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How To Travel Sustainably

If you are a jet setter and you love seeing the beautiful sights all over the world, we’re sure you’ve wondered how you can help in preserving all of it.

A lot of the great sceneries could be lost in time if people do not start changing their habits, especially when traveling to a place unfamiliar to them. Join us as we try out these tips on how to travel like a green-minded (see what we did there?) person. 

Bring Your Own Bottle 

This might be something that you already know on the get-go but it’s still a good reminder to everyone. Bring your own bottle and if you could squeeze in some utensils (chopsticks are very slim and handy that you can lug them around and they fit everywhere). Collapsible food containers and such can help in lessening the waste you actually acquire while you are away from home.

Eco Tote Wherever You Go 

Having an extra bag or an eco tote wherever you go is very helpful in avoiding unnecessary shopping bags, fashion store paper bags, and packaging that you will throw in the trash eventually.

Even if you have the initiative to reuse them, not taking them in the first place makes the stores stock up on them less so they also produce less. It’s really a cycle that you can help break if you would just bring that extra bag. 

Mass Transport Is The Way

For short distances that you don’t have time constraints to travel to, choose the least fuel wasting options! Taking trains, buses, and public transport to your destination can help in lessening carbon emissions caused by vehicles.

Long-distance train rides can even get you to appreciate how great the countrysides look. You can still get to your destination and not feel guilty about it. Only take care of rentals or taxis when absolutely needed. 

Get Handcrafted Souvenirs

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It’s true when they say that going green involves a lot of things. Get your hands on souvenirs that are handcrafted by locals. They make sure that each item is carefully created and they also use their supplies more efficiently. Instead of getting those mass-produced keychains, you can also help in promoting the local craftsmanship. 

Remind Establishments That You Opt Out of Disposables

Not everyone is in on the trick yet. A lot of people and establishments still prefer convenience but it starts with you! Not everyone knows what the advocacy about and setting reminders like “no straw for me please”, or “I’ll be using my own cutleries/bottle” makes a huge difference.

Some establishments want their customers to have the convenience but they will surely appreciate it when you ask them for an alternative!