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The City of Merlions: 5 Fascinating Places To Check Out In Singapore

Major cities in the world all have things that make them famous. For Singapore, the Merlion statue is one of the city’s most prominent attractions.

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The city-state of Singapore is known as the city of Merlions for no small reason. Merlions are statutes that have the body of a fish, and the head of a lion. The body represents Singapore’s fishing heritage while the head comes from the phrase lion city, the interpretation of the name Singapore.

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Amidst this expanse of cultural heritage and wealth are tourist attractions you can’t afford to miss on a visit to Singapore. Here are five fascinating places to see in Singapore:

  1. Merlion Park: Merlion Park is at the heart of the city of Singapore. The famed Merlion statue resides here. Entrance to the park is free, and you can get pretty close to the statue.
  2. Marina Bay: The Marina Bay is another site that lies just close to Merlion Park. It boasts of beautiful gardens, hotel resorts, and jaw-dropping architecture.
  3. Singapore Zoo: While you can’t get to see a real merlion here, this zoo is the world’s most impressive rainforest zoo. You get to witness uncommon creatures, including white tigers, orangutans, and a Komodo dragon.
  4. Singapore Chinatown: Do you wish to enjoy a Chinese experience outside China? Singapore’s Chinatown will stun you in the best way possible,it is simply fantastic. The neighborhood boasts of Chinese lights, temples, food, and, not least of all, free Wi-Fi.
  5. Botanic Gardens: Singapore’s Botanical Gardens is nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Besides natural plants, the gardens include an eco-garden, an eco-lake, and remarkable sculptures.

As you stand in awe of Singapore’s tourist potential, let us know your favorite sights when you have visited.