Kickin’ It On Kangaroo Island

By Tammy D

Island lovers will love to get away to Kangaroo Island. This is a getaway just off the coast of Adelaide in the southern part of Australia. Kangaroo Island is a refuge for animals that are threatened or just beloved in the Australian culture. Some creatures you will see include seas lions, koalas, cockatoos, and echidnas.

There is no need to worry about roughing it on this island. With a great wine scene and artisan food for the whole family to enjoy, this island is growing in attention and praise. Other attractions you can be a part of include extreme adventures like quad biking, paintballing, adventure caving, and horseback riding.

Do you like art and culture? There is a dynamic amount of galleries, marketplaces, and studios, you will have the opportunity to watch and learn from the Australian culture. Additionally, you can buy things you want to take home as gifts from your Australian adventure. Walking and hiking is a big thing on Kangaroo Island as well. With over 20 hikes to choose from, the trails on Kangaroo Island are for every age and skill level. Some hikes last as little as 30 minutes, while others can last full 8-hours or even days. Whatever you decide, the trails on Kangaroo Island will help you see Australia in a whole new way as you have never seen it before.