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What To Do in Historic Lisbon

Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, is a hub of cultural enrichment and historical significance. As the largest city in Portugal, Lisbon has all of the lively bustle one may expect of a nation’s capital with a distinctly old-world charm. The coastal area is known for its hilly terrain and famous harbor, which was the launching site for many exploration expeditions in centuries past. Many travelers also note the pastel-colored buildings that decorate the city skyline, a ode to Lisbon’s artistic beauty. Residents of Lisbon say that the best time to travel there is between the months of March and October. During these months, there is preferable fair weather and slightly less tourist traffic than in the summer. 

One of the most popular destinations in the city is the Azulejo Museum. The museum houses five centuries worth of artistic ceramic tiles, allowing the visitors to visibly experience the rich history of Lisbon. Located close to the museum district, Belem Tower is another of Lisbon’s can’t miss sites. The tower overlooks the famed harbor and features a fascinating mix of architecture and history. 

The city is home to many quaint streets and homes. Visitors often feel transported into another era while strolling the city streets. There, you are free to shop, dine, and relax in a unique location that has not washed away the old-world look and feel of the city. Travelers looking to relax in the sun can enjoy Lisbon’s string of beaches. Among the most popular are Cascais and Estoril, both of which attract locals and tourists alike. 

Lisbon is perfect for any traveler looking to step away from their ultra-modern life and step into a world of fascinating history and stunning design. Whether you plan on spending your trip exploring the streets or soaking up some sun on the beaches, Lisbon has something for everyone.