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Creepy Travel Destinations

This one is for those of you who just love being scared. No one can deny the rush of adrenaline that courses through your veins after receiving a good scare. And while that feeling might not be for everyone, there are many of us who truly enjoy a good, spine-tingling fright. Here’s a list of the creepiest travel destinations to get your “fright fix.”

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Paris Catacombs, France

These famous catacombs in Paris, France are lined with the skulls of over 6 million people. Yes, real skulls. What better way to freak yourself out than by walking through these tunnels of death?

Suicide Forest, Japan

Located near Mount Fuji, Aokigahara Forest is infamous for being one of the most sought-out locations in the world to commit suicide. Closely associated with Japanese mythology as being the home of the dead, we would be quite surprised if taking a walk through this forest didn’t give you the chills!

Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

Once used as a prison where inmates were tortured, many of which were killed. Rumor has it that even today, the chilling screams of former inmates can be heard in its hallways.

Pogvelia Island, Italy

Poveglia is an Island that was once used to banish plague victims and mentally ill patients. We would be surprised if just knowing the backstory of this place didn’t give you the creeps.

The Island of Dolls, Xochimico, Mexico

What started as an innocent way to honor a girl who drowned near the island, became one of Mexico’s most creepy destinations. After the caretaker who found the girl’s body hung up the ‘her doll’ in remembrance, others began to hang up decapitated dolls as well to “please the little girl’s spirit”. Many of the locals believe that her spirit lingers in the dolls, and that they even hear them whisper to each other.

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