Tuscany: A Time Machine to Another Age!

By Tammy D

Spanning multiple cultural shifts and historical societies, Tuscany is home to the finest and most ambitious works of art created by the Etruscans, the Romans, and throughout the period of Renaissance. This has made Tuscany one of the most complete repositories of major artwork in the world, and a must-visit for anyone looking to see so much history condensed into a single area.

But remember, there are plenty of reasons to visit Tuscany except for the magnificent art. Tuscany’s stunning countryside is another major attraction for travelers, offering simple gourmet cuisine of the highest order along exquisite wines. Trekkers and fans of walking trips will be delighted by the picturesque mountain trails, making you feel as though you are transported into a magical world from another time. Cyclists should prepare to fall in love with Tuscany’s paths across rolling hills and the gorgeous coastline, as this region offers some of the most intensive yet beautiful trips through nature anywhere on the planet. Students will often travel to Tuscany to learn more about the arts, culture and the language, making this a highly popular destination for young travelers arriving from all continents.

Florence Image by alohamalakhov from Pixabay

With so much to see and do, the real problem is figuring out where to start. Florence is an absolute must-visit, especially for anyone looking to see world-renowned artwork. From there, many will continue to Pisa and Siena, two major cities that offer many historical works of art and architecture. You’ll definitely want to visit the cities of art as well, including Arezzo, Luca, San Gimionano and Cortona, for the complete Tuscany tour!