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The Japanese Sure Know What They’re Doing With These Quirky Gadgets

They are courteous hosts, offering you a wonderful experience during your visit. They also cater one of the best dining experiences. With just a few dollars to spare, you can enjoy painstakingly-prepared food. That’s because Japanese people are also mindful, putting prime importance to every detail comprising the whole. And they’re undeniably systematic. These are only a few of the reasons why Japanese people and their culture have become popular over recent decades. Its immersion in AI, the automotive industry, electronics, and robotics have improved drastically. They brag of durability, efficiency, and individuality. All of this combines to mean that Japan is the home of some truly incredible inventions. Don’t believe us? Get ready to be amazed. Whether they’re wacky, baffling, or even insightful, these unforgettable innovations can only be found in Japan.

Butter, Please

Not that we have anything against bread knives and butter blocks. It’s just that it can get a bit tedious having to wait for that block to melt, while we scrape off the desired amount and slather it unto the slice of bread. Second, we dislike having to hold unto the butter tray. If you’re clumsy like us, you might end up holding the butter itself if you scrape too vigorously.

Image Courtesy of Time Out Tokyo

Good thing there’s a Japanese grater. All you have to do is to insert a solid piece of butter inside the canister, screw the lid on and then twist to dispense perfectly grated sheets of cholesterol! You can store the device inside the fridge. No more butter knives or trays; no added kitchenware to cleanse. You can use it for cooking.

Ear Amps

They are marketed as sound amplifiers, but they look more like open invitations for bullying. O marks the spot, and in this case, it’s on both sides. You would need to estimate your headspace really well, because an inch wrong could cause you a head-splitting migraine. It’s best if she wore this in class, instead of maneuvering through the city wearing it.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Besides, there are just noises we want to shut off: car horns, class reminders, and even shouts from the neighborhood. Some people just have no concern for noise levels. You would be pretty desperate to invest in an ear extender as this. At least it doesn’t run on batteries like hearing amplifiers do.

Need A Lift

Cars have become a commodity, but you’d rethink buying one if you don’t have space to park them in. So how did the Japanese remedy the situation? By building a multistory parking facility. Some of these use platforms atop land or some of them make full use of space underground.

Image Courtesy of Journey Ranger

Nowadays, parking garages are controlled by computers. They don’t have attendants to park them or deliver them to you. Conveyor belts, deliver, secure and store your car in rack structures. Simply enter your registered number in the car, and the parking system will retrieve your ride. No wonder, playing the Rubik’s cube has its advantages.

Umbrella Chutes

It’s not like you’re going to melt in the rain, but like us, you’d prefer to stay dry. While companies market bigger umbrellas that accommodate two or three people, you’d still be left soggy if you stand to lose another umbrella, and if the person standing next to you has their umbrella strategically placed beneath yours.

Image courtesy of Amino Apps

Rainwater will slide through your umbrella, then his/hers, then your clothing. To keep that from happening, use this umbrella chute. It may be quite the hassle when you’re folding or unfolding the whole piece, but at least, your whole entourage is dry and crisp until you get to the office. You won’t have to worry about wind direction either. It’s got you covered from all vantage points.

Watermelon Die

These uniquely-shaped watermelons surfaced in Japan in the ’70s. They taste the same, but they can cost you up to $200 per piece. Would you dare to try any of these on your trip? Why do they cost so much in the first place? It’s basically because growing these fruits are labor-intensive. It has a lot to do with moulding.

Image Courtesy of Mashed

Farmers have to ensure that watermelons grow bigger without cracks within the mould. One measure of success is those vertical stripes. It sure makes for easier transport and storage. They won’t roll around the truck as regular watermelons do. Lately, farmers have also been able to grow pyramid and heart-shaped watermelons.

Taiyaki Ice Cream Cone

Why do we love this dessert so much? It’s because it’s carbs on carbs! The body knows what it wants, and it wants unlimited access to a certain type of food source. Taiyiaki is basically a Japanese fish-shaped cake. Its filling differs; the most common one is red bean paste from azuki beans. Some ingenious person thought of using it as an ice cream cone.

Image courtesy of Pulp Tastic

Doesn’t that look divine? But what does it taste like? It’s really just made using waffle or pancake batter. Now you won’t have to worry about discarding plastic anywhere. The whole treat can be consumed on the spot, topping and container alike. Maybe we can have dad make us one!

Robocop Glasses

More like Terminator glasses! Locate target, load missiles, unlock and launch in 3, 2, 1! But instead of annihilating an external object, these glasses help you manage your notifications. So you’re basically launching missile attacks at spam, work e-mail, or even due debts. You can walk around the city, without having to look down at your phone.

Image courtesy of

Imagine what other risqué scenarios you can use these glasses for, with both hands-free to roam. Now many people reckon these will replace smartphones. Every corner you look, directions to highly-rated restaurants, hotspots or landmarks appear. Would you buy a pair of these glasses? They just might affect your reality altogether.

Time To Scratch

If you have a partner, you would have experienced him/her asking you to scratch their back. Since it’s a pretty vast area, you would adjust according to their instructions. Lower, more to the right, a bit too much, an inch to the left, harder! With that much abstraction, a Japanese inventor thought of using graph grids on shirts.

Image courtesy of Tofu Gu

The victor, or the partner with the upper hand, locates the coordinates on the key. The attack will be launched on that specific area of the back. You, the subordinate, must travel the terrain and dredge the location to the satisfaction of your superior. We hope you take turns, or better yet, buy a pair of these shirts so that the odds are even.

Cheek Rest

Don’t worry. This one is stationary. It doesn’t go back and forth to pucker the cheeks or cause blunt trauma. The Japanese believe this head holder helps maintain better posture, and could even hoist your head up while you take an afternoon nap at work. Simply slide it unto your table and then fasten the screws.

Image Courtesy of Oddity Mail

The first question you’ll find yourself asking is if you’re even allowed to take naps at work. If you are, then good for you. You can purchase one of these for leisure and recreation. The second question you’ll be confronted with is how does it improve posture. If you put it under the base of your chin, you’ll be dissuaded from slouching every couple of hours!

Eyedrop Glasses

If you spend hours seated before a screen, you might feel some degree of eye sore. You can moisten your eyes and gain temporary relief through eye drops. It’s just that, having to apply them can be tricky. Your initial reaction is to shift your gaze or nudge your head away. Well, with this item, you wouldn’t have to worry about wasting a bottle of eye lubricant.

Image Courtesy of PulpTastic

Eyedrop glasses! Yeah, just head on down to the store, request a pair, and then slip them on. Look upwards. No degree of involuntary movement will keep that medication from reaching your eyeballs. With your free hand’s index finger, pull the lower eyelid down to form a pocket. Just make sure to cleanse the device after every use.

Mini Turbine Washing Machine

Yeah, you read that right. This one doesn’t consume much electricity. You can pour a cup of water into it, a bit of laundry detergent, and then plug it in your USB port. Switch it on and then watch the soap suds form, and pool over the top and unto your keyboard. Kidding aside, what can we place in it?

Image courtesy of His Potion

Bra extenders, makeup sponge blenders, eyeglass cleaning cloth, swatches, watch straps, basically anything that can fit in that small tub. If you don’t have anything to clean, you can just stare at the whirling pool. Think of it as a form of meditation straight from your desktop – maybe even dip your finger in it every now and then. Wouldn’t you wish to shrink into a doll and take a dip in it?

Lounging at the Lib

You know how Asisns take studying seriously. They would pull an all-nighter in bed, and then earn the rights to take up space and snooze in the library. That’s the only way to make sure they won’t be late for class. The perfect accompaniment to the plan is this Workaholic book. Bet, you’ll want a copy of this book too!

Image courtesy of NY Mag

You wouldn’t want to attract unnecessary attention by bringing a pillow to the library, or to work. So hide it surreptitiously in a book jacket. People will wonder where you have learned Nihonggo, but that conversation will take place after you’ve gotten enough sleep. If you don’t want to have that conversation, utter a few monosyllabic words and shuffle your way to the exit.

Anger Management

If you have ever been to Japan, it’s hard to imagine that any of those patient, polite people would have the capacity to be foul-mouthed or even angry. But they can. This device helps them confront that mean-spirited bubble and even allows them to blow off some steam. Reckon they make music out of it?

Image Courtesy of Japan Trend Shop

It fits the contours of their mouths and absorbs their scream. Our version is muffling our wails by semi-asphyxiation – using our pillows. Another interesting feature is that vase emits a softer version of their shout through a small opening by the base. We hope they allow product-testing.

Ponytail Helmet

This is perfect for cyclists and bikers who have long hair. We can only imagine how their perfect hairdo keeps getting undone because of the limited headspace inside a regular helmet. By the time they unfasten and remove their helmet, they’re starting their day with a half-unwoven braid, a clump of hair stuck to their nape, or even their leather jacket.

Image Courtesy of Sports In Cycling

It’s just that, you would be hard-pressed to duck for shade the moment it rains. Second, if you do encounter an accident, that hole could be an entry point for a blunt object. The whole point of a helmet is to protect the head, especially the high-pressure point where the hole is. Would you sacrifice functionality for comfort?

Slip On, Dust Off

Nobody wants to touch grime with their own hands. If you could, you’d manage the dirty work with much distance from you and your self. Man has been able to address that by creating Spin Mops, but what about dusting off carpets – especially those that keep being swept under the dustpan? Well, you have Dust Pan Slippers!

Image Courtesy of Pulp Tastic

Simply slip them on and then tip-toe as you would. Gracefully swipe those specks of dust, no matter how near imaginary they are. It’s best suited for the compulsive cleaner inside of you. There is nothing more ingratiating than added work by using the most crazy products. It requires a bit degree of flexibility because you’ll be hoisting that pan unto the bin. Have a little attitude.

Bubble Wrap Anti-stressor

Whenever you order an item online, chances are the best part of it is the bubble wrap; second comes the actual item. Bursting those air packets gives you immense satisfaction. What if there was an item that would mimic the bubble wrap? Ban Dai grants that wish. This keychain guarantees endless popping affixed to your bag’s pull tab.

Image courtesy of Article Stone

This is a genius invention. These kinds of products are why we hoard trivial items on shopping apps. Imagine having to fidget on this while at work. You could order tons of them and send them out to your friends. They would be indebted to you for life. Nothing gives off anxiety relief as the sound of air popping out of those packets.

Quick Nap

This is perfect for those who need some anchorage on public transportation – you know, for sleeping. All they need is max 15-20 minutes to perk their attention and give them the benefits of a deep sleep, without the grogginess. You’ve seen a guy suction a plunger against the train glass; the end of the handle was tied to a hat he wore while he dozed off. Another alternative is this support pole right here.

Image Courtesy of Big Global Travel

Let’s face it, that plunger innovation is only good for people who are sitting down. This is more apt for people who choose to or are left to stand on the train. Just make sure to choose a spot with limited movement. Don’t stand by the doors because you’ll be shifting around there. People will certainly back off once they see you shuffling around and trying to keep your balance.

Dog Magazines

Imagine you’re at a parlor. You’re running your fingers through a magazine column and you’re trying to choose a haircut to frame your face immaculately. You find the right shot, raise the picture to your hairstylist and wait for the nod of approval. This is basically the same, except that it’s a model for your dogs.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

These dogs have their fur sculpted into a basic geometric shape – obloid, rectangular, or non-existential, well they would wish they were non-existent if you even subjected them to this kind of treatment. Dogs take a selfie picture and the hairstylist grooms the dog accordingly. Aren’t they upping the bad fur day?

Eco-friendly Umbrella

Some parts of the world have limited water supply, whereas Japan has much of it. They didn’t want to let that opportunity go to waste, so they had invented a portable rain collector. You’d be surprised by how it looks, but we’re guessing it’s functional enough to be used on your daily commute. As if your briefcase weren’t heavy enough…

Image Courtesy of The Sun

It’s not a half-bad idea. It’s just that a rain collecting machine could be better installed near the spouts or house drainage systems. You could collect more volumes of water there, then funnel it to your home supply system for flushing the toilet, watering the plants, cleansing the gravel paths, and so on. If we were to collect rainwater using this apparatus, we’d do so in our free time.

Cool Chopsticks

They’re literally going to cool off that steaming bowl of Ramen every time you plunge those chopsticks and hoist some noodles. You won’t have to puff your way throughout dinner. You can look up from your bowl sparingly and converse with company from time to time. We only wish that they operated on button cell batteries.

Image Courtesy of Ceros

Imagine if that fan were heavy, and having to plug in two, or one AA battery. That would ruin the fun. It’s tough enough to hoist a couple of noodles and direct them towards your mouth, but having to do so with added weight is a challenge. We would probably give up on Ramen and order Yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice) instead.

Cyborg Suit

This ExoSuit, produced by Ekso Bionics, was specially designed for patients who had suffered strokes and spinal cord injuries. Does it mean it’s exclusively catered to them? Not necessarily. It can be used by able-bodied persons too, to improve and strengthen the body’s musculature. Imagine lifting bulks of weight – you’d be able to do so with half the energy and effort spent.

Image Courtesy of Ekso Bionics

Reduced strain implies fewer health risks. About two years ago, Ford ordered 75 of these suits. While there’s growing interest in robotic suits, one central factor are there people who will use them. It’s just that they prefer wheelchairs that are reliable, affordable and common, than bio suits that can cost over $100,000. Who knows, the future holds promise for a growing market!

Solo Karaoke

Japanese apartments are pretty small. They’re so small they look like office cubicles. They range within 7-9 square meters and their walls are really thin! Imagine having a karaoke night with your friends lined up. You might not even have guests with that much square area to navigate around. So how else, will you enjoy karaoke night by yourself?

Image Courtesy of Japan Trend Shop

Ladies and Gents, the Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Microphone. Fit the funnel end of the ensemble around your mouth and then wear the plugs around your ears. Now play a song on We Sing or Karaoke – simply follow the lyrics and then sing into the funnel to guarantee noise reduction of up to 70 percent. That way, you’ll have a nightly source of entertainment without alarming your neighbors of a break-in.

Feline Neck Gaiter

They’re basically multi-purpose bandanas. You can wear them over your head, or they can be used as a face mask. Women can use them as a headband, while bikers can use them as neck warmers. If you plan to put them aside, you can wind them up and wear them over your wrists. With this headwear, best believe you and your engine will be purring the streets in style.

Image Courtesy of Hare Brained Design

That’s ferociously feline. We would go for this design if we want to downgrade the degree of harm we pose to others. Wearing a leather jacket, cruising a Dual Sport bike, and taking up space on the dusty terrain can intimidate people. So to tell disarm people as you enter the convenience store to buy Yakult for your gas stop, best use this accessory.

Weather Update

Straight from the elevator! One of Japan’s cities, Osako, experiences frequent rainfalls within the year. Just in case, you have been locked in your apartment room and you have failed to check the weather update, Japanese elevators will inform you if it’s raining inside. Head back upstairs and bring your umbrella.

Image Courtesy of Facebook / Amazing Inventions

That’s a useful rain indicator. We wish all hotels employed the same degree of sensitivity to their customers. But then again, some hotels simply offer you an umbrella at the front desk to use on your way out. If all else fails, simply wait out the rain.

Umbrella Stand

Don’t you hate it when it rains? You’re in luck if you have an umbrella, but sooner or later you’re bound to lose it in a public establishment. If the management requests that you leave it by the door, best prepare your parting wishes. Someone else might bag it. In Japan, you won’t have to worry about such a thing.

Image Courtesy of Japanese Fire Side Group

That’s right. They made a bike stand, but for umbrellas! And it has a built-in lock system so you can bring the key with you. Now, you won’t have to check your umbrella every now and then, or you won’t have to buy one at the last minute because someone had stolen it. They should have this exported everywhere!

Keeping a Tab on that Fingernail

If you have ever opened a canned item by removing the tab, you would know that it requires utmost concentration. If you pivot at the last second, you risk chipping a nail(if you have any left), or worse unhooking the tab without having to create a hole. Some people use a key; they slide it under the tab and leverage accordingly. In Japan, there’s no need for accessories. They’re sensitive to your mani-needs.

Image Courtesy of The Guardian

Focus on the edge of the tab. You will find a recess where you can slip a finger under, hook it under the tab, and lift accordingly. That space allows enough leverage to open the drink can, without tearing your nails off. If only more companies were as sensitive to the packaging of their goods.

Gaming Seats

Since you’re in East Asia, expect a certain degree of stretching. Japan requires flexibility from foreigners, especially when they sit seiza-style (kneeling) on the floor. They do so when eating, drinking tea or even when playing video games. It may not be a walk in the park, but this invention allows for variation.

Image courtesy of A Geek In Japan

This is called a Zaisu. Simply adjust to your needs – if you need an armrest to support your arms, or support to lean on. The chair was designed for gamers, but it can be used by anyone around the house, especially when they’re propped up on the floor. It looks comfy, doesn’t it?

Shop by the Dollar

But you won’t drop by the thrift store. You’ll be needing loose change and a few meager bills as you pass by a column of vending machines. Yes, you read that right. It’s not as unhealthy as it seems. They’re just really efficient. Requiring attendants or clerks to man a store means that produce can only be sold in shifts.

Image Courtesy of MetDaan

Now you can purchase any essential, any time you like. These vendo machines contain items such as drinks, surgical masks, umbrellas and even perishables such as vegetables. One vendo machine -Ichiran Ramen, also provides hot bowls of steaming Ramen noodles. There’s a lot of pork on those, for a minimal price!

True Love

Think chastity belt for the boobs. But instead of having the keys handed over to a parent, and being won over by the suitor, the keys, in this case, are subject to a body state. Japanese lingerie creator Ravijour created a smart bra AKA True Love Tester to gauge whether a woman is really in love. If she is, then it unfastens, if she’s not, then he remains unsaddled for another day.

Image Courtesy of Big Global Travel

The smart bra has sensors determining the woman’s heart rate. The maker explains that when a person is in love, the brain relays the message through an increased rate of breathing, heart rate, and perspiration. Love, much like sexual arousal, gives women an instant boost in excitement.

Nose Lifts

Everybody tends to be a little vain from time to time. Our perception of beauty can also be affected by culture. In Japan, they value women who are light-skinned, demure-looking and who have high nose ridges. It seems that Western influence goes beyond skin-depth. Here’s a non-surgical means of raising that nose bridge.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

This nose adjuster allows for air passage as it improves the shape of your nose. You can put it on and leave it overnight. You’re going to breathe through the mouth either way. Might as well do so for some aesthetic purpose. In a month’s time, you’d be barely noticeable.

Hidden Prints

This reminds us of Spot the Hidden Mickey, but instead of cartoons displayed on the telly, you have an umbrella for a medium. The only way to spot the print, is to wait for rainfall. Which color do you fancy, and what prints would you like to appear on your bumber.

Image Courtesy of Trend Hunter

If you’re wondering why the Japanese people would even bother with such a thing, it is because umbrellas are a necessity in the country. Rainfalls are frequent and often heavy. Those designs are just for fun; just to create a little variety on a grim, soggy day. You wouldn’t want to get caught in rain on your way to work.

Secure them Down

The Japanese have a baby chair in the bathroom. Most restrooms have only a diaper-changing table, but this doesn’t allow a parent to use the cubicle unsupervised. If you’re a mom, you would have experienced your gripping unto your kid’s t-shirt to keep him from opening the cubicle door. Just in case he has, your piss stops midstream and you yank him back. Priorities!

Image courtesy of Japan Insides

You can place your toddler inside it, conduct your business undisturbed, clean yourself and then flush. You can watch where your child’s attention has gone, the whole time. Now you won’t have to worry about pushing that cubicle door or transacting as quickly as possible.

Eating in Style

No one wants to be seen eating without finesse, especially in public! You may not catch yourself, but you may be reprimanded every now and then for chewing with your mouth open. The Japanese have a cultural etiquette to cover their mouth when eating in public. They call it Ochobo. So the Japanese have created this nifty napkin shield, to keep the mashed contents of your snack from spurting in all directions.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Believe it – sales skyrocketed by up to 213%. Eating with style is that much of a priority for these courteous folks. Now they can feast on their snack – unmindful of the gaping bite en-clasped on the burger, grind unhesitatingly and then consume some more. Do you think this napkin would be up for grabs in America too?

Headpiece Umbrellas

We recall having used this when we were a kid. Do you? If you hadn’t, you’re missing out on much. The head strap can be uncomfortable. Those plastic extensions have rough edges, but this umbrella allows you an expanse of freedom, other umbrellas can’t. Your hands are free to catch the rain drops or clasp that briefcase on your daily commute.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Sure, it may be a trend killer. Imagine having to sport a thousand-dollar suit, and wear a rainbow colored headpiece, but believe us it’s worth it. The only disadvantage is that it’s good for a solo run. Your co-workers can duck underneath your shade, but we can’t guarantee their slacks will remain crisp and dry.

Bunk Beds

These beds are common in capsule hotels. Each bunk is designated for one user. You can choose the upper or lower bunk, climb inside it (without your shoes), and then close the cabin by sliding the hatchet. Inside you will have all the amenities you need, except for the bathroom. That you’ll have to access by getting out of your cubbie.

Image courtesy of dearlydesianajoshua / Instagram

Yes, there’s a telly inside – a remote to change the channel and adjust the thermostat, and buttons to request assistance for. Would you dare to take up space in these cabins? They look comfy enough. That’s a good reason to keep your kids apart from you – get a decent sleep for once. But it’s not for the claustrophobic.

Jurassic Attendants

Japan is a fast-paced country especially when it comes to technological advancement. So we expected AI, a sim or robots to pervade the country. But instead of box for a machine, this hotel preserved and employed Jurassic attendants to serve its customers.

Image Courtesy of Euronews

They run on electricity, not meat. So you won’t have to sprint anywhere, especially to your room. These robots detect motion movement and bellow out welcome. That’s basically it. Aren’t they cute bellboys? At least you wouldn’t have to give out a hundred-dollar tip any time soon – probably just pitch in a slab of meat.

Spaced Apart

If you find yourself buying a shoe size smaller than your foot capacity, you’ll find your toes taking on the shape of your shoes. Your baby toe might be wedged in with the ring toe. It may or may not cause problems, but it doesn’t look too appealing when you’re wearing slippers. So the Japanese found a way to restructure the musculature of your feet, while having a pedi!

Image Courtesy of Article Stone

That’s named a toe stretcher. Part of our beauty standards are long, fluid toes – so that’ll help your feet get back in shape. Women find it particularly distressing to have the pedi, and seconds after, have the paint botched up because their pinky had gone in for a cuddle with the ring toe. Problem solved!

Selfie Mic

If you’re feeling a little Frank Sinatra, then you can do it your way using this selfie stick. Japanese people love to record themselves. It can get a bit awkward because they’d have to hoist their phones on hand while the microphone(attached to the headset) on another. Plus, it doesn’t feel genuine unless you have a microphone stand to swivel around with.

Image Courtesy of E Bay

So the Japanese created the selfie stick with microphone. Leverage that phone to your desired vantage point, then adjust the microphone set so that your voice is perfectly modulated every 3- minutes. That selfie stick makes you feel like you’re holding on to a mic stand. Now, you can carousel through your apartment space like the professional singers do.

Ped Xing Scramble

We love this pedestrian crossing because we can go directly to the shoe store we want to go to on the diagonal end. We don’t have to wait for two gos, or two cycles of the traffic light, before getting there. But one essential question is how do people scramble in all directions without bumping into each other?

Image Courtesy of Live Japan

Residents explain that you have to follow the person before you and be aware of the direction and pace of the people on both sides. You can weave through people without losing track of your direction. Crossing the street has never been this exciting. It is estimated that about 3,000 people cross the pedestrian at a single time!

Bathing in Style

If you have ever lounged in the tub, you have probably encountered the problem of handling your phone. How do you sift through your e-mail, change the audio track or even reject a call during the middle of a movie? Your hands are wet or they’re slick with soap.

Image Courtesy of Japan Trend Shop

What’s more difficult is that you strain your neck by looking over the edge of the tub so often. Well with this, bath air pillow smartphone holder, you’ll have your phone within your visibility. You can freely access it whenever you like – scroll and adjust onscreen options. You even have a pillow to lay your head against. After all, the edge of that tub was never designed to accommodate the curve of your neck.

Out for a Smoke

If you are a nicotine addict, you would need a puff every now and then. There’s nothing attractive about a person who goes on withdrawal without meaning to ditch smoking. So when in Japan, you could endeavor to find a smoking spot or a bin to flick your cigarette in. In case you don’t, they offer a portable ashtray.

Image Courtesy of Big Global Travel

All you do is unclasp the button, open the bag, hold it like you would a sachet and then flick the end of your cigarette in it. You won’t have to worry about burning a hole inside it. It is lined with flexible, heat resistant material. You can attach it to your keychain or to your belt loop.

Cooling Down

This item has been around since the 80s. Despite that, we have never encountered one before. It’s basically a portable fan, but it’s surprising feat is that it’s bladeless! Imagine being a 90s kid, and singing into one. Do you think it’ll give off the same electronic sound? At least we won’t have to worry about our fingers being sliced off if we adjust the height stand.

Image Courtesy of Shopy Stuff

It even has three speed levels – high, medium and low. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized with this amazing gadget – absorbing wind from 360 degrees while delivering you a soft breeze. It’s chargeable by USB, taking up to four hours to charge completely. Its operating time is twice that.

Out for a Walk

Now, taking your dog on a walk is no longer a bore. Have him strut his stuff, and look cool doing so, while using doggles. They’re dog glasses, or dog goggles. We’re certain they fit. We’ve tried them on. Woof Woof. Those sunnies block harmful UV radiation that is reflected from the pavement.

Image courtesy of Woof Doggles

Why are they perfect for your dog? It’s because a dog’s eyes are more sensitive to minute changes in light level and motion.They navigate better in dim light, than they do in sunlight. Those glasses come in different shapes and colors. Not that he would care, but choose the right frame for your pooch’s face. We wouldn’t want that face shape to go to waste after you’ve had him groomed.

Cleaning Onesie

In Japan, it seems that no one is excluded from cleaning the household- including the 3-4 month old baby. Let’s keep it realistic, the 1-2 month-old can barely raise his head, so he’ll probably stay in the crib during those time periods. If you go beyond that, you can expect your child to crawl his way across the room, especially to the most detestable corners.

Image Courtesy of My Dirty Toilet

Have him mop the floor, or wax it using this baby onesie. It gives him ample padding to wade through the house, breathable fabric to move in and entertainment as he brushes off chips or other loose items off those ruffles. Given the all-nighter he had given you, the least he can do is to help out around he house.

Space Adventure

Oh, it’s an adventure alright to the deep end of the pit. You will drop your entrails in a vortex, and watch it dissipate after a successful business transaction. In this journey, you will pilot the shuttle, straight from the pressurized cockpit. Your seat has been designated. Now, settle in.

Image Courtesy of Article Stone

This is perfect for that mid-sleep release. You don’t have to be blinded by the light, but you don’t want to navigate through the bathroom without any lighting. So the Japanese have placed some led lights around the bowl, as you travel the terrain. Not that your entrails need any guidance. They know where they’ll be deposited.

Console Cleaning

Why hadn’t Sony created this interactive gaming years ago. We would have had a whole lot of fun cleaning our room, hell, probably the whole house, if we were handed some batteries and this console package. This is the only game, we’re certain of winning…especially in life. It’s called the Sugoi Mop.

Image Courtesy This Is Why I’m Broke

If you have ever wondered why it’s distastefully colored as such, it’s because it was created and marketed by Kyosho Egg. But this is the only quirky bionic product that cleans up spills and spatters. Now cleaning will never feel like a chore! Just how much square inch of space can this mop clean? Hand over that console and compare rooms. The loser takes out the trash!

Automated Stores

It’s not an honesty store, but it is unmanned. You don’t have to wait in line to purchase an item, simply stop by the machine you want to buy from, pay with cash, turn the knob, and wait for the machine to dispense your merch. This is a favorite for introverts. They won’t have to make small talk with attendants or other buyers.

Image courtesy of Japan Inside

Other first-world countries are paling in efficiency. Japan seems to have it all- the ingenuity, the creativity, and the oddity. If you found these elsewhere you would probably have a fit of laughter. But if it works for the Japanese, then other countries ought to compete by their standards.

Multi-purpose Tie

Told you an umbrella is an essential in Japan. It’s that much of an essential that it was incorporated as a tie that you wear on your commute to work. You’d need both anyway, right? Just in case the rain pours midway through, all you need is to unfasten the tie, and open that umbrella.

Image Courtesy of The Sun

It’s just that there are several drawbacks to this contraption. For one, you’d end up without a tie at the office if you use it during the morning commute. If it had rained, it’d be soggy wet, and you wouldn’t be able to place it anywhere near your body unless you plan to shiver through the meeting. Second, imagine a third of a kilo of weight hanging around your neck. That’s just bad for posture.

Character Melons

The only characters we can identify melons with are our mom’s. But in Japan, you could buy them branded with the face of Hello Kitty. A piece can be sold for as much as $69. What about the taste? Well, they’re like other melons. It’s just this one has a cat’s whiskered snout carved into the covering a month befor harvest.

Image courtesy of Interesting Engineering

But besides the character designs, Japan has a fruit obsession. These are considered luxury items and play a role in Japan’s cultural gift-giving practices. These items are usually expensive because of the labor-intensive practices practiced by farmers. It takes them years to practice and market these modifications.

Smart Fridge

Remember how we said that Japan’s apartment are really small? They’re so small you wouldn’t have much walking room to navigate around. You’d pretty much just stand up, walk in a single direction, about face, and then head to your point of origin. If you’re not feeling like taking the tour, you can call on your fridge to deliver you an ice-cold beer.

Image Courtesy of Engadget

Yeah, it’ll take the trip for you. You don’t need to raise and train a dog to serve. This fridge operates on simple voice commands such as Go to the living room (AKA bedroom) or come to the table. It uses light detection and ranging to avoid hitting corners or items in its path. It sees up to 6 inches ahead of it. Neat, right?

Wash and Rinse

Japan is highly technological because they are able to reuse and conserve resources. Remember the water collecting bag? This has the same principle in it. Instead of cleansing and washing your hands with water to be discarded once, how about you funnel the used water for a flushing system?

Image courtesy of Break Bird

Interdependence right? The moment you use the toilet, you will be flushing the bowl with water used by someone before you. The same goes for the person after you. But don’t you worry about rinsing your bum. That is outsourced from a clean reservoir. It makes no sense cleaning yourself with dirty water.

Sound-absorbent Pillow

It’s market name is All-Sound-Catch Cubic Pillow. It doesn’t sound appealing nor does it look comfortable but it boasts of sound-absorbent technology. It basically captures sound and then channels the frequencies through the holes and into your ear. It’s perfect for those who ring that hotline bling.

Image Courtesy of End Gadget

If you want to speak to someone on the phone and have the volume amplified, for your ears only, place your phone inside the pillow and listen intently. Reply as you would. You can also hear amplified sound from your TV at the same sound level. The only disadvantage is that you might hear more than what concerns you, given Japan’s thin walls and compact apartments.

Coke for Everyone

The secret to making loads of money is to make your market as inclusive as possible, especially if it’s an affordable refreshing drink like Coca Cola. They realized that their products had failed to consider the needs of people who had impaired vision. That’s why they indent Braille markings on the tin can.

Image Courtesy of Maxi Aids

This was around the time they personalized drinks. It’s the same taste, but finding your name on a bottle can made you feel special…important. Of course, it only works if you have a subtly common name. To make sure, that blind or visually impaired people were in on the fun, those Braille markings were marketed on every Coke can.

Bathing Indoors

You wouldn’t believe your eyes but this Ocean Dome is located in Miyazaki, Japan. What an amazing architectural feat! It’s the largest indoor water park in the world, created in 1993 and renovated to include white sandy beach, water slides, a wave machine and palm trees! It’s like surfing in Copacobana, at 28 degrees, without worrying about jaws.

Image Courtesy of Paul Chong

You would think that that temperature is maintained artificailly. But it has a retractable roof that is open on sunny days, and closed on cloudy ones. If it’s the latter, it has a clear ceiling to give a picturesque blue sky. So you’re really not at a loss. Imagine 10,000 attractive people in one resort complex. Mind if we book a trip to Japan soon?

Face Muscle Exerciser

There are a lot of muscles involved when you frown or smile. And as you age, some of it becomes rigid, along with the inelasticity of your skin. The Japanese may age slower than others (owing to the thick dermal layer), but they age nonetheless. To keep that from happening, they exercise with these handy item. You won’t find them slack-jawed, like you would be.

Image Courtesy of Rakuten

They say it trains their facial muscles – especially the ones surrounding the lips and the cheeks. It keeps it taut like the biceps you work on. Otherwise, they might atrophy, and premature signs of aging might show – drooping chin, slack-jaw, saggy corners of the mouth, downcast smile. You know the sort.

Toilet Slippers

To be fair, almost all countries have separate slippers for almost every part of the house. There are slippers you use outside, slippers you use for your backyard, for your bedroom and for the bathroom. You don’t want to cross-contaminate because cleaning the whole house is difficult. But Asians get it done.

Image Courtesy of Science Page News

Why use bath slippers you ask? That’s because we don’t want to bathe with the corporate debris and grime sticking to the soles of our feet. And those patches of hair – they always stick to your feet when you’ve got soap over your face. The only way to keep your feet clean in the bathroom, is to make sure that you use plastic slippers.

Support Pillows

This is perfect for those who work on an inclined state. You can prop yourself up using pillows, but they don’t offer you the appropriate degree of resistance to look at your computer screen. You won’t last more than half an hour in that position. But with this support pillow AKA rack, you can work and have a back massage performed on you at the same time.

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

Right? It’s like half a massage table. You can place it anywhere you need it. You could even relieve temporary venous stasis (especially for preggo moms) by propping your legs on the edge of the pillow while you lie on your back. You could even lie sideways and watch a movie on it- act like you’re cuddling someone. This is a must-have!

Going for Couch

Japan has one of the best public transportation services around the world. Those Shinkansen (japanese bullet trains) are never late. Another favorite feature is that those chairs can swivel to 180 degrees. You won’t have to strain your neck, or vie for the seat closest to the window. Everyone will be afforded unadulterated access to the view outside.

Image Courtesy of Japan Guide

You can buy your tickets online, at a ticket machine or at the ticket office. If you can’t speak Japanese, write your details on a piece of paper and present it to the ticket attendant. Seat reservations are recommended when you’re traveling in bulk or with a partner. You wouldn’t want to enjoy the view alone. Have your loved ones sit with you.

Shaping Fruits

You don’t have to spend years honing a craft to shape fruits. All you need is a fruit mold. If you’re growing plants and vegetables in your backyard, place the young fruit/veggie inside these, secure the mold, and then wait for it to grow. It’ll taste the same but you can bet, it’s packed with love.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Maybe you can sell your home-grown veggies for twice or thrice the market price, like they do in Japan. don’t tell your neighbors your secret though. They might order one of these online too. Molds come in star-, buddha-, skulls- or heart-shapes. We’d go for Buddha. What would you choose?

Umami Food Bar

How do you adjudge a person’s wealth? Is it by their banks account, the frequency with which they change cars or sport the latest trends? Or do you judge them based on their lifestyle? We’re practical people. We only spend money, lavishly, on things that we need – food and drinks. Japan seems to agree.

Image Courtesy of Matcha -JP

Nothing spells CKD- Chronic Kidney Disease than this arrangement in Mr. Kanso. It’s a diner where you choose your pick of weight, volume and MSG content, then consume it on the spot. Well, the staff prepare the food for you so you won’t get any Salmonella or Botulinum infections. We abide by health standards, but we dare to live life near the edge – of a dialysis center.