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Book Now And Not Later

The travel company AAA has some travel advice for you that you do not want to miss in 2021. With COVID-19 throwing a wretch in a plethora of travel plans worldwide, this tip will help people get back on track as a traveler. We all know we want life to get back to normal pre-COVID. This way, we can travel the great unknown, whether it is locally or globally

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Booking Now

Many people have been waiting to book things because of what the pandemic has been doing across planet Earth. But, AAA believes now is the time to no longer delay plans. Even with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) saying travel should be limited, you still need to check when your refunds and tickets expire. Vouchers are soon expiring from when the pandemic first shut things down about a year ago. No longer are companies giving consumers the benefit of the doubt. Now, they are wanting their money back.

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The Plan

If you start making travel plans now, there will be a lot of options now available that weren’t before. But, if you wait, there will be fewer options on the table, and additional expenses may be in your future, too. Sadly, with the economy revving back up, companies are no longer giving grace periods or nice reimbursements. The goal for the entire industry is to make up the money companies have lost. So, wait no longer. Check out your travel benefits and book things today. It might not be there tomorrow for you to enjoy.