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Come enjoy all the wonder that Sydney has to offer

The first place you should travel to Australia is its largest city: Sydney. Known for amazing architectural designs, like the Sydney Opera House, you can tour the city, marveling at all the amazing buildings. As one of the best metropolises the world has to offer, Sydney has everything a tourist wants in a city: site seeing, restaurants, and shopping galore.

For example, the Sydney Opera House has operas to see, but there are a lot of other entertainment events that you can see throughout the year as well. Only 15% of what the Sydney Opera House shows are operas, meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy. With 2,000 shows per year, the Sydney Opera House has you covered when it comes to entertainment. Are you getting a little hungry? The Sydney Opera House also serves lunch or dinner, so you create great memories while eating a tasty meal.

The Sydney Harbor is something you should check out as well. It is the world’s largest natural harbor, so you can be sure to take the best pictures around. If you like beach life, you are going to like Sydney, Australia as well. Bondi is the best-known beach in all of Australia, but you can find your way onto other ones around the Sydney area. Other places you may want to visit include the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Taronga Zoo, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Central Business District, Sydney Tower, Circular Quay, and so much more to enjoy.

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