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Travel Blogger Takes Legos Figures Of His Own Creation Wherever He Goes

Blogger, video maker, and artist Powee Celdran is a travel and history enthusiast. This blogger creates content about events in history, with a specialty in the Byzantine Empire. Before you dismiss him as just another content creator, wait until you see what the “content” is…

Image courtesy of Powee Celdran/

Every time this artist travels across various countries, he takes along a Lego figure of his own creation. But they’re not just travel companions. They’re photogenic models! He takes pictures of famous landmarks at each destination and poses his cute Lego figurines in front of the camera, showing off his little yellow globetrotters. Each Lego figure he uses has a different character with its own story.

Image courtesy of byzantine_time_traveller/Instagram

He’s traveled all over the world, from Italy to Sweden to Peru, taking pictures at each stop. Of course, his Lego photography isn’t the most notable thing he’s done with his companions. Celdran even made a video retelling the story of the Byzantine Empire using his fantastic Lego characters.

While the internet is full of information and facts that anyone can access, Celdran definitely knows what he’s talking about. Just one look at his blog and you can tell that this is a true historian. It takes someone with a powerful imagination and ingenuity to share facts in a new and digestible way, particularly for those who would consider themselves otherwise disinterested in the topics.

Image courtesy of Powee Celdran/

History may be boring to some, but not when it’s Lego characters and original artwork telling the story.

You can check out his work, including character backgrounds, at byzantine_time_traveller on Instagram and