The Perfect Life In Perth

By Ina S

The west side of Australia has a lot to offer as well. Take Perth for example. For individuals traveling here, the biggest reason has to do with the beaches. Trigg Beach, for instance, is less than 30 minutes from downtown Perth.

As the capital of Western Australia, Perth is quite secluded from the other major metropolitan districts, which gives the city a great charm. If you are feeling the city life, you can head into town. You can just as easily look for remote locations to take in, too. Think of the city as a hidden gem, knowing there is plenty to investigate in this part of the country. Most of the year, Perth enjoys sunny, warm, and dry weather. This allows tourists the opportunity to travel to Perth any season, and still get the same great experience you deserve. The wonderful Indian Ocean setting is one that tourists do not ever want to leave.

People who travel to Perth enjoy the nightlife there. With vibrant bars and independently owned watering holes, make sure to visit such establishments as Two Feet and a Heartbeat, Helvetica, Bar Sequel, and Fromage Artisans. These are just a few of the 30 bars you can enjoy in the city of Perth. If you want to step off-grid, take a charter over to Rottnest Island. Its name, meaning Rat’s Nest, was credited by a Dutch explorer in the 17th-Century, who thought the quokkas were humungous rats. No need to worry about rats when you head over to this beautiful oasis, just a few miles off the coast of Perth.