Taking In The Hue At The Blue Mountains

By Ina S

If you love your time in Sydney, the Blue Mountains are perfect for you. The Blue Mountains are only a two-hour drive west by vehicle. In this area, you will find the oldest plant species around. The plants are called Wollemi pines. They were around when the dinosaurs were roaming the planet. Other areas in the Blue Mountains to take in include forests, canyons, waterfalls, and the storied sandstone cliffs. If you love the outdoors and all the hiking you can do, you will love the Blue Mountains. Eucalyptus oil is naturally found in the Blue Mountains, so you can take some oil home to remember your experience there.

Mount Kosciuszko is the largest peak in all of Australia, and you can hike to the very top if you have some time. Cycling is a big deal around the Blue Mountains as well. The historic ruins of Trial Bay Gaol is a must-see, too. After a full day of sightseeing, there are a ton of picnicking areas to enjoy resting and taking in some yummy food of the region.

Roughing it is allowed at the Blue Mountains. Camping is a top choice for people in the area, so they can get back out to enjoy all the perks of being in the great outdoors of the Blue Mountains. There are waterfront stays, as well as wilderness campsites for you to get the real Australian experience. You will not be disappointed with any campsite in the Blue Mountains.