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The Five Coolest Games To Play As You Fly

Flying is usually uneventful, which is actually a good thing. This happens especially when you are flying without a friend or family. To fight this boredom, you can opt for offline engaging content on your mobile devices such as audiobooks and games. For children especially, we would recommend the latter. To keep yourself lit up, here are some fun games and apps to while away the hours.

  • Crossword
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You probably are familiar with this game that takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of white and black shaded squares. Clues are provided, which helps you fill in the white squares with the answers. The game helps stimulate your mind to look for exciting new phrases or words. You can download online via the android and iOS Stores.

  • Monument Valley

In this game, your sole job as the player is to lead princes Ida through different optical illusion mazes. These mazes are also accompanied by tricky objects to navigate through. Since its release in 2014, Monument Valley has met with favorable feedback from players all around the world. It is immersive, so you would find it interesting as you fly.

  • 80 Day

Based on the book, and having made a bet that he could navigate around the world in 80 days, Phineas Fogg (The game’s main character) is set to travel by airship, submarine, and more. This game allows you to cause interesting alterations in the plot of the character’s story.

  • Heads Up
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Guess what’s being displayed. You probably can play this with your flight seatmate. Hold your phone up to your forehead and guess what is displayed on its screen ad your friend tries to describe the character, animal, or thing to you.

  • Leo’s Fortune

Recover stolen treasure in the form of gold coins in this game with a fluff ball as the main character. This mustachioed creature has an interesting Eastern European accent. With your headset plugged in, you’re in for a journey of chuckles as you play this game.

In conclusion, kill boredom and keep your wards busy also with these games. You will be glad you did.