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What You Should Really Pack for a Weekend Trip

Weekend trips are so much fun. They are just what we need every once in a while to forget our problems for a couple of days and just relax after a long work week. And if you do not want to stress about what to pack in those times that are supposed to be 100% fun, make sure to follow these tips:

Hotel shampoo & conditioner 

Do you remember all those shampoo bottles you took from hotels thinking they would be useful someday, but just ended up stored in a bathroom drawer you never open? This is the perfect time to use them. This way you don’t have to bring a big shampoo bottle – which means not taking up a lot of room in your backpack and less weight too. And you can just throw the little bottle in the recycle bin when you leave, instead of bringing it back home.

Portable phone charger

Maybe you do not want to use your phone at all – and in that case, just skip this item. But if you like to check the news and message your friends even during a weekend getaway, make sure to bring your portable charger fully charged. This will save you in case the hotel does not have enough power outlets or if they are too far from your bed, and they are also practical if you are going camping or somewhere without electricity. But if you do forget to bring it, here’s a secret: as long as you have a usb cable, most TVs have a usb port you can use to charge your phone.

Plastic bag

Everyday plastic bags can be used for so many things on a trip: as a dirty laundry pouch, as a protective layer between all your liquid toiletries and your clothes, or even as a second bag to carry your things in case your backpack gets too full with all the souvenirs you end up buying.