People Having an Awful Time Because It’s That Kind Of Day

By Amit S

Such is life, friends. Whether you put a philosophical twist to it, or just laugh at the sheer absurdity and silliness of it, life surely likes to throw curve balls every now and then, more at some people than others. In a string of photos, we’ll see how some people have had quite a predicament while simply going about their day. If you are in a particularly frustrated state of mind, we’re sure they’ll offer some consolation! Because some days you’re feeling like a million dollars and other days, you just want to crawl up into a little ball and forget the world. These people have had terrible days and we’ve definitely been in their place before. We hope more people have better days but sometimes situations are out of our control. Whatever will be, will be.

Walking On Eggshells 

We hope everyone who’s looking right in the eye of a disaster has the same laidback and relaxed conduct as this gentleman right here. Eggs are probably one of the most delicate categories of food that needs special care and handling.

Image courtesy of

One wrong turn or loss of control and you’ve got scrambled eggs everywhere. We hope the man still got to keep his job just for the sheer composure and poise he showed. As for the eggs, protein shakes for the stray dogs, perhaps? Always a silver lining. 

Hair Dye With Fiery Streaks 

Isn’t dyeing your hair a new color such a thrill? It makes you feel like a completely new person, with a groundbreaking makeover to boost your confidence. Well, no, not always. While there’s a lot that can go wrong when coloring your hair, nobody would expect it going on fire!

Image courtesy of

Pick your hairdressers with the utmost diligence and planning, people. This technique used by *skilled* hairdressers to burn off split ends completely backfired, resulting in a bursting flame of hopes and dreams about a good hair day. Hope nobody tells her that her new look is ‘hot’.

The Sinkhole From Hell 

Is this a sinkhole or a portal to another world? How deep does it go, and why is it not being studied by scientists for evidence of parallel universes? It’s hard to imagine losing your car in such an utterly improbable, dramatic sort of way.

Image courtesy of

Our heart goes out to the person who lost their car in such a ridiculously silly and unpredictable manner. Here’s hoping that nobody was actually inside the car and that they at least had car insurance. It looks like something that just came out of GTA. Phew.

When Life Literally Flashes Before Your Eyes 

What is the protocol for situations like these?! What exactly are you supposed to do after snapping this picture? Should you run, or just try to act calm? Boy oh boy, ignorance is surely bliss, we stand by this saying more than ever in a case like this.

Image courtesy of

Setting up a perfect tent in a picturesque and rustic campsite with tranquility and beauty all around, yea, that only happens to the ‘fortunate’. Stay home. You’re lucky you didn’t get mauled by a bear. Looks like a scene straight out of Blair Witch Project.

Picture Perfect 

Here’s a family photo we are sure the couple will cherish for the rest of their days. It’s quite evident who’s the favorite child, nobody will ask that question in this household ever. Just this lovely and warm family photo hanging on the wall will be an answer that you just can’t shake off that deformed head of yours.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post

Nah, we kid, they are on a beach! That’s clearly going to be a soft landing. But just to be safe, perhaps throw in a helmet on your kid’s heads the next time. Or just have fun with your kids but only at a certain length, ya know? So they don’t get injured.

The Tainted Package 

We all love to shop online. Receiving a package in a mail or getting it hand-delivered is one of the underrated joys of life that nobody really talks about. However, life has a way of taking that exact source of joy and ruining it in the most unspeakable of ways to scar you for life.

Image courtesy of Diply

Imagine having one of the beloved packages that you tracked for days and waited for eagerly ends up in a toilet of all places. Guys, it is essentially a thick paper, some of the liquids are bound to seep through. Enough said. 

Starting The Day With A Healthy Dose Of Frustration 

Slight hiccups when starting your car up, especially when running late in the morning, are quite common and often forgotten. But this particular one is, without a doubt, going to be etched in the memory of this person for life.

Image courtesy of

As if the evil snow making us do all that shovelling and bundling up wasn’t enough, now it has come to freeze off parts of the car completely so that they shatter like glass – much like our hopes. What a way to ruin someone’s day even before they had the chance to begin it. 

The Unappetizing Dessert

If you think your workplace is leaving you delectable treats everywhere you go, you definitely need to re-assess the situation before you take a bite of anything. That’s rule number one guys, constant vigilance! You never know when a bar of chocolate can be disguised as a bar of soap.

Image courtesy of

There is no such thing as work perks, and this person had to learn this lesson the hard way. Although, we wonder if it was a special form of torture to go out of the way to find a bar of soap that looked like a tempting chocolate cake? You know what, it definitely was. 

A Heavy Burden To Carry 

This has to be one of the most advanced forms of a see-saw. Although it looks quite fun, we won’t be suggesting this to anyone for the thrilling risk factor involved in playing this dangerous game – one of which is losing your job, amidst other trivial things like losing your life.

Image courtesy of

Laws of physics bend for no one; all you can do is open the door, take some time to absorb the absurdity and ridiculousness of the situation, and then hop on out for dear life. We sure hope no one was injured. That amount of weight at the back of the truck needs to be examined!

Classic Tan 

What you see here is a very sophisticated example of what happens when a pale person is daring enough to go out at daytime without sunblock. You can virtually expect any pattern, design, color, shade gradients and even a beautifully elegant tan ombre, depending on the amount and extent of areas exposed to the mighty sun.

Image courtesy of ninjajournalist

Basically, your body is a blank canvas and the tan makes its way through without sparing even a single spot. We suggest wearing a hazmat suit if you run out of sunscreen, it’s for your own good.  This guy looks like a popsicle, must have been a huge pain to put on pants!

Daddy Slayer 

This is not Game of Thrones, son! We commend the high spirits and the twinkle that didn’t leave this dad’s eyes even when struck with what is a surprisingly massive arrow. He doesn’t seem too bothered by the arrow, though. Maybe it didn’t go all the way in his shoulder?

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld

Perhaps he’s laughing at the ludicrousness of his own life. Was he standing with an apple on his head, waiting for his son to get the perfect hit? Or is he just thankful that it was his shoulder, and not his heart – which his son might in fact have aimed for. In any case, proud dad moment for sure. A heartwarming story to tell at Thanksgiving. 

No Rest For The Weary… And Dead 

How unlucky does a person have to be to not even get their due rest after passing away? Sigh. Who is the driver, why are the car brakes so overactive, and why is the glass so fragile? The car wasn’t ready for this incident at all!

Image courtesy of Taringa

Answers we’ll never learn! Funeral homes really should do a better job at making sure the caskets are secure and safe, that should go without saying. Having a bad day even in the casket, there’s no one having it worse than this person! 

The Haircut She Never Wanted 

Technology needs to be feared, not befriended. Life has a cruel way of teaching that to us. One of those golden teaching moments is encapsulated brilliantly in this picture, where a poor victim who just wanted to make some copies got the worst surprise of her life once she turned around. And there’s another lesson for you guys – never turn your back on a machine.

Image courtesy of

They have minds of their own, while some stick to the basic copying and scanning, others aspire to be hairdressers, and not the good kind. How creepy is this though? It would make for a great April Fool’s trick! We wouldn’t want to see this in real life, though. It gives us the heebie-jeebies!

Run For Your Life!

Nothing is as menacing as a peacock with fully spread feathers and a determined, smug look on its face. You might understand your kid running back home after being chased by a rapid dog, or perhaps a wild predator on loose, but you wouldn’t expect the mighty peacock to be the reason for such terror and fright.

Image courtesy of thedailyedge

Never underestimate the power of a meek and apparently harmless bird. If they can’t crap on you, they’ll find other ways of torture, that’s their nature. After all, they’re just trying to defend themselves. Peacocks spread out their feathers to protect themselves from other animals, after all, this animal being a human!

You Shall Not Drive

Don’t you just love the first snow of winter? That fuzzy feeling while brewing a pot of coffee and wrapping yourself in warm blankets, thinking of all the snowball fights you’ll have and the snowman you’ll make with your family. No, just no.

Image courtesy of

The next time, just remember all the shoveling that’s in store for you, with literally a frozen car waiting to mock you, snowed deep with not even a spot left for the sun to shine. Good luck to the guy who has to shovel all the ice out!

Serving Burgers With A Side Of Misery 

Just go home, bro. Open that pack of 2-minute noodles and call it a day, tomorrow will be better – as long as you stay at home. This person’s misery just can’t be overstated! After all, there could just be a glitch on the screen. Either way, this can be incredibly frustrating!

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

All he wanted was to be rewarded with a big juicy burger at the end of a tiresome day, but life wasn’t done teaching lessons of unfairness and cruelty just yet. It just wasn’t his day it seems like. Has this happened to you?

Olive Oil’s On The Loose 

We don’t really see what the problem here is. Isn’t this the exact amount of oil your grandma ‘sprinkles’ as a salad dressing? Even if you call it a worst-case scenario, it still makes the grocery store famous, hence increasing the sales of olive oils.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

You have to spill something to gain something. Also, they can just close the aisle up and declare it as a skating rink. We are full of ideas today, aren’t we? Jeez, this looks really bad though. We wouldn’t want to slide in the middle of this aisle.

Throne Of Embarrassment 

There is no coming back from this. Even if a famous celebrity picks and drops this kid off at high school for the rest of the year, he shall forever be remembered for this very moment. Was he framed? Someone must have rigged his seat.

Image courtesy of

That’s the beauty of high school: one moment can change the course of your destiny forever. We are sure even as a middle-aged man, he’ll have sleepless nights re-living this moment in his head. That’s how life rolls, kids. We’ve got to stick with the punches and keep rolling forward.

Bonded For Life 

The only thing sadder than this vehicle sinking deep within the clutches of the evil cement is the driver who probably stepped out helplessly looking at the sad scene while clicking a picture of it for the social media. We wouldn’t like to be caught up in that mess.

Image courtesy of

What’s even more shocking is the fact that there are no demarcations or sign indicating that there’s wet cement on the road. The driver not being anywhere near shows how quickly he resigned to the cruel tricks of fate. We sure hope someone was able to help him out!  

Flipping Like Pancakes 

Oh boy, this dude chose the wrong time to do a flip. Nobody is impressed and now he’s probably nursing a nasty injury that’s sure to leave a scar – both mental and physical. It probably wasn’t worth it to impress the ladies now, was it?

Image courtesy of

We are not sure if this was a stunt to impress the ladies or an accident in the middle of a race, but in any case, we recommend you to start wearing a helmet even while cycling in the park on mushy grass fields. Not doing so is an accident waiting to happen.

Revenge Of The Leopard 

Is there an insurance policy that covers leopard attacks, amongst other cat species? Knowing that there are a handful of animal tamers in this picture is somewhat comforting, but not exactly reassuring if you try to read the body language of the leopard.

Image courtesy of

With mouth wide open and a giant leap over the victim’s head, we only hope that the person reached their peak of bad days after this, and only had good ones from there on out. This is frightening and probably a scenario we wouldn’t want at all to be a part of.

Sharing Is Caring

Don’t you just wake up some days, craving that perfect cone of chocolate ice-cream, and then taking a moment to snap an Instagram-worthy picture of it to make all your friends jealous? After all that’s one impressive scoop! We’d like to see how it originally looked.

Image courtesy of The Sun

Well, you shouldn’t always take that moment to appreciate the beauty of things, especially when it’s something edible outdoors, unless you don’t mind sharing it with a seagull. At least she still has a nice view to enjoy, hopefully without the seagull leaving another surprise package on its way out. 

Hold The Door!

Oh God, stop the bus! How can the other passengers just chill in their seats, as this lady goes through what would be the biggest highlight of embarrassing moments in her life? Good grief, that must have been one big pain in the…neck.

Image courtesy of

Not to mention how much this probably hurts. If it was a scene from Game of Thrones, we would understand, but spare people’s head in real life, for heaven’s sake. Try to help, or just comfortingly rub their back and reassure them, do everything besides sitting silently or taking a picture for the internet. 

Skin To Match The Dress 

Most people try to find clothes that complement their skin tone and bring out their eyes, but this lady went all out to grill her own skin to match the lovely floral dress she is wearing. Was that paint or a really bad sunburn? With her dry hair, we’re guessing it’s the sun’s doing.

Image courtesy of

Sunbathing sure is fun, isn’t it? We can’t stress enough on the importance of a good sunblock for all those with a pale complexion! If not that, then we must urge once again to get yourself a hazmat suit. Or a big portable beach umbrella.

Just In Time For Spring Cleaning 

There are no words to describe the pain and suffering depicted in this photo. This is not only going to take time and energy to clean up, but also extensive therapy and perhaps a bottle of brandy to get over the miserable state of affairs.

Image courtesy of

Aren’t these wooden cabinets supposed to be sturdy? How does something like this even happen? Perhaps the wall decided to just give up on the fine wood craftsmanship that promised to have your back through and through. Good thing no one was around then!

Smart Device, Is It? 

This is a fridge, for all you cavemen out there. Yes, it is called a smart fridge, and it is smarter than you. It knows exactly when you’ll need water, and that’s when it’s going to drop down a system update on you, so that you stand there with thirst and a dry gullet, waiting for…what exactly?

Image courtesy of Reddit/idontfeelsogud

An upgrade to the water? Is there a new version of water available on iTunes? Should we be worried or is this normal? Just drink the tap water, for heaven’s sake. Tap water should be safe as long as it isn’t leaking any brown or green goo.

Slithering In The Chamber Of Secrets 

Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about Medusa, our lord and savior? Let me just wait in that vent while you gather your thoughts on the subject. Or do you perhaps have a background in snake extermination? Because you’ll need one for this next picture.

Image courtesy of

Imagine taking your car for a spin on a nice sunny day outside, only to find a freaking snake slithering out of the vent. That’s a situation nobody can be trained or be ready for, but we just hope the person was able to calm themselves down enough to think about pulling over and running out of that demon car. 

Save The Coffee!

How many times have you slid your way through that slippery snow that nobody bothers to clean up? Everyone must have gone through this unfortunate state of event at least once in their life. It is inevitable while living your life on this messed up planet.

Image courtesy of drivepedia

But imagine going through this embarrassing debacle while having a topped-up serving of hot coffee in your hand. Life has a special animosity against him, that’s for sure. He’s living his life all carefree then…whoops! Guess it’s just one of those days

All The Ranges Of Human Emotions 

This is not just a picture, it is a piece of art. At first glance, you’ll wonder what’s so wrong about it. But as you look deeper and notice the things not in focus, you’ll begin to appreciate the range of human emotions and how one person’s happiness and childlike wonder is another person’s nightmare and a source of injury. Well played, life. 

Image courtesy of

We wouldn’t want to be the woman at the back. This is a terrifying moment for everyone and we’re hoping she survived this moment in one piece. Reminds us of that cult-horror classic: Final Destination. Looks like they’re releasing their next movie with this as their inspiration

Walked Right Into That One 

If High School Musical taught him nothing about pools and parties, then what was the point of it all, Zac? How does one just walk into a pool of water and then make a splash they were never hoping to make, all the while being fully dressed with a pair of expensive shoes?

Image courtesy of justjared

We are guessing something dropped into the pool and he was trying to get it, but there have to be better ways to do so, pal. Zac was probably filming a scene where he had to pretend he was Jesus. Guess we’ll never truly understand the ending.

The Ultimate Race 

Never, even in his wildest imagination, would this guy have thought that he’s going to be chased off by a hippo someday. We mean…of all the wild animals and predators in this world, you need to be specially unlucky to be chased down by a freaking hippo that lives in filthy water and almost never comes out on land.

Image courtesy of

Whatever happened to the happy, sleepy, and farting hippos everyone loved? And whatever did this man do to make the hippo so mad? Toss some kale and celery into its pond? Looks like he’s more light than the hippo, for sure he outran it though!

A Thorny Friend Through And Through 

Another example of why you should stay at home and not go on these nature hikes everyone claims are so wonderful. No, Billy, these are not wonderful. Nature is beautiful but it’s also scary and filled with plenty of sharp things.

Image courtesy of

Some plants have pricks and thorns that cling on to your skin and leave marks to remember your dumb decisions by for the rest of your life. However do you explain having cactuses stuck on your body this way, where was that hand reaching out? Which Instagram-worthy picture were you trying to take? Serves you right. Sigh. 

The Dumbest Fail 

This has to be one of the scariest nightmares every college student has had at least once in their lifetime. That dread of failing your finals takes over and gives you the worst anxiety of your life, triggering dreams where you completely missed the exam altogether.

Image courtesy of

But this ‘bro’ right here is living his nightmares in reality with full swing. Life hasn’t been kind to him since a very young age, and we are here to offer our deepest condolences on this cruel life lesson. We surely wouldn’t want to be in his place. Not cool.

All Hail The Queen Bee 

Who exactly is driving this unfortunate car, pursued by its very own swarm? Is it really the queen bee who has undergone a full moon human transformation, or is it Winnie the Pooh, who stole a big glob of honey for morning breakfast?

Image courtesy of Taringa

For the sake of the driver’s health, we hope this is a parked car and no one has to drive anywhere anytime soon. Perhaps just call an Uber today, champ? And make sure to not cover your car in honey the next time you are drunk. We wonder how he attracted so many bees!

Not Living Up To Those Promises 

‘We Fit’ – do you, do you really?! Why make promises without measuring the height of every bridge in the city? This truck has clearly not passed under this bridge before. We hope that they’ll do a size check before going under a bridge.

Image courtesy of

That’s just playing with innocent feelings. We’d like to see the full footage of this humungous truck trying to drive through this bridge. It doesn’t seem to be doing too well, and that dangerous tilt just makes us wish they’d pullover and re-consider their route altogether. 

Door Within A Door

Nope, it is not an optical illusion, nor are you drunk – although nobody can vouch for that. This is when your car decides to play mind tricks on you. Or perhaps the person wanted to tighten the security and take it up a notch by installing two doors and this is all just a funny coincidence?

Image courtesy of

Nope, that’s not how life works. Your car’s door broke in a hilariously absurd way and created a second door with no key to open it and get inside your car. Deal with it. Or call mechanic or a friend to help out, this looks like a walking disaster.

Foam Angels 

If you are not feeling as defeated as the man in this photo, you can turn this fiasco into quite a party, rolling in the foam and making foam angels while getting cleansed and washing the horribleness of the day off. Unless you have a date and only have a few minutes to prepare.

Image courtesy of

It also teaches one the valuable lesson of how much soap the dishwasher actually needs. Clearly it was his first attempt at doing the dishes. We are afraid he’s sticking to hand washing from now on. It was a valiant effort nonetheless. 

The Ultimate Photobomb 

Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth, and perhaps the perfect place to propose if you share that interest with your partner. Nothing’s more exciting than capturing your fiancé’s face when you get down on your knees, as the beautiful iconic Disney castle serves as a backdrop to your happily ever after.

Image courtesy of

Oh come on, snap out of that dream now, and come back to reality. Do you really think you will get to capture that moment in a theme park filled with sweaty tourists? Pick another spot! Boo! He probably should have found a better location for this.

A Grizzly Turn 

This archeologist is changing fields for sure, perhaps spending the rest of his life as an accountant somewhere in a grey-carpeted office will balance out the extreme adventures he has had in his life. This is a disaster just waiting to happen. Jeez!

Image courtesy of National Geographic

Or perhaps he’ll take an early retirement. Whatever he might do, he’ll definitely not go on with the same field, the bear made sure of it. Life will come to mock you and give you a scare for your life even if you crawl into the deepest and darkest holes! It’s both comforting and terrifying at the same time. 

Here To Steal Your Thunder 

It’s one of the following scenarios. Either somebody has died and fallen into a ditch, an overgrown child is throwing tantrums and is being ignored, or someone got too drunk too soon and decided to be a wedding crasher. In any case, some people best be ignored, wedding photography is much more important and there’s no time for childish acts like these! 

Image courtesy of

It looks like he wasn’t able to get any sleep before the wedding. Or maybe he just really didn’t want to be there. Maybe he doesn’t like the woman his dad is marrying or vice versa? There are many possible endings for this story but we’ll leave it up to your discretion.

Unflattering Limbo 

There is a very good possibility that this person was a little ‘tipsy’ before the run, and thought this hurdle is an opportunity to do a limbo, instead of a jump, which is in fact its real purpose. We hope this guy got at least second place.

Image courtesy of

They might have thought of it as a fun idea, but we beg to differ, and so will this person, once they get their jaw fixed back to its socket. We hope that he was able to continue running despite the tribulation he went through.

Downside Of A Rainy Day 

For all those who think that after every rain there comes a rainbow to brighten your day and wash away that melancholic feel – you couldn’t be more wrong! Instead, here’s what comes after a heavy rain: a mudslide threatening to gulp your whole car down.

Image courtesy of

Splashes of mud and goo are now staining the doors and completely submerging the wheels until you can’t make a turn anymore. Get your facts right, this is real life! It looks like this car needed to be towed or pushed by at least 3 people!

Safety And Misery Guaranteed 

Tying down your bike to a pole is a common practice by many bikers as they stop by while getting around the city. It looks like this pole wasn’t as sturdy as the bike rider through it would be. Epic fail? At least no one tried to steal the bike.

Image courtesy of

While most of them often dread coming back to find their bikes stolen, this person had another problem that they might not have thought is even possible. At least the bike is safe and sound for what it’s worth! Must have been a car that ran into the pole!

Sealed And Protected 

The good news is that nobody can break into your house anymore, not even you, yourself. Who knew the good news can bring such tragedy with it, too? All we can do is hope that the owner wasn’t being chased down by a rabid dog.

Image courtesy of

There’s no other explanation as to why he was trying to open the door this aggressively. Let’s hope he didn’t have to go to the bathroom at least. That key is a sorry excuse for one and should have been made with titanium steel. Oof, we hope no one got stuck inside.

Always Picking The Bad Seat 

It requires strict discipline to be trained as a soldier. Perhaps this was one of those drills you have to endure during your training, or just plain bad luck that follows you everywhere you go. Looks as though he’s taking it like a champ, though! That, despite the strong surge of water heading straight to his face.

Image courtesy of

The sprinkler had very different plans, seeking to give a whole other kind of training to the poor fellow. However, the sergeant didn’t care even a little to stop and let him pick a different spot. Guess he won’t have to take a shower when he gets back home. Silver linings. 

The Ultimate Wreckage 

Do you know what’s worse than getting yourself into an accident while driving? It’s having huge buckets of paint in the backseat with a lousy cap that doesn’t provide any safety from leakage whatsoever. There’s little advice or words of consolation that can be offered to the driver in such an aggravating situation.

Image courtesy of

All we hope is that he had car insurance at least. If it is of any help, we are quite skeptical about that color looking good on the wall. Good riddance, pal. Looks like he’ll have to be okay with a pale yellow-looking car now.

Tainted Tears 

Spray tans are fun to fool the world into thinking you are just returned from a wonderful tropical vacation. However, sometimes these lies come back to haunt you in the worst possible ways – especially when you are out in public.

Image courtesy of

The technician at the spray tanning place might have given you many instructions about how to care for your fake tan, but nobody would have thought to warn you not to act on your emotions, and keep them tears inside your eyes till you have the tan. Well, here’s a reason to cry some more. Go on then, there’s a spot left to melt away.

Duct Tape In All Its Glory

This person seems to have accepted his misery and find comfort in it rather than suffering and being miserable. Although we appreciate the sentiments and happy-go-lucky nature, we hope that it wasn’t a result of bullying. Perhaps it was a lighthearted prank from friends or a funny Halloween costume. We all wish to channel the same energy and positivity as this guy!

Image courtesy of Ninja Journalist

We just wouldn’t recommend trying this at home since you can seriously cut off your circulation during this time and that can be incredibly dangerous. Proceed with caution! The woman on the right looks like she’s handling things very well though.

Blood Bath

Did Pennywise, the evil clown from Stephen King’s It, pay a visit to this bathroom? Imagine walking into this crime scene and having your heart leap out of your chest. If you look closely, you can spot a hair dye box on the side of the sink.

Image courtesy of

That’s right, it’s the case of a bottle of hair dye exploding all over the place. What a sad state of affairs, let alone that it’s been the color red to spice things up even more. Looks like they need to do a revamp of their whole bathroom.

Abstract Misery 

As hard as it can be to keep a straight face, appreciating and encouraging your children’s bad art projects is every parent’s duty. It promotes creativity and boosts the child’s confidence. However, sometimes the same compliments come around to bite you — especially when you lied big time.

Image courtesy of Taringa

Such is the case with this unfortunate person, whose highly expensive and precious computer was used as a blank canvas for the most ridiculous piece of art we ever did see. A nice piece of art or a fun doodling might have offered some consolation but nope, some people’s miseries are doodled with a permanent marker.

Paint The Town Red 

Someone took the phrase a little too seriously. Is the lady aware of what to expect once she gets up from this naughty bench that will leave a mark on her memory forever, amongst other places? We sure hope next time she goes out for her afternoon sit that she’ll pay closer attention to her surroundings!

Image courtesy of

Her face looks utterly resigned, though, as if she doesn’t have it in her to get up and has decided to spend the rest of her days as a part of the bench. In any case, it’s highly recommended to read the signs before settling down on a suspiciously clean and shiny bench. 

Unforgettable Prom Memories 

This sweet, warm, and happy picture will stay on their mantels forever. Even if they take it off and throw it away, the memory shall haunt them for life. We’d be freaked out before we realize that yup, it’s a fake. Nice try though! She really played the part.

Image courtesy of

This is not how anyone would picture their prom night to go, with a ghost photobombing every good picture to remember the night by. All dolled up and ready to be out in the world, yet so oblivious and naïve about the bitter realities of life. 

Leaving A Mark 

Misery really follows this person wherever he goes, so much so that it picks the exact spot to soak him in filthy water. We can see how the dreadful splash chose to completely drench the person while leaving every other spot nearby completely untouched.

Image courtesy of

The universe clearly has a special grudge against the said person, and he surely is too plain startled to react or save himself. From now on, we recommend a shield in addition to an umbrella for rainy days. Or a really sturdy raincoat!

Blessed Be The Fruit 

Now you can get blessings from a mighty, knowledgeable, and affectionate elephant while enjoying an exotic wildlife safari in Africa. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof! This elephant nearly wrecked the top of the car and could very well have split it in half. Yowza!

Image courtesy of

Experience nature in its rawest, most authentic form. One minor risk factor involved of being crushed inside your car, but that can’t replace the once-in-a-lifetime experience, now, can it? Sturdier roofs though, with car and travel insurance might come in handy. 

Nature’s Acupuncture

Here’s an acupuncture treatment he did not ask for, and we are sure it wasn’t as soothing and relaxing as it seems to be in high-end spas and salons. It teaches us about the importance of taking animals seriously, and being careful around nature, as it can be equally unforgiving as it is beautiful and glorious.

Image courtesy of

The day’s adventures took a wrong turn when this unfortunate soul startled a porcupine, while apparently taking a nature hike or putting his head where it didn’t belong.  That must have been one angry rodent! He seems to be taking the pain in stride, at least.