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3 Things to Do In Vancouver

Vancouver is famous for a lot of things including carnivals and concerts that are held from time to time. If you’re visiting this city, then have a look at the event calendar to ensure you can attend the most happening events in town. Vancouver is also famous for its alcoholic beverage festivals including the Wizards Beer Festival and the Vancouver International Wine Festival. They both occur in the same month. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming events or check out these beautiful nature sites!

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Grouse Mountain

Also called the Peak of Vancouver, it’s one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations and can be a good pick for visitors who enjoy activities such as hiking and ziplining. 

The mountain is open throughout the year and offers fun activities like skating in the winter. Our favorite thing to do here is the Grouse Grind, a trail with 2,830 stairs, which will take you 2,800 feet up from where the views are worth it.

Vancouver Whale Watch

Very few cities will give you the opportunity to see whales up close and personal. These tours are educational and entertaining and suitable for people of all ages. 

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If you’re lucky, you may get to choose other sea creatures as well including dolphins and octopuses. 

Pacific Arts Market 

Fans of art must visit this 2,500 square foot gallery with pieces from over 30 local artists. You will get the opportunity to browse the work of local artists and bring home some incredible souvenirs such as jewelry, ceramics, paintings, handmade candles, and wood carvings.

The place is colorful and bright and caters to all tastes and budgets, hence do consider paying it a visit.