Mount Roraima – The Lost World

By James P

One of the highest Tipue plateaus of Pakaraima chain in South America, Mount Roraima is tri-border for Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil. According to Conan Doyle, it was where the massive creatures once roamed around. Dinosaurs or not, its impressive and daunting cliffs have beguiled many mountaineers to climb the sheer heights, but only a few have been successful. There is also a natural slope-like path that leads up to the mountain top. The two-day hike is less challenging and recommended for intermediate hikers. Once you reach the top, you will be standing 9,000 feet above sea level with a blanket of fluffy clouds closing in around you.

There is a lot more to Mount Roraima that its jaw-dropping cliffs. In Venezuela, the mountain is a part of Canaima National Park which boasts a plethora of quartz caves, tepuis, eye-catching scenery, jungles, wildlife, and the famous Angel Falls, located in a similar mesa 130 miles away. On Guyana’s side, it comes within the Highland Range that is enveloped by a unique ecosystem doused in endless rainfall, ribbon waterfalls, and rare carnivorous plants. When it comes to Brazil, legends say that there is something mysterious about the mist-cloaked mesa. Only a trip to the top can solve those!

To access the mount from Venezuela, you will have to catch a bus to Canaima National Park. Many hikers opt to hire a Pemón Indian guide, and it is usually recommended because it is easy to get lost in the mountains.