The city of Salalah has been typified for her very famous and unique monsoon festival known as the Khareef. Visitors flock in from different parts of the world and are hosted to a grand opening of the festival and the diverse beauties and architectural cynosure. There are various ways to enjoy your tourist visits through places to visit and activities to take part in.

The largest city in Oman and the biggest in Dhofar, Salalah boasts of the biggest seaport in the Arab peninsula. Do the following activities and visit the following places to have the time of your life in Salalah.

This beach in Southern Oman is well known for its crystal clear water and it’s very adorable white sands. The green mountain around this beach with natural fountains of water bursting out of its edges is another fascinating part of the Al-Mugsail beach.

With two white domes and tall minarets embellished with golden ornaments, the mosque is another notable place to visit in Salalah. The great and wonderful architectural design both outside and in the interior make the mosque a place you must visit.

The former residence of an ancient ruler turned museum is one of the most iconic sites around Salalah. The museum showcases various antique weapons used in the old Omani culture. The view of the castle by sunset is very unforgettable.

Pay a visit to Salalah but, attend the Salalah festival and do not forget to see the sea of Oman. That’s the way to enjoy your Salalah visit. Welcome to the beautiful coast in the Arab peninsula graced with the finest white sands.