People With Wandering Eyes That Got Caught By Texting The Wrong Person

By Karen D

Being cheated on sucks, it’s true. But after all the sadness and anger are gone, you most likely start feeling the need to warn everyone so that no one has to go through the same situation as you. Maybe if you expose the behavior or actions, other people in relationships will start to pay attention to how their significant others act and find their own peace of mind. That’s why it’s so cool that these people were so brave to expose their cheating exes and posted the screenshots online for everyone to see. Besides, sometimes, these cheaters are so oblivious and unapologetic about their actions that it seems like a joke when they admit it. Check out some of the most cringe texts that’ll make you want to say: thank you next!


This person thought the best way to break the news to their boyfriend would be to start with more impactful bad news to make them feel less bad about the actual info they had to tell. And it technically worked.

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This seems like the best outcome for this crazy exchange. She admitted to cheating and got that guilt off her chest, while her boyfriend got his peace of mind of knowing his Xbox was okay. We guess some people just have different priorities…

Wrong Chat

We have all accidentally texted the message to the wrong person, and it’s always a little awkward when it happens. But hopefully, it’s never as uncomfortable as this person who announced to her boyfriend that she is planning on going out with another guy.

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The fact that she even explained she meant to text someone else just makes everything so much worse… She could have pretended she meant “hanging out,” not “going out on a date,” but instead, she admitted to cheating on her boyfriend.

Confused Jeffery

Jefferey seems to be going out with so many girls that it has become too hard to keep track of all of them. Maybe he is not in an exclusive relationship with any of them, but it’s still very uncomfortable to get this type of wrong text.

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Even if you agree to see other people, it still stings to know the other person is having fun with someone else. Especially while you can’t do the same since you are spending the weekend with your parents. What a bummer.

Evil Geniuses

These two girls found out that they had been dating the same guy for two whole years. Instead of being upset with each other, they decided to unite forces and use this double strength to take this cheater down together.

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“Pain Olympics,” if you are not familiar, is a series of gruesome viral videos from back in the day that showed men putting themselves through extreme torture. This girl definitely knows how to get a guy to regret cheating on her.

Stupid Cheater

One more cheater who got caught because of his carelessness. We love to see this type of person being caught in their lies. We think a breakup and the girlfriend getting custody of the Xbox is a pretty appropriate punishment.

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We support this girl and her fierceness. This is the type of empowerment we want to aim for. But it really is so sad that some people don’t respect their partners enough to honor their trust. We hope she never gives him his console back.

The Funny Ex

I wonder how long it must have taken for this person to come up with this well-thought and beautifully written poem. They must have been really proud of it even to consider sending this to their cheating ex instead of just forgetting about them.

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This person is probably really funny and easy-going. After all, it takes a big person to contact someone who hurt them so badly with humor. And, to be honest, this is a really good rhyme. It lacks originality, but it’s not bad!

Jordyn Or Jordan

To be fair, these two names only have a single letter difference, so this is an honest mistake. What isn’t an honest mistake, though, is cheating on your girlfriend, not feeling ashamed, and even bragging about it to your “bros.”

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Can you imagine getting a text from your boyfriend announcing that he had just hooked up with someone else? We hope Jordyn found someone way better after this incident, someone who loves her and respects her all of the time.


Such an awkward conversation… It even hurts to read it. We can only imagine how confused Tony must have been when he got the message about his brother. Not only was it completely uncalled for, but also he had to find out through text message that his significant other cheated.

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It’s bad enough that he was cheated on. It’s way worse to know it was his own brother. At least he found out before committing too seriously. We hope Tony had a long conversation with his brother about respecting boundaries.

Messy Breakup

Have you ever cared so little about the person you are going out with that you broke up with them through text messages? That behavior alone shows how little respect this man has for other people (including his unsuspecting wife).

Image courtesy of ThiagoSantos / Shutteratock

We’re really hoping this one is a joke, though. How could she reply “oh ok” to an unexpected breakup text from her husband? This whole thing just does not make any sense. But if this really did happen, we hope she kicked this man to the curb! Or got counseling. Whatever works.

Disgusting Father Of The Year Award

Not only is this man completely disrespectful for cheating on his wife and mother of his children, but he also talks about them in the most disparaging, upsetting way. It’s bad enough that he is lying to all of them, but calling them names is a whole new level.

Image courtesy of Eo naya / Shutterstock

Karina seems to be a pretty reasonable person. Obviously, she was going to tell her mom since she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way and lied to. And maybe if she gets the money, puppy, and car, she can share them with her mom.

Freudian Slip

Here’s another example of how guilt makes people do one thing when they actually plan to do something completely different. She was so scared of telling Mark about the whole situation that she ended up texting him instead of Peter.

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Hopefully, she cheated with a different Peter that isn’t Mark’s brother. I mean, it’s bad enough that she cheated and got pregnant, but if she actually did all that with her husband’s own brother, that is just so much worse! 


This person had the opportunity to come clean many times – in therapy and over text. But instead of admitting to their mistakes and trying to be better, they decided to turn the tables and act innocent. Such a manipulative thing to do.

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If you are unhappy in your relationship, all you have to do is have a conversation and try to work it out with your partner. There is no reason you should treat them with so little respect, as if they didn’t deserve it.

Bad Mom

So many cheaters out there! If you are actually going to disrespect your partner this much, at least make sure you are texting the right person before hitting “send,” so you don’t embarrass yourself and possibly someone else – like your children.

Image courtesy of Marian Fil / Shutterstock

This child was a little more sensible in the blackmailing than the previous one: instead of a car, they just asked for a new laptop and a phone. Maybe this one will actually get the things they are asking for. Before telling dad, of course.


Do these people actually change the names of their exes on their contact list to “ex”? That is the only explanation for this type of mistake. We like to keep things clear, so we keep the names or delete our exes’ numbers altogether.

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We’re wondering if they still tried to text the other ex after this awkward conversation to see if she would take them back. Or maybe this one uncomfortable situation was enough for them to realize it was time to move on and find someone new.


Well, this is what happens when your well-meaning but intoxicated friends watch your stuff for you at the party. But then again, it is probably better if you weren’t in the position “Sweetie” has put herself in. We’re just saying.

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Sounds like her boyfriend was just bored and missing her. Then he gets this weird response from who knows who. What a terrible way to find out some bad news. And the friend was totally unaware of the situation, which in a way, is good for the boyfriend. Now he knows the truth.

Two Cannot Play This Game

Yikes. Before getting too stressed over a text, make sure you read it correctly. This girl got so nervous after seeing the word “cheated” that she admitted to being unfaithful when, in reality, she had not been cheated on at all.

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After her boyfriend explained he meant he cheated off her on the math test, she realized she should have read the first text one more time before getting this worked up. Now she is single, but at least she learned a lesson.

Who’s That?

Check who you’re texting, people! And we are not suggesting you cheat, but this is what happens when you’re not careful. The only thing worse than a cheater is a sloppy cheater. Cover your tracks. Or, you can just not cheat.

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Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how chill this girl is? Her boyfriend said he couldn’t see her tonight, and she responded with love. Her calm response to the mention of this mysterious Jenny makes us believes she is pretty mature.


First of all, who dates their best friend’s ex? Is that something that could work out? The whole concept of dating someone and then going out with their closest friend is just so weird. There are so many people out there, but we to each their own.

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After reading this conversation, it’s easy to understand the type of person who would date their ex’s best friend. The type of guy who is not looking for commitment and thinks he can have anything or anyone he wants at any moment.


This guy’s girlfriend was nice enough to let him choose if he wanted broken bones or a broken Xbox. What a lady! All jokes aside, cheating is bad, but this is not the way to get revenge. This message is pretty aggressive.

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It is pretty scary that the girlfriend was so calm about the whole thing, as if the cheating was just an excuse for her to break stuff. We don’t support cheating, but maybe ending this relationship was not such a bad thing after all.

Keeping It In The Family

We’re not sure why, but so many people cheat with their significant others’ siblings – or that’s what this list is leading us to believe. Is this some sort of revenge for something that happened during their childhood or teenage years? Is it just a coincidence? We’ll never know.

Marian Fil

One thing we do know is: if you are interested in someone who isn’t your spouse, tell them you want a divorce. There’s no reason to embarrass and disrespect someone like this in their own home. We should all try to be decent people.

The Other Girlfriend

This must have been pretty awkward for both of these girls. Andy is clearly a player, and we don’t think he needs two different girls fighting for him. It’s a good thing Jessica did not even waste her time getting too upset.

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We’re hoping that Andy’s other girlfriend – the one who answered the text – also broke up with him immediately. But not before looking for other potential girlfriends he might also have and warning them about what was happening. They all deserve a lot better.


Zoe has a serious problem right now. She is dating two guys, but instead of enjoying her life twice as much, she is twice as stressed because she has to keep her double life hidden from both of them. Best to stick to one to avoid all this unwanted drama, eh?

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Maybe if she just chose one of them and decided to come clean to the other one, she would be able to relax and enjoy a semi-healthy relationship. That’s much better than constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure her lies are being kept secret.

Liars Everywhere

It’s so uncomfortable to see these people trying to pretend like they are so helpless when they are actually just trying to manipulate others. As they say, honesty is the best policy. If you don’t want to be with someone, just say so.

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The second-hand embarrassment with this one is huge. Can you imagine seeing your significant other hanging out with other people after they just told you they were home because of a cold? This boyfriend probably felt very stupid for trusting her.

And… Blocked

This person at least had the courage to admit that they cheated, which is already a lot better than the others we’ve seen so far. They know they did something wrong and did not want to keep lying to their partner. Or rather, ex-partner.

Image courtesy of YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / Shutterstock

But that being said, they still cheated. And worse: Darrel was also committed to someone else, so they both cheated on their respective significant others! That’s just such a terrible thing to do. We wonder if Darrel got married in the end.

Bad News

Before comforting someone, make sure they have already heard the bad news and are ready to be comforted. This would have been a nice text message to get after a breakup, but it was uncool since they were still dating.

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Maybe it’s just a really harsh joke, perhaps it’s an honest mistake, or maybe Derek just didn’t know how to break up with his girlfriend and thought this would be a good way to do it. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a good way to do it.

April Fools

Before saying something you might regret, make sure you know what you are doing. Obviously, it’s a good thing that this person came clean and admitted to cheating so that their partner could then break up with them, but still.

Image courtesy of Marmolejos / Shutterstock

Also, who still gets pranked on April Fools? But the better question is, who is still pranking people? Maybe we outgrew it, but we haven’t pranked or been pranked on April 1st since elementary school. Well, for the young at heart out there, stick with filling the sugar bowl with salt.

That’s Worse

Okay, but who sends these text messages telling their significant other they are cheating? Why do these people think that telling them through the phone is better than doing it in person? It is the one trend that has popped up that we don’t understand.

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Regardless of whether it has become accepted to say life-changing things over text, the very least a cheater should do is admit and apologize in person to their partner. This way, they don’t accidentally send the message to their kid and potentially scar them for life.

Wrong Answer

To be fair, this was a very confusing message. This girl texted Danny hoping that he would say he had never cheated, or that he cheated on the school test. But we understand why he would think she meant cheating on her with another girl.

Image courtesy of Dmytro Zinkevych / Shutterstock

Either way, it’s very naive of him to think that admitting would be enough for her to forgive him and move on like nothing had happened. At least she found out. We don’t know the end of the story, but we can imagine the ending.

James and Jared

Well, sometimes people get lucky and find out the news early. We don’t know how long these two were together before Jared entered the picture, but at least James has zero doubt about what had been going down behind his back.

Image courtesy of GaudiLab / Shutterstock

We don’t wish this on anyone, but it’s better than being strung along. We don’t know where Jared falls in all this either, but we have to take a guess and say that he and the girl deserve each other. Who knows, maybe they are soul mates?


Autocorrect gets us in the most awkward situations, and it’s very hard to convince people that it was actually our phones that wrote something, not us. We all have an embarrassing story because of this annoying feature but still won’t turn it off because it makes our lives easier most of the time.

Image courtesy of Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

Even here, autocorrect saved this girl from being in a relationship with someone who had been cheating on her. It might have been a funny fail they could have laughed at years down the road had the boyfriend not been a double-crosser.

Parenting Done Wrong

It is so hard to grow up and realize that our parents are not these brilliant creatures who know everything about the world we thought they were when we were kids. But it’s even worse to know that one of them is a bad person.

Image courtesy of Dmitry Lobanov / Shutterstock

We truly hope that after getting the five hundred dollars, a new laptop, and some new video games, they still told their mom. After all, she deserves to know what is going on in her own house and decide what to do about it.

No Commitment

Can you imagine being married to someone who messages random women on Facebook asking them to go out with him? It’s so embarrassing that complete strangers are aware of it before you. Well, maybe this guy’s wife knew what was up.

Image courtesy of Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

It is so not okay to approach women like this in the first place. But it’s just a thousand times worse when you have a wife and say you don’t care if the women you are hitting on are also married.

Bad News Or Good News?

Hey Julie, turn that frown upside down! Who would have known that such bad news could be turned into good news so quickly? We’re sure that deep down Spencer’s girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) was actually kind of happy about this turn of events.

Image courtesy of / Shutterstock

It’s not that we’re rooting for bad things to happen to people, but from the tone of the texts, it doesn’t sound like he was seriously hurt. If he didn’t want to date this girl, he could have just broken up with her before going out with someone else.

The Explanation

There is no excuse for cheating on your partner. When you commit to a relationship, you commit to being faithful and loyal to the person you are with, regardless of how many hours the other person spends away from home every day.

Image courtesy of pathdoc / Shutterstock

It takes a certain kind of person to cheat and then expects to be forgiven like it never happened. And when we read the “So” part, we also got heated. If this person is sad because they’re lonely, well, maybe in the next relationship they won’t cheat.

21st Century Feminism

Girls need to stick together. There are so many men out there who think they can do anything and get anyone they want just because. So it is important that women show them that that is not the case at all.

Image courtesy of Dirima / Shutterstock

This woman in the screenshot was very direct and polite. She simply stated that if this man is still married, he should not be hitting on other women. How crazy is it that someone needs to explain the simple rules of commitment to someone who’s already committed?


How many times do we need to warn you to check who you are sending a message to before pressing “send”? It almost seems like some of these people do these things on purpose because they don’t know how to break up their relationships with a conversation.

Image courtesy of GaudiLab / Shutterstock

This girl was actually really funny when responding to this text, but she must have been really upset to know that her boyfriend was celebrating an “anniversary” with someone else while dating her. That’s so upsetting. Reminds us of the film Love Actually.

Anatomy Studies

This person learned a very important lesson this day: when you lie, be consistent. If you want to say you are studying, make sure you have your books with you or at least that you know where they are. If you don’t, you might get yourself into serious doo-doo.

Image courtesy of / Shutterstock

He could have easily gotten away with a different lie if he had just thought about his options for a second. But instead, he tried to seem busy to get his girlfriend to stop texting him. Such a rookie mistake.

Cute Poem

Who is this person dating? Shakespeare? Why wouldn’t they just call or send a straightforward text saying “I know you cheated” and avoid spending so much time writing rhymes for a poem? Oh, yes, because this is much more epic.

Image courtesy of VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

We are loving these twists on the classic “roses are red” poem. It’s cheesy at first, and then when they make it dark, we gain a whole new appreciation for it. We don’t even care that cheating and wilting don’t rhyme. This woman is a legend.

Liar, Liar

Sometimes, it’s better not to reply at all than to lie. After all, you never know who is standing right behind you or if they already know the answer to their question and are just trying to trick you. Kudos to this person tracking down his girl; looks like he had an idea about what was going on.

Image courtesy of Pressmaster / Shutterstock

In general, lying makes life way more complicated than it needs to be. If you can’t tell your significant other that you are out with friends, you probably need to reconsider your relationship. If you’re the problem, well, we can’t help.

A Thousand Apologies

Another annoying thing about these disrespectful cheaters is that they honestly believe that if they apologize after breaking someone’s trust, they can get them back as nothing had happened. They will even try to make it seem like they are upset and that it is not their fault.

Image courtesy of Syda Productions

It’s ridiculous and embarrassing to think that some people out there fall for these apologies. The most important thing in a relationship is trust, and if you can’t even establish that, what would be the point of getting back together?