40 Breakups That Are So Cold, The Receiver Should Consider Themselves Lucky To Be Free

By Praseetha N

Breaking up can be a real bummer. Heck, it hurts like crazy! However, we can all agree there’s usually a valid reason as to why it happens. And while some breakups are amicable, there are those who go out of their way to make everything a little funnier, a little more dramatic, and definitely a whole lot more painful to watch. Check out these break up texts and messages from couples whose relationships ended with a lot of fanfare and drama. When breaking up with someone, the whole thing can be terribly painful. There’s no right way to approach it, and there are a million ways to cut the cord and let’s face it- it’s never easy to say to someone that it’s actually them and not you. Luckily, we have these examples to show us how not to break up with your soon-to-be ex-significant other.

Hot News On The Lot

Moving out can sometimes be rather sad. You are leaving a house you spent precious time in, and you also lose good neighbors. You have to relocate and hope that your next neighborhood is just as good with the ease of access.

Image courtesy of craft.diply.com

This woman was probably seething in anger at the fact that she had to move out even though her husband was the one doing the cheating. So, if she can’t enjoy the neighborhood, she was going to make sure that he wasn’t going to enjoy it either.

Imaginary Relationship

We couldn’t help adding this in because as vast as the earth is, that is just how vast and random relationships can be. However, this may be one of the more unusual relationships out there — although we aren’t sure if we can even call this a relationship in the first place.

Image courtesy of science-a2z.com

This guy has been chatting up this woman for quite some time, and after what seems like a thorough review of her profile, he has married her and divorced in his mind. Therefore, he decided to terminate their “relationship” before it got too serious in the real world. We wonder what life would have been like with this man.

Karma Will Get You

At this point, we aren’t too sure as to why people keep making public announcements to break up with their partners. What happened to the good old days where you met up over coffee or at least a phone call when you were living too far apart?

Image courtesy of menchtech

Laura over here decided that she was not only breaking up with Dan, but she was actually leaving him for another man! How horrid of a person can someone be? You dump someone on Valentine’s Day, pack their stuff up, and change the lock all for another person? Well, karma is going to get you, Laura.

Pizza Fixes Everything

Who says breakups always have to all dreary and sad? Instead, show your partner how much you don’t want to be with them with a customized message of a pizza box! Empty their heart while you fill their stomach. There’s no way they could stay mad at you now.

Image courtesy of feedlifestyle

If only that were the case in real life. Anyways, the person who did this probably didn’t really care too much if the recipient even had an appetite to eat after being broken up with. Well, dear recipient, hope you were at least full.

Wrong Message

It’s always good to tell someone if you feel the relationship isn’t working out, rather than stringing the other person along or, worse, cheating on them. But, when we saw this, we weren’t too sure what to make of this text. Was he unaware of what he was doing?

Image courtesy of quinki

Because, to be honest, it seems pretty planned out like he wanted to get caught. Also, if he could be honest with the woman he was having an affair with, why couldn’t he extend the same courtesy to his wife? Either way, someone is about to get into a heap of trouble!

Breaking Up With Work

While this breakup isn’t the end of a romantic relationship, it still is an end of a relationship, and that is always a sad thing to go through. Five Guys is a restaurant, and this girl decided things just working out anymore. She could have just written a regular ol’ resignation letter.

Image Courtesy Of godsaveshoes.com; le.rimbe/Instagram

She decided to get a little creative and write it in a breakup note. Clearly, she’s a nomad when it comes to working and believes she can’t be tied down anymore. Well, as she said and we agree, it’s her and not Five Guys. We hope you found what you’re looking for, Madelyne.

Na Na Na Na Batman!

Using quotes can generally be a good thing. It grants the reader motivation or perhaps even some sort of hope for the future, which is why using a quote to break up with someone isn’t always a bad thing. It can sometimes even convey your feeling even more clearly.

Image Courtesy of Postfun

However, this person may have taken a road slightly less traveled by using a Batman reference in their text. Although, on the bright side, the other party at least caught on to the reference. On the other hand, from the tone of their text, we can’t say that it’s a good thing…

That’s One Way To Get Attention

In every marriage, there must always be an open flow of communication, understanding, and compromise. However, some people have to often fight for their spouse’s attention and have to proceed to drastic measures to be heard. In this case, Emily was sick and tired of being ignored, and sadly, she also found out about her cheating husband.

Image courtesy of Glamour

So she went and did the only sensible thing: rent out a billboard to name and shame her scoundrel of a husband. Plus, she made a smart move by using the joint account instead of her personal account. Good on her!

What Happened With Them?

Like every breakup note, it never tells us the whole story, so we kind of have to make guesses. But, whoa, this entire note has us reeling in curiosity! We get the feeling of not wanting to be in a relationship anymore.

Image Courtesy Of science-a2z.com

But why would she write that she doesn’t want to be with any of his friends? What is the story behind that? Were any of his friends hitting on her? Did he offer his friends to her? What was the entire story behind this breakup note? We need answers, Jenny!

Step It Up, Shawn

Having a romantic partner is excellent. Well, for the most part, anyway. You have someone who loves you unconditionally and someone that you can see building a future with. However, things can go south pretty fast if you fail to do the one thing most people need in a relationship: Attention.

Image courtesy of thedailyedge; benjamin.nj/Instagram

And there’s exactly what Shawn has done wrong. However, he went to the extreme end by just altogether abandoning his girlfriend, Rachel, by ignoring her as soon as he asked her to be his girlfriend. Well, at least she has a rational mind to dump him instead of hanging on to him.

To The Point

Along with many breakup stories comes a breakup note. However, most notes tend to at least state the obvious, like, “I’m breaking up with you,” or something to that tone. And while some may be a little sweeter, this person decided to go on some weird rampage with his drawings.

Image courtesy of Postfun

We aren’t too sure what dear Valerie did to deserve being drawn with her head lopped off but clearly, her partner is not happy with her and wants her out of his life tout suite! Well, we say: run away fast Valerie, and don’t look back.

No One Has To Know

Being in a relationship is usually a lot of fun. You have someone to go out with and chill. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end. And that rings true for this couple. Carol obviously was done with this relationship and decided to pen a note to N.D.

Image courtesy of Twaku/College_Minion; milymegapano/Instagram

She claims that she would like to remain friends and that he shouldn’t take it too hard, but we all know how “staying friends” really works out. And that little twist of the knife stating that no one had to know they were dating was like saying the relationship never existed. Ouch!

Other People

Being straightforward is always the best thing to do in almost any situation. You get out what you need to say, and the other person can at least digest it sooner than later. But it gets annoying when you beat around the bush, and you leave the person a little caught off guard.

Image courtesy of RoutineJournal

Like this couple, for example. Whoever initiated this conversation surely thought they were extraordinarily clever, but ouch. One minute they are talking about a movie and the next, they are breaking up with their partner! Don’t do that to people, it’s mean and pretty immature, in our opinion. Sigh!

Playing The Field

Here’s another cheater being called out in public just like they deserve. No one deserves to be cheated on. No one deserves to be hurt or be tricked in any shape or form. And that’s why we are applauding this little stunt done by not just one person but two women.

Image courtesy of science-a2z.com

That’s right, our little Casanova here decided to play two women at the same time, and when they found out, they decided to team up and call him out on his horrible behavior by putting up his face and his full name on a banner.

POOF! You’re Screwed

This one has us feeling all sorts of emotions. First of all, you don’t break up with people like that. You should at least have a proper conversation! However, if you really must do it over a text because getting up from your couch is too difficult, at least send a nicer message.

Image courtesy of Twaku/College_Minion

Not like this guy who did it with a really lame joke. But hey, at least she one-upped him! We bet he did not see that magic trick backfiring on him. Oh well, let’s hope they resolved the issue and not through text.

It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You

When you break up with someone, most of the time, they will ask why and it’s always a good idea to say why because that is how you get closer and are able to move on. That’s why this person decided to list down every single reason as to why they are leaving.

Image courtesy of Twaku/College_Minion

While there are some pretty questionable habits and behaviors listed here, we suppose that these two people just aren’t on the same page. Although, we do have to admit that eating cereal with water is pretty gross, and you don’t wear sweatpants to a funeral. Ever. 

No Longer In Service

Getting the news that you are pregnant can either be exciting and happy or terrifying and sad, depending on how you got pregnant or if you’re actually wanting to get pregnant. For couples who were not expecting it, usually, it can get pretty rough and scary at first, but most people come up with solutions that benefit everyone.

Image courtesy of science-a2z.com

However, when this woman thought she was pregnant, her boyfriend decided he would just pretend to disappear by being an automated message. Pretty gutless, if you ask us. Let’s hope they worked things out after. After all, the guy has to take responsibility or at least acknowledge what happened. We sure hope it was an April Fools prank!

A Picture That Says A lot

As we have mentioned, having closure is probably a really important step when it comes to breaking up with someone. Giving them a proper reason and a talk-through is always the kindest way to end a relationship. Unfortunately, some people would rather leave with a bang. This person, though, took the situation to a light-hearted route.

Image courtesy of sopitas

This guy could have taken some social ethics classes before he decided to start dating because his way of letting someone know they are being broken up with is pretty harsh and annoying. Since he is having a tough time, he didn’t bother to think about how it would affect the other person and instead drew a ridiculous picture.

Read It While It’s Hot

What is the best way to break up with someone? Talk to them? Or send them a text? Either option is acceptable, although we recommend that you do it face to face or via video call or something. And while a text can be a little rude, sometimes, that’s how people rather do, and we guess that’s cool too.

Image courtesy of universityfox.com

However, this person decided to go super old school and have it printed in the papers like a wedding announcement! Gosh, we really hope that Kevin still happens to read the announcements section in the newspaper before deciding to drop by.

Multitasking At Its Finest

Being a child gets you off a lot of trouble because, well, you’re small, and you have those big doe eyes to send people spiraling into pity or empathy over you. However, we all do know that kids can be pretty brutal. And with brutality comes a whole world of pain.

Image courtesy of Postfun; Instagram/mt09.mk

This kindergartener named Delandren decided he no longer wanted to be a boyfriend to Krystal and would like to break up with her using a note. However, he also does remember that it is the one-month anniversary and decided to add that to the note as well. Perhaps it was to soften the blow?

Is That A Compliment?

Complimenting someone can be pretty easy if you truly mean what you have to say. But we have a feeling that the person who wrote this isn’t too fond of Erin as they compare her smile to 100,000,000 sparkly trampolines. What does that even mean?

Image courtesy of science-a2z.com

Is her smile too bright? Is it too bouncy? We feel like we are back in English class trying to decipher a poem. Regardless, this has to be one of the weirdest breakup notes we have come across, mainly because of how nonsensical it is.

And That’s What You Get For Cheating

We will never understand the point of cheating. It’s a universal saying that if you don’t like where you are, move! You’re not a tree. However, with the latest app that allows you to have almost complete anonymity online, it’s getting pretty easy for a lot of people to cheat.

Image courtesy of Imgur/vbranovic

That is probably how this girl got around to seeing four guys at once. Hopefully, the other guys are on to her sneakiness before they too get their hearts played with and their time wasted. The bright side for her is now she can do her sneaking around without feeling guilty.

Social Media News

Social media can be a real pain sometimes because it gives every human being immunity to be complete jerks remotely with almost no repercussions. Sure, they will never say out loud what they posted online, which honestly is just cowardly.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Like this guy over here who decided her didn’t want to be with his girlfriend anymore and yet did not have the maturity or guts to tell her in real life as normal people would. Not to mention that it’s just rude to just spill open her privacy like that. Hopefully, he gave her a proper explanation.

Breaking Out The Trivia

Sometimes, being straightforward is the way to go. You save time and energy, and also, you get to finish up the conversation faster. However, there are some people who are just not the type to be straightforward and would rather beat around the bush.

Image courtesy of dailychoices

Like this person who is obviously trying to break up with their partner, but rather than have a mature conversation, they broke out the trivia and led their partner on a wild goose chase. And they can even say “You’re not catching on.” Well, maybe if you had been more clear…

Coming For The Drama, Leaving With A Bargain

Alright, let’s be honest when we say that if one of our neighbors were to do this, we would definitely be going over — not to buy the stuff per se, but to get juicy gossip. After all, that sign truly does sell. Great marketing tactic.

Image courtesy of tworeddots

While there may be some who will come forward to grant support to the ‘grieving’ spouse, there are those who are going to be all like, “Ooh! I heard she threw this coaster at him! I’m buying it.” But all jokes aside, we do hope the spouse at least got some cash out of their wife’s deceitful double life.

It’s Not You, It’s Grammar

Not everyone can be great at everything. We are all human, and we have flaws. Perhaps a world-renowned linguist could be terrible at art, and a cook could be terrible at spelling. We all have our gifts, and we stick to them. But sometimes, it can be our lack of skills that drive people away.

Image courtesy of science-a2z.com

Take this couple, for example. Ron clearly isn’t good at math or grammar, for that matter, but Ron’s partner doesn’t seem to mind. And it irks us not knowing what it is. Maybe it’s his lack of effort? Guess we’ll never truly know the answer.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

Coming home after a long day, we all tend to look pretty roughed up, with makeup running or sweat glistening on our puffy faces, and that is just what it is. You reach home, you get washed up, and you let the stress of the day ease you.

Image courtesy of discoverlifestyle

However, this person probably did not like what they saw in the mirror more than usual. Imagine coming home to a message of your newly single status and, at the same time, having to clean up the mirror as well! How thoughtless…

In Denial

Sometimes it takes a lot to convince someone that they are wrong or their ideas are bad. We have all been through that, especially when working in group projects when you try telling someone their part just isn’t that great, and they just don’t get it.

Image courtesy of science-a2z.com

Well, this girl must have been one of those annoying people who just don’t get it! Her poor boyfriend probably wanted to talk it out slowly and ease into a breakup, but with her acting oblivious, we can see how this breakup is going to end.

Don’t Make Me Laugh

Is it just us, or does it look like it was written by a child in grade school? The writing seems a little scribbly to have been written by an adult, but then again, how else can we explain doctors? Well, if a grade school kid wrote this, we have to say they really know how to hit where it hurts.

Image courtesy of science-a2z.com; benjamin.nj/Instagram

Clearly, the person being broken up with thought they were doing good by keeping the other person laughing. But little did he know that the other person just feels sorry for him. Walk it off, kid. You’ll find someone else.

The Dangers Of Acronyms

There is always going to be a bunch of people who misuse acronyms. For example, there was once a viral message of a mom who wrote, “Grandma just passed. LOL,” and the son soon found out that his mom had thought LOL meant Lots Of Love.

Image courtesy of theeditorial

It was an honest mistake to make. This person, however, went in with a dagger to the heart. They sent ILY knowing that most people read it as I Love You, only to crack the recipient’s heart by saying I’m Leaving You instead. That’s so horrid!

Make A Wish

Have you ever waited for 11:11 to appear on the clock so that you could make a wish? Or perhaps you got lucky and naturally saw the clock at 11:11 and got super excited about making an ‘organic’ wish? Well, we certainly have, and it is super exciting to share that moment with others as well.

Image courtesy of awesomejelly

Well, this person decided to share that moment with their significant other by telling them their wish. But sadly, their partner did not have the same sentiment. This was really painful to read, and we hope that person found someone else to make a wish with.

A Cause For Cake

Cakes are often used for many occasions, happy ones, and even sad ones. It can be used for marking an end or beginning of an era, so to speak. While traditionally it is meant for happy occasions, this person decided to use it for a sad one. Well, we wouldn’t say sad for them.

Image courtesy of cargocollective

But the person receiving the cake must have been heartbroken because, from the sound of it, they must have planned to go together. Goodness knows what happened for them to send in this cake of sadness. We sure hope it was yummy, at least.

What Part Of That Didn’t You Get?

In this current generation of dating, ghosting has become such a common thing, and it leaves so many people with abandonment issues. That’s why sometimes, having someone come forth and say exactly how they feel is a blessing. Sure, they may not want the relationship anymore, but at least they didn’t just vanish.

Image courtesy of funnypicture.org

This person obviously thought that as well, but the reply they got was pretty strange. The reason people break up is because they don’t click with you or your personality, so why would they find an exact replica of you anyways?

Do You Want To Play A Game?

Whoever wrote this must have an amazing sense of anger management because this was very well-thought-out. She clearly didn’t want to do the whole cliché thing of torching her cheating spouse’s stuff or throwing it out haphazardly on the lawn.

Image courtesy of worldsmemes

No, this classy lady decided to play a game. That guy had better be the observant kind because he’s got a lot of retracing to do. And we really do hope that Kelsi didn’t know about all this and decided to throw his stuff out too. Wrong move with the wrong woman, dude.

The Suspense Must Have Killed Her

We are pretty sure whoever did this took being petty to a whole new level. The amount of time and effort taken to put these signs up is just amazing yet so disturbing. We do wonder what on earth Jennifer did that warranted this display.

Image courtesy of popbela

Imagine being her, driving down with your partner, and they say, “Hey babe, look there.” You look, and then get taken on a rollercoaster of a ride. The bright side? Anyone else who needs to break up with a Jennifer can use this as well.

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Sadness

You know those people who just can’t be serious regardless of what is happening around them? Yes, those that crack inappropriate jokes at funerals or start talking about cracking up when someone falls? Well, this person is apparently the same as well.

Image courtesy of dailychoices

They probably woke up one day and thought, “How do I break up with this person? Oh! I know…I’ll tell a knock-knock joke.” Clearly, that didn’t go over too well because the other person actually took it as a joke, and no one likes explaining a joke. Yikes.

Wrong Move, Dave

Cheating is a sad and pathetic thing to do. Even if you feel like the relationship isn’t working, communicate and find a way to leave amicably or save the relationship. It’s not that hard, really. Clearly, for this Dave guy, he did not wish to save anything. 

Image courtesy of lolwot

His wife, Nikki, decided to take matters into her own hands. She not only told him how she felt but also decided to take a swift kick to his pride by writing on his car about his sneaky and lying ways.

Hey, Paul…

While we are all for this drama, we do wonder what kind of dough this person gave to this store that they allowed them not only to take down their sign but also put up their own personal message. Anyways, whoever this Paul guy is, we really hope he passed by this store. If not, going home is going to be really awkward.

Image courtesy of thedrinksproblem.com

Also, what if the wrong Paul comes across this and reads it and immediately freaks out and calls their wife? While this way might be one way to get the message across, you have got to stop and ask yourself, is it really necessary?

Someone Missed The Signals

When you’re with someone for a long time, you tend to learn their habits. How they behave when they are happy, sad, or even trying to hide something. Well, most of the time, at least. However, for these two, they missed each other’s signals by a long shot!

Image courtesy of awesomejelly

Jacob obviously wasn’t into the relationship anymore, and his partner may have really not noticed it because they actually proposed! Although, we do have to have admit that both parties are pretty awful to break up using a text and propose using a text as well. Whatever happened to having a proper conversation?

That Wasn’t Funny

We have seen it in movies, and some of us have experienced it in real life, where we are sick and tired of our partner’s constant screw-ups and carelessness. That’s what these two are going through. Oh boy, it’s going to be nasty.

Image courtesy of discoverlifestyle

However, as sad as it may be to see someone trying to beg for forgiveness, sometimes you just got to be stern and not give in anymore. However, while this person was putting their foot down, they made an accidental typo. Maybe it made things a little less tense?