How to Have a Perfect Day in Guam

By Tammy D

The US island territory of Guam is located in the clear blue waters of the western Pacific ocean. Though Guam is a small island, its historical and cultural significance cannot be understated. Guam is an island of rich tradition, beautiful landscapes, and bright blue skies. If you are considering a trip to the island, you won’t be disappointed. As a vacation destination, Guam goes above and beyond to create a memorable experience for all who visit the island. 

Guam is home to miles of beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, coconut trees, and some of the best stargazing in the Pacific. Plenty of visitors to the island choose to try one of the incredible water sports offered on their beaches. Activities like snorkeling, diving, rafting, jet skiing, and more are available all across the island. Additionally, family-friendly water adventures are in high demand, meaning that visiting families have dozens of options for a day in the sun!

If you’re staying for an extended period in Guam, many visitors recommend making reservations at one of the island’s resorts. There are a plethora of resort options, each with their own flavor of hospitality and island fun. Resorts are also a great place to experience the nightlife of Guam. When booking a resort, take a look at what upcoming performances are scheduled on-site, and take a look at what restaurant and bar options are available as well. The resorts on Guam are famous for creating a one-stop entertainment shop for guests, allowing visitors to experience an island of fun within walking distance of their hotel room. 

Shopaholic visitors will find no shortage of great items to peruse in Guam. The island’s trolley car system brings guests directly to the Tumon Sands Plaza. This shopping center is full of food, accessories, and other fun trinkets with a traditional island flair. Tumon is just one of many shopping options present on the island, a testament to the limitless pleasure Guam has to offer tourists and locals alike.