Live Life Underwater At The Great Barrier Reef

By Ryan F

When people think of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the first places that people want to visit. The Great Barrier Reef is an amazing natural piece of art that can be seen from space. Scientists believe that it was created over 25 million years ago, and you can still see this vibrant ecosystem today. The reef itself stretches almost 2,000 miles right off the coast of Queensland. With over 400 coral types and 1,500 types of fish, you will have plenty to do around the Great Barrier Reef.

Diving and snorkeling are some of the best ways to see wildlife, but you can fish for gigantic fish as well. Some people even like to island-hop with many options to choose from. Other ways to see the Great Barrier Reef include a helicopter flight, a catamaran cruise, or a marine pontoon.

Depending on what you are into, you can search for sea turtles, sharks, coral, and so much more. There are even various durations of time that you can be out ranging from 5 hours to 3 days. Some include live music and top-notch cuisine. Whatever mood you are in, the Great Barrier Reef is truly a wonder of the world, so do not miss out when you are in Australia to see this beautiful part of nature. You may regret never getting to this piece of natural art.