Don’t Miss: 3 Amazing Experiences in Thailand’s Chiang Mai

By Ina S

Chiang Mai, the capital of northern Thailand, is a magical combination of ancient tradition, modern sensibilities, and majestic beauty. This is a wonderful destination for singles or groups of travelers, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy a tantalizing night-life, amazing food, and what is quite possibly the most beautiful slice of land on the planet!

Touch the Sky at Doi Inthanon

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Chiang Mai’s nature will not disappoint. There are amazing expeditions into nature, spearheaded by the Doi Inthanon national park day trip, giving you an immediate excursion into the lush jungles of Northern Thailand, including a close encounter with the ancient Karu tribe, a wonderful view of 100-meter high waterfalls, and of course – a hike to Thailand’s highest mountaintop at 2,565 meters above sea-level, for a truly majestic view!

Segway Tour in Chiang Mai

Image courtesy of Javon Swaby/Pexels

What better way to experience the rich wonders of this ancient city that with one of the most enjoyable personal vehicles in existence? The Segway lets you visit every nook and cranny in the Chiang Mai, including marvelous temples and magical little alleyways. Your guide will always be with you, offering detailed explanations and unforgettable stories about some of the holiest sites in all of Thailand.

Zip-lining with Gibbons

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If there’s one thing I learned in Thailand, it’s that zip-lining can only be done properly with a playful Gibbon at your side! Prepare for an adrenaline-rush you’ve never experienced before as you hop from one tree to the next with smartest and cutest apes at your side. This activity can be enjoyed by all ages thanks to a lot of specialized equipment and safety gear that ensure you can focus on what’s important: having fun with the gibbons!

So, what will you do when you reach Chiang Mai? There are plenty of fun and exciting activities we missed, like jeep trips through the mountains, visiting the long-neck tribe, as well as the magnificent factory district and its unforgettable master-craft wares. Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun!