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Shane R

    • Getting Your Retreat On

      2020 was, without a doubt, a stressful year for everyone. Now is the perfect time to go to a Spa and...

      TravelShane RFebruary 28, 2021
    • 2021 Best Travel Destinations

      2020 may not have been the best time to travel, but hopefully, 2021 will be full of new destinations to hit....

      TravelShane RFebruary 21, 2021
    • Recent Positive Stories From Around the U.S.

      This last year might be one that we will want to forget, but we do want to acknowledge some positives that...

      TravelShane RFebruary 14, 2021
    • Flying Emirates

      It is always nice to save a little money here and there, of course. Well, Emirates has a deal for you...

      TravelShane RFebruary 7, 2021
    • Winter Road Trip

      Winter travel may not be your favorite thing, but you should do it to have a little fun. Historically, winter travel...

      TravelShane RJanuary 31, 2021