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Weirdest Things You Can Go To Prison For Abroad

You might think that your country has strict rules when it comes to, say, buying alcohol underage or petty-theft, but we bet you don’t have strange rules like these listed below! Here are just some of the weirdest things you could go to prison for abroad – and, if you are planning on travelling – we suggest you get yourself clued up on all the laws first!

Image Credit: Guido Coppa/Unsplash

Chewing Gum, Singapore

That’s right. Gum is illegal in Singapore. After it caused major public health issues in the country, it was ruled illegal, and even foreigners caught chewing gum have been arrested and even served jail-time. So, if you love gum and are planning a trip to Singapore, you might want to start getting into spearmints.

Stepping on Money, Thailand

The currency in Thailand has images of the king printed on them, and therefore the notes and coins all need to be treated with respect. Stepping on money is seen as rude towards the king, as Thai people see feet as the dirtiest part of the body. Fun Fact: It’s also illegal to go commando in Thailand. So make sure you’re always wearing undies, and never stepping on cash, or your for sure going to prison.

Making Love, Abu Dhabi

In many countries in the United Arab Emirates, sexual intercourse outside of marriage is a highly punishable offense. There have even been cases reported where couples passing through have stayed a night in the same room, only to be arrested for not being married. So, if you and your partner of the opposite sex decide to go to Dubai for a vacation, remember to book separate hotel rooms to avoid the risk of deportation.

Having Certain Tattoos, Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the religion of Buddhism is taken very seriously and has very strict rules surrounding images and artifacts of Buddha. Tattoos fall under, “images and artifacts,” and people have been known to be arrested, fined, and even refused entry if they have any visible tattoos of Buddha or anything related to Buddhism. So, if you’re inked up and in Sri Lanka, be sure to cover up while you’re there. 

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