Genius Ways To Use WD-40 That We Never Knew Before

By Gary G

WD-40 is the go-to product for many people who want to remove a stubborn screw, silence a squeaky door hinge, or clean the dirt out of a jammed bolt. But, did you know that this miracle solution can actually be used for a wide range of other unique tasks? You might not have sat down and thought about what you could use WD-40 for, but it’s evident from the photos we’re about to show you that some people have. The results? Some of the most genius WD-40 uses that most of us have never even thought of. From using them for your bird feeder to detangling fish lines, we’ve compiled a list of useful things for WD-40 that’ll make you want to head to your nearest home goods or tool store to snag one for your handy dandy tool shed.

Stopping Records from Skipping

Vinyl record collections are making a comeback – and with them, the problem that previous generations of music lovers had to deal with: skipping. These pesky bumps prevent you from listening to your jams smoothly – but this won’t longer be a problem with WD-40.

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The skipping that is so frequent with vinyl records is largely due to how easy the discs scratch. As any vinyl collector will tell you, it seems like even touching the disc the wrong way can damage it. If this happens, though, you can remedy the problem by using WD-40 to lubricate the disc before you put it on the record player.

Unsticking Stuck Zippers

Zippers have a habit of becoming stuck at the worst times – especially the zippers of your favorite, everyday backpack. Once this happens, all the tugging in the world won’t get your zipper to budge and you realize that that’s it – your bag is out of commission.

Image courtesy of socialgazette

You can use your handy dandy WD-40 to solve the problem. How? All you do is apply a bit of the stuff to the zipper pully and move it back and forth. As it works its way into the jammed grooves of the zipper track, it miraculously comes unstuck.

Splinter-Proofing Wooden Handles

Wooden tools are handy for many uses but they’re especially popular with DIYers and gardeners. If you use wooden tools for these purposes (or any purpose) you’re likely to come across a time when your favorite wooden tool’s handle starts to wear down.

Image courtesy of alibaba

Instead of throwing your tools out when they’re perfectly usable otherwise, seal in the splinters and safeguard them using WD-40. Spray it on, work it into the wood, and watch as the smoothness is restored within just a few seconds. No more unwanted tiny cuts on your hands anymore!

Hairbrush Cleaning

With how much time and effort it takes to de-hair your hairbrush, it’s no wonder that the task goes neglected for longer than it should. If you’re like us, you’re probably thinking that there’s got to be a better way…and there is! You don’t need to run your brush under water and soap to remove the excess hair.

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Thanks to WD-40, there’s no longer a reason to wrench the tangled strands of old hair out of your hairbrush’s bristles. All you have to do is spray the brush with it and then run a comb through. The strands should be easily gathered and removed, stuck in the comb instead of your brush.

Crayon Marks Be Gone

If you’ve got children at home, chances are that your walls have fallen victim to reckless colouring. This colouring is best characterized by the rainbow swirls and twirls that are likely dotting at least a few walls of your home. These crayon swirls can really alter a room and draw attention to a space that doesn’t need it in the first place.

What's the easiest way to remove crayon from walls with WD-40 - WD-40  Australia
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There’s no point in wasting time using paper towels, cloths, and various other materials in an attempt to remove crayon from the walls; as you’re probably figured out by now, it doesn’t work very well. Why not use WD-40 instead? A quick spray and a wipe with a clean rag will do the trick in just a few seconds.

Conditioning Leather Furniture

WD-40 is an all-around miracle cure for many problems. It’s also a popular agent for leather furniture, believe it or not. It can help protect the leather from cracking, sunlight damage and anything else daily life throws at it. Protect the quality of your leather and how long it lasts with WD-40.

wd40 on leather boots,Free delivery,
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Using a cloth, you can massage WD-40 into the leather. This will help keep your couch or armchair smooth, safe, and in good condition. It’ll look like you just brought it home (even if you’ve had it for a good while!). Having guests over? Make sure to rub some WD-40 on that leather couch to make it look brand new.

Bird Feeder Protection

Anyone who has trees in their yard or a forest near the house has surely heard the birds chirping — you might even make it a habit to feed the birds. Unfortunately, though, your bird feeder is likely to attract hungry squirrels, too. To shoo them away, here’s a nifty trick.

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Image courtesy of WD-40 / Facebook

Not only do these squirrels gobble up all your bird feed, but they have a tendency to destroy the feeder, as well. Using a bit of WD-40, you can effectively squirrel-proof your bird feeder as this crafty person did. Applying a layer to the centre pole will prevent squirrels from being able to climb up!

No More Grass Jams

Even the best, most expensive lawnmowers on the market today are prone to the occasional grass jam; it’s just part of the territory. Even though it’s a completely normal problem, it’s definitely frustrating. Not only is it annoying but it’s also time-consuming to clean up the lawnmower every single time.

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When it happens, you need to turn the mower off and remove the grass chunks by hand. You can imagine how terrible this must be for anyone who has allergies to grass…yikes! An easy way to prevent grass jams? WD-40. All you have to do is spray the underside of the mower with the good stuff before and after each use. Problem solved!

Killing Thistles

The enemy of any and every gardener, weeds are a constant threat. Some weeds, like thistles, are pretty nice to look but. The problem with these weeds, though, is that they grow at the speed of light, seeming to multiply by the hour. Thistles aren’t visitors you’d want in your backyard so remedy them with WD-40.

Image courtesy of Mathew Spolin from Bay Area, USA – Flickr / CC BY 2.0 / wikicommons

Thistles are one of these highly unfortunate weeds. Sure, they look nice – but they’re also prone to depositing their needles into your skin when you try to get rid of them. So, why not use WD-40 to kill them? Plants can be majestic and look great in your garden but they aren’t the best to have around if they multiply.

Toilet Cleaning

Utterly disgusting, boring, and often time-consuming, cleaning the toilet is perhaps the worst part of bathroom maintenance. Even with tons of fancy toilet bowl products and chemicals, the toilet still doesn’t look clean! How frustrating. Not to mention, when guests come along and leave a little present in the toilet and forget to clean afterwards. Ick!

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By incorporating WD-40 into your toilet cleaning routine, you’re cutting your workload in half. Cleaning will take less time, less effort, and it’ll be a somewhat more enjoyable experience. Another great toilet cleaning agent? Coke! But don’t mix the two together because that’ll be a recipe for disaster.

De-sticking Gum

Everyone knows the terrible feeling that is walking down the street and having your shoes stick every step. When this happens, you just know that you’ve managed to pick up a piece of someone’s discarded chewing gum. Gross! This is one of the most annoying feelings in the world.

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The more walking you do, the more stuck this gum gets and by the time you get home it’s really on there. Removing it is going to take a bit of time — or is it? Not with WD-40, it isn’t! Just spray the area and watch the gum come right off. Wait for it to let it soak in the soles of the shoes and then use your shoes as normal.

Banishing Lipstick Stains

For any makeup enthusiast, lipstick is an essential part of the collection. Its aesthetic appeal is obvious, and, generally, it’s a pretty mess-free product. You’re in trouble if it somehow finds its way onto your favourite white shirt, though; the stuff is truly a staining hazard.

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If you don’t have WD-40 lying around the house, your first stop upon realizing that you have lipstick on your shirt should be the hardware store. Saturating the stain with WD-40 helps loosen the vibrant pigments, which makes it easy to then wash them out in the washing machine.

Loosening Rings

Rings are a great way to accessorize. They can showcase your personal style and make you feel like a million bucks. However, they can also get stuck on your finger – even if they’re the right size! Even though oil is a great choice to loosening that ring, you can also use some WD-40.

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This is usually because of water retention, circulation problems, or the natural swelling of limbs that occurs during the night. Regardless, a ring that’s stuck on your finger definitely isn’t a fun experience. If you want to speed up the process (and minimize the amount of skin you rub off by tugging!) consider applying WD-40 to the ring and your finger.

Extending the Life of Shower Heads

Most bathrooms will eventually need to have their showerhead replaced. As frequently used as shower heads are, there’s really no wonder that they end up busted. Sometimes they get so clogged up that it takes forever to remove the dust and grim in the holes of the shower head.

Image courtesy of Bathroom Shower Head Ideas/pinterest

Thankfully, WD-40 is an awesome tool for extending the seemingly to-short lifespan of your household shower head. It doesn’t matter whether your shower head is an old model or a fancy new model with all the bells and whistles, WD-40 can patch it up and help you get a few more months of use out of it.

Removing Tar Stains

Have you ever noticed the ugly black stains that gather on the bottom of your car and wondered what they are? They’re tar stains and are most likely the result of driving over tar-covered roads. They make your car look dirty and banged up so why not restore it with a quick and easy fix?

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If these stains bother you, you’ve probably spent hours on your hands and knees scrubbing the tar off of your car’s nether bits. While doing so, you’ve probably gone through every possible tar removal method in your head, realizing that none are as quick and easy as you’d like. None except WD-40, that is!

Separate Glassware

Glass expands when it’s warmed up. As a result, glasses that are run under the dishwasher expand while being washed. Then, when they’re stacked on the shelf, they cool off and contract again. The result? Glasses that are annoyingly stuck together. This happens to everyone and it can be an annoying to unstick them.

Image courtesy of Salarmot/Reddit

Again, WD-40 saves the day. Spray your glasses down with the product and gently wiggle them free of each other – just be sure to hold onto them! They can be a bit slippery after being sprayed down. Make sure to pull gently as you don’t want to break one (or three glasses!)

Repairing The Appearance of Phone Screen Cracks

When it comes to what WD-40 can fix, the possibilities are endless. But did you know that it can even help repair your poor, cracked phone screen? Well, it can! In fact, it works pretty well for repairing minor scratches and cracks.

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Of course, WD-40 isn’t going to completely fix the screen (there’s only so much it can do, after all), but it will definitely improve the situation. To make use of WD-40 in this manner, all you have to do is spray it on the screen and wipe with a clean, soft cloth. The product will effectively fill in the cracks and smooth out the screen.

Keeping Scissors Squeaky Clean

If you have a creative streak and like to indulge in a day of crafting every now and then, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve come across sticky scissors once or twice. Whether you cut something with glue on it or use your scissors to open a mid-craft frozen treat, your scissors can easily get all gunked up.

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You can keep them clean and residue-free by polishing them with WD-40. You can apply WD-40 to the blades to remove sticky residues and to the grooves of the handles if they are hard to open and close. It would also be handy to keep the WD-40 in the kitchen area for a quick remedy to your squeaky tools.

Slug Prevention

Sick and tired of slugs and snails ruining your carefully potted plants? No worries! WD-40 can help (and no, we aren’t suggesting that you kill the creatures with it). They just help to keep them at bay and so they don’t destroy the layout of your garden or your healthy plants.

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See, both slugs and snails – and insects in general- hate the smell of WD-40. So, all you have to do to keep them away is decorate your plant’s pot with it. Feel free to be as elaborate or minimalist as you choose – there’s no limit as to how much of the stuff you should use. Just make sure that you can stand the smell before plastering it on!

Removing Cup Stains

Untreated, rustic wood can give any home a charming, cottage-like appearance. The only problem with it is that it’s prone to damage – especially water stains from cups and mugs. That’s why coasters were invented! But if you don’t have any coasters at bay, you can use WD-40.

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This is where that old can of WD-40 can come in handy. Simply spray a bit of the liquid onto the stain and then proceed to clean the stain as you would normally. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easily the stain seems to just lift right off of the wood, leaving your table as beautiful as the day you brought it home.

Cleaning Glue and Wax Off of Carpets

Have you ever spilt glue or candle wax on your carpet? If so, you’re well aware of how tough it can be to get it out without ruining your carpet or giving yourself rug burn from kneeling on the ground. Over the years, you’ve probably tried countless removal remedies that sound good in theory, but lack when it comes down to getting the job done.

Image courtesy of BFC Carpet Cleaning / Facebook

These pesky buggers can stay on your carpet for weeks and they’re annoying to remove.. but fear not! Next time you run into this problem, break out the WD-40; it won’t ruin your carpet and will have the glue coming off like butter.

Dust Removal

Air conditioning units are a blessing during the summer. They keep the house cool and keep clean air flowing but when they get clogged with dust, they tend to simply stop working. These dust particles are a hassle and can restrict the flow of your home appliances be it your air conditioner or even your vacuum cleaner.

Image courtesy of Brian’s Best/Youtube

Ensuring that your AC’s filter is clean and free of dust buildup is the first step in cooling off your place (and extending the lifespan of your unit!). While you could also go in and remove the dust by hand every so often, you could also just apply a layer of WD-40 and let the greasy liquid prevent dust from sticking to the filter.

Mildew Removal

There’s nothing more unappealing than opening your old refrigerator to find that the inside of it has started to grow a layer of mildew. Aside from being ugly to look at, mildew also gives off a disgusting smell, so getting rid of it quickly is a must.

Image courtesy of Kendall Todd TheSilverGuy / YouTube

You’re probably worried that your fridge has been rendered totally useless – but fear not! If you have a can of WD-40 around, you have the solution to your mildew problem. A quick spray, a few minutes of time sitting, and then a wipe will due away with all of the unpleasantness. Quick and easy right? Give it a go.

Ice Breaker

For anyone who lives in an area where the weather consistently drops below freezing during the winter, you know how utterly annoying it is having to wake up extra early to let your car windows defrost. Before driving to work or driving your kids to school, this is an absolute must.

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Ah man. If only there was an easier way to defrost the windows. As it turns out, there is! WD-40 can actually be used to defrost frozen windows. By spraying down your windows and wiping the excess away, you prevent ice from being able to stick; thus, allowing you to get a few extra minutes of beauty rest.

Taking Lego Apart

There are tons of instances where you wish your Lego creations would stay together forever. However, there are also nearly as many times that you’d rather just take them apart – but the pieces are stuck together! It can take a lot of effort to pull off the pieces one by one. But, not anymore!

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So, instead of spending the entire day trying to unstick the stubborn pieces and eventually giving up, why not get the job done quickly and with no hiccups? If that sounds appealing, WD-40 is your answer! Since it’s so greasy, it unsticks even the tightest fitting pieces.

Cleaning Dirty Piano Keys

Like anything else that gets left out in the open and has crevices and small cracks, piano keys have a tendency to get gunky and gross even if they aren’t used very often. Even worse, though, are keys that gets used on a regular basis…talk about gunky!

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Spraying the product in between the keys will help remove gunk and grime, ensuring that your sharp cords never fall flat. Not only will it keep them clean, though, but it’ll also help keep you healthy as it removes germs. Make sure you’re cleaning your keyboard or piano every once in a while to make sure bacteria doesn’t seep in.

Keeping Silver Bright

When it comes to oily squeaky hinges or removing stuck screws, we know that WD-40 has our backs. But did you know what it can also come in handy when your favorite silver goblet or pure silver bangles are looking a little lack luster? Yep! It sure can.

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A gentle polishing with WD-40 is the easiest way to clean silver. You don’t need any elbow grease or special polishes – all that’s required is a soft cloth and a can of liquid magic. Your silver will be looking brand spanking new with this quick fix. No need to rush off to buy new silverware since you can simply fix the existing ones.

Detangling Fishing Lines

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a weekend fishing trip after a long, mundane week at work. You open your tackle box expecting your fishing line and accessories to be carefully laid out as you left them, just to find that somehow your fishing line has turned into a tangled mass of strings.

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When this happens, you likely throw the whole tangle out, right? We’re sure guilty of it. If you’d rather save your line, keep a spare can of WD-40 in your tackle box and carefully, after spraying the line down, untangle it with a pin. Voila! This quick-fix will make you want to bring WD-40 on all your fishing trips.

Keeping Bugs Out of Car Grilles

Driving through open space during the summertime is, essentially, just asking for bugs to accumulate in the grille of your car. It’s amazing, really, how fast they seem to pile up, gathering in inch thick piles and looking absolutely awful. It also makes your car look like a grave of insects. Not a look.

Image courtesy of drivepedia

Next time you go to de-bug your grille, use a spray of WD-40 to help wipe away the dead bugs. Then, reapply a layer to help prevent them from sticking next time you take a drive. It sounds silly, but it really does work! You can also keep a bottle handy in your car for any bumps along the way.

Preventing Wasp Nests

Phobia of bees? How about giant wasps? If you do, wasps’ nests are likely to be nearly heart attack inducing. No worries, though! WD-40 has you covered. Since they can help with insects flying into your car, they can also help with wasps.

18 Ways to Use WD-40 That Can Save You Lots of Time and Energy / Bright Side
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As if it didn’t have enough practical uses already, WD-40 can also be used to prevent wasps from creating nests. The smell, as we mentioned earlier in our list, is like kryptonite to insects – including wasps. In addition, after spraying, WD is waterproof and has a long shelf life. As a result, you have a foolproof way to prevent wasps from making nests in the cracks and crevices of your roof.

Waterproofing Chalk Masterpieces

You’re likely not to be a chalk artist. Even if your best chalk drawing isn’t going to win any talent contests, it’s probably safe to say that you’re nothing less than a bit disappointed when you go outside and find that you’re carefully drawn up chalk masterpiece has been washed away by the previous night’s rain.

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If you want to preserve your chalk drawing for longer than a night, invest in a bottle of everyone’s favourite multi-purpose product: WD-40. A layer on top of your finished chalk drawing will effectively waterproof it. Cool little trick right? If you have friends who are into chalk art, you can teach them this cool little hack too.

Restoring the Appearance of Lawn Furniture

With the melting of the snow and the increase of the temperature outside comes time to pull out the trusty plastic lawn chairs. When you first got them they were vibrant and clean, but now, after years of use, you notice that they’re looking pretty beaten up.

Image courteys of familyhandyman

While their stability isn’t affected by their appearance, you can’t help but think of how awful they look. If you’re worried about guests turning their noses up at the state of your outdoor furniture, don’t be! A wipe down with WD-40 is a quick way to restore their appearance.

Barnacal Removal

You’ve probably come across barnacles stuck on boats in your life before and wondered: how do they take them off? A species of crustaceans, barnacles are no strangers to boat owners. Like snails, barnacles are often seen in large numbers that end up in multiple zeros. On their own, they’re harmless.

Image courtesy of yatchingworld

On boats, however, they’re a giant pain. They have the ability to grow right into the hull of the boat, calcifying and becoming nearly impossible to remove. A large group can slow the boat down, requiring more gas to propel it. WD-40, as it turns out, is a fantastic barnacle remover.

Taking Care of Rust

If you have tools that are rusty, throwing them away is likely one of your first thoughts. But wait! Before you get too crazy with tossing your rusted over tools or busting your garden shed’s rusted lock, reach for the WD-40.

Know-How Notes: How to Treat Rust With WD-40 Rust Remover Soak » NAPA Know  How Blog
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Even on tools that seem like they’re beyond saving, you’d be surprised how well WD-40 breaks down and removes the rust. Its rust-reducing abilities don’t stop at the shed, though. Nope, you can use it to de-rust your kitchen knives and appliances, too!

Lubricating A Shovel

Spring has sprung! What better time is there to start a home garden then now? Like, right this second. You take your shovel outside and attempt to plunge it into the dirt. Within a few seconds, you realize how tough the task at hand is going to be.

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Instead of breaking every bone in your back trying to dig up the alarmingly solid dirt, just put WD-40 to work. Spray it on the blade of your shovel before you commence digging. Using this trick, your shovel should pierce the dirt more easily and, once it’s on your spade, the dirt should roll right off.

Removing Annoying Price Tags and Stickers

Product manufacturers love to stick price tags and stickers onto random areas of products. Books, dishes, DVDs, toys….there can be a sticker on virtually anything you buy from the grocery store.

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Personally, we like the challenge that comes with trying to remove a stick in one piece. What we don’t like so much, however, is the sticky residue that’s often left behind. What can solve the problem, you ask? WD-40, of course! Simply spray, remove, and wipe.

Tile Cleaning

Cleaning your shower or floor tiles can be a long, grueling task, but if you value a clean home, you know that it is, unfortunately, crucial to both your sanity and the cleanliness of your home. Even though you have to do it, there’s no need to feel like Cinderella during the experience.

Image courtesy of familyhandyman

Instead of breaking out the toothbrush and getting tile imprints on your knees, use WD-40 to remove the grout and grime from the tiles. Just spray the area and then wash it with soap and water. If there’s anything else on the tiles (nail polish etc.), it’ll be removed, too. Bonus!

Cleaning Dirty Shoes

Sneakers are one of the first things that get dirty. They also tend to be one of the first things that get permanently stained, but what if you could somehow remove the stains without damaging your shoes?

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The simple act of spraying and wiping your shoes with WD-40 will render your dirty old Nikes as clean as they were when they were first produced. Ok, not quite…but you get the point! This isn’t the solution to making your shoes look spotless but they do help!

Fishing Lure Enhancement

Tired of having that old can of WD-40 taking up room in your shed? Put it use next time you go fishing! It’s truly amazing how WD-40 can improve the chances of making a big catch. Although WD-40 can’t be used as bait, it can be used to help lure in fish.

Image courtesy of yatchingworld

This creative fisher has taken to polishing his lures with the product, making them shinier and more appealing to fish who happen to pass by. Although this use is definitely savvy, we don’t recommend it because WD-40 isn’t the best for wildlife.

Erasing Water Stains

Have you ever pondered why something that’s meant to keep you clean can end up dirty so easily? Well, we have and we’ve come to the conclusion that cleaning water stains off of the tub and shower doors is an act better suited for someone with an abundance of patience.

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Not only does scrubbing water stains take a lot of time, but it also requires more elbow grease than we’d like to generate. Thankfully, WD-40 can be put to work as a fast-acting solution. So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to pick up a can of WD-40 when you can.