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These International Words Don’t Have a Translation in English

Saudade (Portuguese)

This is one of the most beautiful words in the Portuguese language. It translates the feeling of missing something or someone from the past knowing you might never have it back.

Wabi-sabi (Japanese)

This Japanese concept represents accepting and enjoying imperfections. In their culture, beauty is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

Ya’aburnee (Arabic)

This literally translates to “you bury me”, and it is such a morbidly romantic concept. Basically, it means you hope to die before the one you love, because the thought of living without them is simply unbearable.

Forelsket (Norwegian)

The feeling you get when you start to fall in love. A mixture of butterflies, euphoria and hopefulness.

Natsukashii (Japanese)

Similar to the concept of “saudade”, natsukashii is a feeling of nostalgia about the past. But in this case, you are not longing to return to it, simply appreciating the good times once lived.

Gunnen (German)

When you are happy for someone else’s happiness knowing they deserve that victory or success without feeling envious.

Schadenfreude (German)

The opposite of “gunnen”, this is the feeling of happiness or satisfaction when you witness someone else’s misfortune or humiliation.

Onsra (Boro)

This word in the Boro language of India means “to love for the last time”. That it, that terrible bittersweet feeling of knowing your love won’t last.

Abendrot (German)

Another untranslatable German word: this one represents the beautiful red colour of the sky during the sunset.

Komorebi (Japanese)

This word describes the effect of the sunlight beaming through leaves of trees.