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Why Greece Should Be #1 on Your Bucket List

If the prospect of magical crystal beaches, breathtaking virgin landscapes, exotic islands, or ruins of an ancient civilization excite you, then Greece should definitely be the number one goal on your bucket list. Best of all, all this splendor can be enjoyed in a near-perfect climate, with 300 out the year’s 365 days sunny, on average.

Greece, as you probably already know, is home to a celebrated ancient civilization that in many ways brought some of the most important modern advancements in culture and society to the world. Expect to feel like an adventurous explorer as you venture deep into the ruins of ancient Byzantine structures, Greek temples and Neoclassical architectural wonders.

If you’re looking for an island vacation, Greece is probably one of the best destinations you can choose. For example, Kos is a great place for ancient ruins and an exciting nightlife, Paros is perfect for picturesque landscapes and old architecture, while Mykonos will definitely offer the most “cosmopolitan” experience of them all. However, Santorini is probably the most well-known of them all, incorporating many advantages into one package. Here, you can expect stunning views, emotional sunsets and an amazing mix of both Cycladic and Venetian architecture. The island is also famed for its white cobblestone streets and buildings.

Lastly, we just can’t ignore the food. The Mediterranean cuisine not only delicious, it’s probably the healthiest diet in the world. With a perfect combination of rich olive oil, vegetables, fish, cheese, nuts and wine, you can expect gourmet meals anywhere you go.