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4 Japanese Drinks You Should Try Out

One sure thing that stays on the mind of anyone who visits Japan is the lovely drinks and meals to try out. The cuisine and beverages are very enticing and are actually quite irresistible. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful part of Asia, here are four drinks you should definitely try out.

  • Hoppy
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This drink has a low alcohol content of 0.8%. Hence, it could pass for almost a non-alcoholic drink. Hoppy originated from Tokyo and is usually used as a mixer with Shochu. You can find it in most Izakayas in Japan.

  • Calpis Soda

Imagine a carbonated yogurt beverage. That is Calpis Soda. It is mildly acidic with a milky taste to it. And, of course, it has the bubbly feel of carbonated drinks to go with the taste. You can get it anywhere, really, from vending machines to family restaurants and convenience stores.

  • Amazake
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This drink dates back to the 4th century. It is made from fermented rice and “koji” mold. The name loosely means “sweet rice wine.” Contrary to its name, the drink is really low in alcohol content. You can get it at supermarkets, tea houses, and traditional gift shops around.

  • Melon Soda

You can easily find melon soda at fast-food restaurants. Although it does not exactly taste like melons, it is a delicious drink. Many Japanese folks are in love with it and seem to transfer this same love for the beverage to tourists’ minds.

In conclusion, these drinks will become part of the great memories you will forge when you go to Japan. See to it that you try them out if you can. You will love them.