By Danielle P

In my last seven visits to Dubai, these last six months, I have discovered and confirmed over and over again that Dubai plays residence to more than a handful of tourist attractions. These different tourist points are the reasons the city of Dubai has been one of the most visited cities in the world over time.

Starting from the high and lofty edifices scattered all around beautifully, to the very beautiful shopping malls, the aquariums and so many sights of glory to look upon. The cultural and traditional highlights, some ancient and some new are one of the so many things that have contributed to the transformation of the city into a home for tourists from all over the world.

Let us now go through some of the tourist sites you will want to see and visit the next time you pay a visit to Dubai:


The first of all the tourist attractions scattered all around Dubai is the landmark structure of 829.8 meters which is the tallest building in the world.

You can also visit the city’s premier mall. This location is also an entry point into the Burj Khalifa.

Housed in the Al-Fahidi Fort and built-in 1787 as a means of defense, the museum has also served as a tourist location.

Other places you must not miss out whenever you visit the beautiful city of Dubai are, BASTAKIA/OLD DUBAI and the SHEIKH SAEED AL-MAKTOUM HOUS