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Thinking About Your Next Trip? Try Indonesia Out!

Stunning, multicultural Indonesia will leave you breathless with its epic sights, friendly people and mouthwatering food. We have listed 8 reasons why you should strongly consider Indonesia for your next holiday getaway!

Amazing Food

You can never go wrong with Indonesian food. The spices and flavors will send you on a roller coaster of gastronomic pleasure. Indonesians pride themselves with their food so you may want to check out places the locals recommend.

The Nature of Lombok

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Indonesia is located in the pacific ring of fire which means they are surrounded by lots of active volcanoes. However, don’t let this scare you as hiking up the hills and mountains will lead you to amazing views. Plus, their beaches are one of the best in the world with hidden lagoons and a crater lake located at Mount Rinjani

Visit Bali

Bali is a popular destination for honeymooners and is a great place to escape to. The weather is relatively stable all year round with a mix of rainy and sunny days so you need not worry too much when planning on which month to go on. Bali has Balinese Hindu temples that have an almost Aztec architecture which is just jaw droopingly gorgeous!

See real (Komodo) Dragons!

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Who doesn’t like dragons? Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world and are known to have a dangerous bite.

It preys on animals that are much larger than itself, even humans so make sure if you are out to seek these creatures, take a reputable guide with you.

Plethora of Beaches

Indonesia has many beautiful beaches that will take you at least a month to enjoy them all! The few must go to is the pink beach, Flores. The sand has a pink hue which looks delightful! On the other hand, If you want to go surfing, consider Mawi Beach in Lombok. 

Get To Know The Colourful Marine Life

If you’re at the beach, you may want to go snorkeling to take advantage of the clear water. You will be able to see tons of marine life and coral and even if you don’t feel like heading into the water, you can always stroll along the beach and watch out starfishes and fishes that swim closer to the shore.

Visit Borobudur

Borobudur is a UNESCO world heritage site which holds the largest Buddhist monument in the world. The majestic temple requires a bit of a walk to get to and can get quite crowded in the day. We suggest going early in the morning to watch a beautiful sunrise.

Friendly People of Indonesia

Last but certainly not least, you may go for all the reasons above but you will fall in love with the place because of the people in it. Indonesians are extremely hospitable people who are passionate about their country and love sharing with tourists that come to visit. Spend time getting to know them and they will tell you tips and tricks on how to enjoy your travels more.