memory of a time gone by.

The Buddha of the Banyan

Ayutthaya is Siam’s ancient kingdom, and it existed from 1350 to 1767. It is considered the precursor of modern Thailand and is an important part of the country’s history. The ruins of Ayutthaya are one of Thailand’s top tourist spots, and one of its iconic attractions is the head of the Buddha reclaimed by a banyan tree at Wat Mahathat.

Image courtesy of Fire_Bucket/Awesome Inventions

Although it is a mystery how the Buddha’s head came to rest amidst the roots of the tree, it is widely believed that it must have fallen on the ground during the invasion of the kingdom by the Burmese in 1767 when the place was devastated. The invading army did not spare the temples.

The sand taking over a mining town in the desert of Namibia

The town of Kolmanskop in Namibia was once a thriving spot for mining diamonds, and it was one of the wealthiest in the world. Now it is buried in the desert and considered one of the eeriest places on earth.

Image courtesy of meminaltan/Awesome Inventions

The derelict buildings are a far cry from the lively place where people once easily picked out diamonds from the sand and produced 12% of the world’s total. By the 1930s, diamond deposits were found close to Namibia’s border with South Africa, and many miners packed up their bags and abandoned Kolmanskop.

Popping up like mushrooms

How long does it take for a house to be abandoned before mushrooms start growing through the floorboards? We were wondering the same thing when we looked at this picture. Although the floors and the walls still look pristine, the growth of mushrooms indicates that the house has been left alone for some time.

Image courtesy of Seandonjuan/Awesome Inventions

Fungi and mold will take root on any surface as long as there is a food source and moisture, and it usually takes 1 to 2 years for them to bloom fully, like in the photo. If you find ‘shrooms growing in your home, you should remove them immediately and address the moisture issue.

Nature reclaiming Chernobyl

The accident at the No.4 reactor in Chernobyl is one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters. The city of Pripyat in Ukraine, where the nuclear power plant is located, was once a thriving community. Now the place resembles a ghost town.

Image courtesy of swagiliciously/Awesome Inventions

Overgrown trees have reclaimed abandoned buildings. Those who have been on various Chernobyl exclusion zone tours have snapped and shared photos of eerie, decrepit theme parks, as well as classrooms with empty seats, open books, and toys gathering dust.

Cactus growing in a home’s rain gutter

Cleaning your home’s rain gutters is easy to put off. However, it’s a necessary job if you want them to work properly. Gutters can easily get clogged with leaves, as well as other debris over time. The good news is gutters are not that hard to clean.

Image courtesy of scottdottcom/Awesome Inventions

The owner of this house must have been very busy with work that he has forgotten to clean his rain gutters for a long time. How do we know? Because the cactus growing on the gutter has gotten so tall and big.

The abandoned city of Akarmara, Abkhazia

Another bustling coal-mining town that has been abandoned and reclaimed by nature is Akarmara in Abkhazia, once a part of the Soviet Union. The town once had 5,000 inhabitants in the 1970s, but today only 35 people remain there.

Image courtesy of hashamean/Awesome Inventions

Although Moscow recognized the region as an independent state, Georgia declared it as “occupied” by Russia. However, in the last few years, the place has drifted closer and closer to Russia. The ghost town has a dramatic beauty that day-trippers often come to see.

Greenery growing on a car

Toyota is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and it is the first thing you see when you check this photo, and when you scroll up, you will see the plants growing in the hood. This car must have been left for quite some time to get to this state!

Image courtesy of el_capitan524/Awesome Inventions

The car looks to be in good condition, aside from the plants growing on the hood. We are curious what’s under the hood, though, and we won’t be surprised if squirrels have stashed thousands of pine cones underneath.

A window to nature

This picture of an abandoned English home looks and feels mysterious, spectral, but not sinister. We can still picture the home’s previous inhabitants walking down its halls, entering and leaving rooms such as this, and living their lives. We can even imagine a grand ball being hosted in here too.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/ReportBored Panda

The overgrowing vines on the window seem to knock and ask to be let inside, and the place looks as if a ghost could appear anytime. If you want to shoot supernatural movies, this is the best venue to do so. The ambiance will make your hairs stand on end.

A shoe covered in weeds

Seeing shoes accidentally or intentionally abandoned in the forest can be commonplace and sad at the same time. It is a symbol that someone with life once passed through the woods and has now left. The only thing we don’t know is if that someone was able to leave safely or if he got lost in the woods.

Image courtesy of VomitCoffin666/Awesome Inventions

This single shoe covered in weeds makes you curious about its owner. Was it owned by a girl or a guy? How old was the owner? What was she or he doing in the woods? Why did he or she leave the shoe there? We have so many unanswered questions.

The weed car

If you don’t want to use your car anymore and are planning to buy a new one, wouldn’t it make more sense to bring it to the scrapyard and sell it? You not only get rid of the trash, but you also earn money at the same time.

Image courtesy of Proteon/Awesome Inventions

The car owner thought it would be better to just leave the car on what we think is a parking lot and let weeds grow on it. At first glance, you won’t think it’s a car, but when you see the plates, you’ll realize that it once traveled on the roads.

A tree taking over a street sign

This street sign looks like it belongs in a ghost town because it seems like nobody is there to clean it. However, this is in a thriving town. We are just curious whose job it is to make sure the streets are clean and signs are visible because he is not doing a good job.

Image courtesy of Althunter_man86/Awesome Inventions

The tree growing around and taking over the street sign looks like it is eating it, like an anaconda coiling around its prey and preparing to devour it. The town needs to get someone who can do a good job of keeping the streets clean.

The Dark Towers train

At first glance, this old train looks like it belongs in the book The Dark Towers. This photo is taken in the Istvantelek or Red Star Train Yard, an abandoned warehouse in Budapest, Hungary, which also happens to be the final “rusting” place of various artifacts.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

There are more than a hundred trains and locomotives that are rotting away in the warehouse and outside the field. Some of the very rare trains were said to be used in the transport of prisoners to Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

The sunroom that’s been overgrown with plants

The sunroom is not only a formal sitting area, but it can also be used as a living room, office, extra bedroom, craft room, or entertainment area. We are wondering what purpose this sunroom used to serve before the home was abandoned.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

Now overgrown with plants, glass shattered, metals rusting, and furniture rotting, this sunroom must have been splendid during its heyday. We can picture women with their long dresses and petticoats laughing while whispering secrets and having tea at the same time.

A whole car covered with moss

We can’t tell if this is an old Volkswagen campervan, but it looks like it. Seemingly abandoned in the forest and covered entirely with moss, it makes us wonder why this vehicle was left in the first place. Is it not working anymore?

Image courtesy of BreakingDed/Awesome Inventions

Perhaps it’s beyond repair, or the owner got himself a new car. We can only imagine how this campervan looked when it was still in use. Although Volkswagen has a more modern campervan line now, we still think the old design looks great and brings with it a taste of nostalgia for the old days.

A tree that’s consuming the fence

In a picture that is the summation of trees eating things people left behind, here is one that’s growing and consuming the fence. The tree seems to be saying yummy and munching on the fence as it grows.

Image courtesy of pwatapwet/Awesome Inventions

It is important to properly prune plants, bushes, and trees to ensure your property’s safety. Your home can easily get damaged by branches rubbing against it because of harsh winds. We can only wish that this property owner paid more attention to his trees.

An abandoned chapel

This space seems to be an old chapel judging from the religious statues left behind. We have no clue and are also asking why religious objects were abandoned. Now dealing with overgrown plants, peeling paint, cracks, and other damage, we can only imagine how busy this place must have been before.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

We are not so sure if this chapel will get renovated in the future, but we are sure that it will take a lot of work and numerous repairs to ensure safety. We love restoration works and are always rooting for old and derelict spaces to be brought back to their old glory.

A lost and lonely road

Roads are busy places where vehicles of all types pass by every single day. If you are not careful on the road, you can easily get in an accident. When the word road is mentioned, you won’t think of this photo of a lost and lonely place.

Image courtesy of Mightnotapply/Awesome Inventions

Overgrown with grass and trees and completely covered in dried leaves and other trash, this road has been empty for a long time. Without the road surface marking, you’re gonna think that this is the way to the woods. Careful if you decide to go there.

The tree that has eaten a metal sign

Trees taking over or eating objects are always fascinating to see. Oftentimes, when you leave things and places behind, nature decides to reclaim them, and she always wins. Nature always comes out on top when she decides to strike back.

Image courtesy fo NibblesTheChimp/Awesome Inventions

A case in point is this metal sign that looks as if it has become part of the tree. We can’t even read the sign anymore, and we can only make the letters END. Seeing that there are also other trees in the background, this place must have no inhabitants anymore.

The sinister restaurant

We’re not sure if this is a restaurant or a hotel, but it looks like the former due to the round counter stools. The walls are now covered with moss, the floor has grass and moss covering it, and the furniture is ramshackle, and the place is deserted.

Image courtesy of Jonk PhotographyReport/Bored Panda

This restaurant was built in the 1970s and abandoned in the 2000s. According to the photographer, this place used to be a school and this is like the central atrium that came with a snack bar and served as a gathering place. 

The theme park of yesteryears

Dilapidated and deserted theme parks give us an eerie feeling because they make us think of happier times when children were enjoying the rides, squealing with happiness, and brimming over with delight. This theme park is now a stark contrast to its former life.

Image courtesy of RoyalKoala23/Awesome Inventions

Creepy, abandoned amusement parks are apocalyptic scenes of decaying rides, and this old roller coaster reclaimed by Mother Nature is the perfect example. If you are one of the few people who love to explore abandoned places, you’d love this!

A grave being overtaken by a tree

Cemeteries and graves are abandoned for many reasons. In the case of private or family cemeteries, it is usually the descendants’ responsibility to maintain the grave. Family and relatives moving to another place usually result in decay because no one is left to take care of the graveyard.

Image courtesy of Arco_Sonata/Awesome Inventions

This seems to be the case with the grave in this photo. A huge tree has overtaken it and seems to be eating the gravestone. We can only conjecture what happened, but it is indeed a sad sight when we see a grave that is not being cared for.

An escalator that has stopped moving

A busy place or building which has several floors often has escalators because they make it easier for people to get from one level to another. We can only think that the place in the photo must have been very busy before.

Image courtesy of espinas3/Awesome Inventions

The escalator is now stationary and is covered with grass and vines. The stranded place looks creepy, and we can see that there is damage to the roof, as well. Gone are the activity and visitors in the place, and it is in a sad state.

A fortress rising from the city that is now reclaimed by plants

The veins of Italy pulse with history, and wherever you look, there are remnants of the past. The Scola Tower in Liguria is a showcase of tradition, history, and architecture. The tower was built in the 27th century, and the tower’s purpose was to protect people from enemies.

Image courtesy of PlusFeeds/Awesome Inventions

Times have changed, and nowadays, there is peace in the region. The tower is no longer in use, but its sturdy foundations enable it to stand today still. However, no one inhabits the tower anymore, and plants have reclaimed it.

The sea claiming back an old apartment

This haunting image of an old apartment building being reclaimed by the sea in Kirovsky, Russia, has made quite the rounds on the Internet. Built on a narrow sandpit, the building was once part of a fish processing factory that has since closed.

Image courtesy of u/jaykirsch/Reddit

It was built as close to the sea as possible to reduce the amount of time needed to transport the catch. However, the shape of the sandpit changed over time, so the building could no longer be safely used.

A charming old church in France

Old churches have so much appeal. They have outstanding architecture, excellent materials, unique personalities, and a long history. However, when they are abandoned, they become creepy that we imagine a ghost or two appearing from out of nowhere.

Image courtesy of Quentin Chabrot/Awesome Inventions

This lovely and charming church in France has been abandoned for quite some time, but you can still see its true beauty despite the tall grass. We can only imagine how it looked like when priests still conducted masses here.

A forsaken chateau somewhere in France

France and the rest of Europe seem to be a hotspot for derelict buildings with long histories. In France, this chateau is vast, gorgeous, and a sight to behold now that the greenery has staked claim to it. Gone are the days of grandeur and extravagance.

Image courtesy of digitalanthill/Awesome Inventions

This iconic building was damaged in 1932 when a massive fire broke out, and it has not been repaired since then. The occupants have all packed their bags up and what is left is a lonely structure without any human life.

Another episode of natural camouflage

In yet another episode of nature taking over things made by humans, we see a statue of a man, and we can only surmise that it is his pet beside him, being overtaken by vines and now completely covered in leaves. This post-apocalyptic nature scene can be found in an abandoned castle’s garden in France.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

This magical sight can easily draw anyone interested in history. If we saw this on our path, we’d sure make a beeline for it. We just hope there are no ghosts and ghoulish creatures around that might drag us into the forest.

An Italian villa taken over by the forest

If you are someone who likes to walk around abandoned sprawling castles and villas, you need to book a flight to Europe, and if you don’t know exactly which country to go to, book a flight to Italy, and you will be spoilt for choice.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

This abandoned old villa has all the makings of a creepy ghost story. We can only guess that the place in the picture must have been the villa’s fountain or garden. The statues are barely recognizable from all the greenery covering them.

The chimney trees

Chimneys are supposed to provide ventilation by isolating hot toxic gases or smoke from living areas. However, the chimney in the photo resembles a tree because instead of smoke coming out the top, all we see are leaves.

Image courtesy of lorrenzo/Awesome Inventions

This place must have been left to its own device for quite some time because grass has also overtaken the grounds. It leaves people to wonder what happened and what caused all the people living there to abandon the place.

A castle that has fallen in disrepair

Castles were once fortified structures meant to protect the people in their realm, but they have evolved to become places of great magnificence and beauty over time. During the height of royal power in Europe, families of noble birth competed against each other to own the grandest and most beautiful castles.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

This castle in Croatia that has fallen in such a state of disrepair is crumbling to the ground. Nature has also started reclaiming it too as the vines have overtaken it. We can only imagine the grand parties that once took place in the castle.

A tree with a sense of humor

Trees can easily grow big and tall, depending on the variety. If you plan to plant a tree, you better make sure that there is enough space to accommodate its growth, which isn’t the case in this photo. The tree has started eating part of the bridge.

Image courtesy of pendingperil/Awesome Inventions

To put some humor into the situation and to complete the look, somebody has put googley eyes on the tree. The tree now has a face, complete with a “mouth” that is chewing on the metal. Now, this is a sight we’d love to see on the way to work.

A bike reclaimed by an ivy

We can only guess this is in Amsterdam, although there are plenty of other places on Earth with a myriad of bicycles on their roads. Anyway, what’s interesting here is not the number of bikes but this one bike that has been reclaimed and totally overgrown with ivy.

Image courtesy of martez89/Awesome Inventions

It sure makes for a good conversation piece, and if this was a café or a commercial establishment, this could help grab people’s attention and increase sales. Whoever thought of this, if indeed done deliberately, is a genius.

A sunken ship in the Angas Inlet

Now that we have covered quite a few buildings and structures reclaimed by nature on land, let’s travel further into the waters. This sunken ship is located in the Angas Inlet, which is in southern Australia. Although out of service for decades, the ship still has a purpose.

Image courtesy of sheenhai/Awesome Inventions

It serves as a canoeing attraction and a bird roost for more than 200 species of migratory and local birds. This is not the only ship of its kind in the location. There are about 30 iron and wooden ships that have been abandoned since 1945.

Abandoned “treehouse” in Kerry, Ireland

Considered one of Ireland’s longest walking trails and also one of the most popular in the country, Kerry Way is a hit with tourists who wish to explore the Irish countryside. This abandoned stone cottage reclaimed by the forest can be seen on the trail.

Image courtesy of ethan_kahn/Awesome Inventions

Tourists, both local and foreign, enjoy taking snapshots of this stone cottage and also ask for their photos to be taken there. If you ever have the chance to travel to Ireland, don’t forget to take the Kerry Way tour.

A lone tree in a tall tower

This otherworldly picture of a bare tree growing in an old silo evokes many emotions. It’s sad, ethereal, and amazing, all at the same time. It looks like it’s planning to escape the old tower and is using the rope as a means of getting out.

Image courtesy of Ziell0s/Awesome Inventions

The photographer who took this photo has serious skills, and this amazing shot must be one of his best. Although the tree is growing tall, you will notice that it doesn’t have any leaves, it must have been the limited amount of sunlight it’s getting.

An old ancestral home

When you abandon structures, nature will find a way of reclaiming them. This five-story building in Kolkata, India, is overgrown with a sacred tree, otherwise known as the banyan tree.  There’s a piece of cloth hanging on the topmost story, so we are not sure if there are people still living there.

Image courtesy of JohnBrownsHolyGhost/Awesome Inventions

The banyan tree is considered a heavenly tree in Hindu lore because it is said to be the place where deceased ancestors and gods get together. Perhaps that is the reason why people just left the tree to grow all over the structure.

Scary road taken over by trees

Looking at this road makes us want to turn our backs and find a completely different path to travel down. The road sends chills through our bones as if the trees will come to life anytime and devour us. This photo looks straight out of The Sleepy Hollow, and all that’s missing is the fog.

Image courtesy of mapmyhike/Awesome Inventions

All we can do is wonder what the road leads to. Perhaps, a haunted asylum, an abandoned castle, or a house with witches? If you want to make your Halloween more eventful, a trip to see where it goes is something you can decide on.

How long has it been since you last used your bike?

Cycling is an excellent way to be active and even lose some weight at the same time. There are billions of bicycles all over the world; Beijing alone has nine million. Cycling is gaining more popularity these days because it is also a great way to reduce pollution.

Image courtesy of teton_blamer/Awesome Inventions

If this post made you think about your bicycle, we’re happy. We want to ask you how long has it been since you last used your bike. Surely, you don’t want your bike to end up like this. It’s been sitting at one spot for too long that a moss colony has started growing in the seat.

A ramshackle bar with no patrons

The food service industry is one of the most volatile. Thousands of bars and restaurants open every year only to close within a few months. Though some are lucky to operate for decades, the same can’t be said for the majority.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

This bar in Croatia must have been full of people coming in and out, ordering cocktails, whisky, beer, gin, and other alcoholic beverages. If only walls could talk, what secrets would they whisper? However, all that’s left now is an empty shell reclaimed by Mother Nature.

Another castle that’s been abandoned

When someone mentioned the word castle, you think of splendid places with sprawling gardens, massive ballrooms, endless hallways, and endless rooms. You think of decadence, extravagance, luxury, and beauty. However, this castle located somewhere in France does not warrant any of the adjectives above.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

It has been abandoned for some time, and no one has maintained it over the years so that now it is crumbling to the ground. The paint and plaster are peeling off the walls, there are vines all over, and it looks just like an accident and injury waiting to happen.

Greens bloom in this Italian hospital

Hospitals are places of recuperation and healing. It is where people go when they need some specialized attention. However, this hospital in Italy is none of the above. It has been abandoned for so long that it will soon become rubble.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Awesome Inventions

We can only imagine all the frantic people rushing through its hallways, as well as the doctors and nurses caring for the sick during the hospital’s time in operation. How many people have they helped? We can’t help but wonder?

The Pripyat amusement park

If you are familiar with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, then you must know that the closest town to the nuclear plant was Pripyat, located in Ukraine. It was once a thriving community where people working for the nuclear plant, as well as their families, once lived.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Bored Panda

However, it has been abandoned for decades ever since one of the worst nuclear disasters. This picture is of the amusement park, which was newly built when the disaster happened. If you look closely, you can also see the Ferris wheel in the background. Such a shame that children never got to enjoy it.

The empty chair

Looking at this picture makes you wonder who the last person to sit on the chair was. What was she or he like? What was she or he thinking? This place looks like a sunroom where people go to relax, talk with each other, or perhaps read a book.

Image courtesy of Jonk Photography/Awesome Inventions

Now the room is overgrown with greenery, the furniture is damaged, and the glass is shattered. It is only a shadow of its former self. We would have loved to see the room in all its former glory. What a sight it would have been!

An office that’s unused and moldy

Most offices this year have been empty as employees were told to work from home due to Covid-19. The office in this picture, however, has been sitting empty for decades. You can tell just by the overgrown moss on the floor.

Image courtesy of rumhipstern/Awesome Inventions

Another telltale sign that this office has not been in use for a long time are the types of computers they have on the desk. Those are old bulky monitors which you will no longer see in today’s modern offices.

A tree that’s absorbing the whole fence

Plants and trees need plenty of sunlight, good soil, and ample amounts of water to grow. Throw in some organic fertilizer, and you’ve got yourself a winner. This tree, however, must have gotten too much of all those good things.

Image courtesy of Epicminecrafter69/Awesome Inventions

Or it’s possible that its owner didn’t have a very good idea of how big this tree would be. Not only has it eaten the fence, but it’s absorbing the whole fence, making the wires part of it. If you plan to plant some trees, make sure there’s ample space.