The Breathtaking Mountain Scenery of Torres del Paine National Park

By Ina S

Torres del Paine National Park spans the mountainous terrain of Patagonia, Chile. The park is renowned for its towering mountains with their steeple-like peaks that soar in the skies, particularly the three granite peaks of the Paine mountain range and Cuernos del Paine which has peaks shaped like horns. Surrounding the mountains are gigantic glaciers that gleam bright blue in daylight, icebergs that float across the frosty water and sweeping grasslands embedded with golden pampas serving as a sanctuary for rare wildlife including the camel-like Guanacos, rheas, South American Gray Fox, Southern Crested Caracara, and South Andean deer.

Give yourself at least a week to explore the whole park. Don’t rush through the mountain scenery that looks straight out of the storybook. It is better to have a seasoned mountain guide with you who can take you along the off-the-beaten paths and guide you through hikes and critter sightings. Some of the activities you can enjoy at Torres del Paine National Park are trekking, biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, cycling, and camping. Navigate the Grey Glacier on the catamaran and explore Patagonia on a horse. It is safe to say that the park is a wonderland for sports enthusiasts and backpackers.

There are a handful of restaurants at Torres del Paine National Park,  where you can enjoy a delicious meal after a fun-filled but tiring excursion. The restaurants are Pehoe, Bautista and Hosteria Lago Grey. If you are not camping out, you will find a few lodges and hotels.