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New Zealand’s Fjordland: The 8th Wonder of the World

Fjordland in New Zealand is perhaps one of the most famous areas in the country, widely praised for exceptional beauty and scenic views found among the 14 fjords, especially at Milford Sound, the most famous of them all.

The national park region covers a massive 4,286 square mile area, offering plenty of gorgeous sights to be seen. At its most northern area, you’ll find Milford Sound, where the amazing coast and its colorful view have garnered respect as the “8th wonder of the world”. You can expect dramatic sky-touching cliffs and deep ocean blues, separated by countless waterfalls and other treasures. The two permanent waterfalls include Bowen and Sterling Falls, which are always a sight to behold. When it rains, you can catch at least a dozen-or-so smaller water falls along the steep cliff walls.

In terms of lodging, your best bet is Te Anau, a delightful town along the Te Anau lake that’s ideal as your base of exploration. The lake itself is the largest in the South Island and sits at the backdrop of the Luxmore and Murchison mountains. To reach Te Anau, you’ll take a 2-hour scenic drive from Queensland along beautiful vistas, valleys and villages along the route. Te Anau is roughly 2-3 hours away from Milton Sound by car, but you can always rely on one of the local services to handle all the driving for you.