Braving The Odds: A Collection Of Adventurous Selfies

By Aileen Dometita

Anyone with a phone can easily take a selfie of themselves and upload it online. But only a few manage to grab the public’s attention. How do they manage to do so? By defying death!

Seriously, there’s nothing more appealing for some people than taking a selfie that only a few would dare to consider, whether it be off in the deep of the oceans, with wild animals, or taken from dizzying heights.

Some of you may shy away or find your jaws drop open at the hazards in every snapshot. Whether or not it’s worth it is open to discussion. But one thing is for sure – these pictures are captivating! You might wonder if these people still update their Instagram accounts from time to time. Heaven knows we want to see more of these calculated risks. However, we must add a note of caution here- please don’t attempt any of these stunts for yourself- some things are better left to the daredevils out there.

Up There With God

Unlike most of the selfies on this list, this one had been encouraged by the Brazilian tourism board. They had actually taunted travel boss Lee Thompson, to prove that God exists. So he climbed the Brazilian landmark – Christ the Redeemer. He raised his selfie stick, and triumphantly smiled atop Jesus’ shoulder.

Image Courtesy of @flashpack / Twitter

It took him about an hour to reach the top of the 124- foot statute. At that time, it was being renovated after being damaged in a lightning storm. Like many Brazilians, it’s something we have always dreamt of doing.

Did You Feel That

Carlos Andrade knew what he was getting himself into when he jumped into the water. Despite its dark scaly skin, it had been the only thing slithering in the murky river causing it to ripple. He recounts, “I was on our farm, on the river, and I saw…her in the water with her little head outside.” So he did what he thought best in that situation- take a selfie

Image Couresy of Carlos Andrade / Unilad

He claims that he had taken multiple shots. Despite knowing that it was an Anaconda, he didn’t think it was unsafe. He should have thought otherwise. Anacondas in their aquatic environment, are incredibly agile. They are one of the giant snakes in the world and have earned their legendary nickname of “man-eaters.”

Drop It Like It’s Hot

To be specific, drop it like it’s 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 70 to 120 times hotter than your boiling kettle of water. And just in case you’re wondering, that’s a volcano behind them! One looks like she’s Lava-in it! The other looks like she’s ready to catapult out of there.

Image Courtesy of @jennym89 / Instagram

Volcano selfies have been highly discouraged by the Royal Geographical Society due to deadly falls. For one, foreigners do not know how foot traffic affects the surrounding area. Second, they can breathe the sulfuric gas or be hit by falling lava bombs. Now, who wants to go out with a blast?

Measuring Wind Speed

What’s the best view you have seen from atop, and how high have you gone? For this netizen, it had been on the busy streets of New York City. If you’re living in a fast-paced city like this, it would be understandable to retreat for some solitude someplace quiet, away from the hustle down below.

Image Courtesy of @lastsuspect / Instagram

With a great deal of space, you can meditate on your goals and what you want to achieve in the near future. Maybe you want to have more followers. Perhaps you want to earn more internet points by “sky-walking”. And maybe people can live vicariously through you as you share pictures of your feet dangling over the side of a very high roof.

Mighty High

Braving harsh temperatures in high altitudes, this woman and her male friend thought of taking a snapshot on a mountain peak. One had suggested the crazy idea and the other went along with it. She dropped on all fours and crawled towards the edge of the cliff. There she gingerly lowered her legs over the side and held onto a crevice.

Image Courtesy of 75hassan93 / Instagram

Do you think she tested that fissure before placing her hand inside it? It may have looked sturdy, but there’s no guarantee it could hold her weight for an extended period. Nonetheless, she suspended herself for what seemed like an eternity. “What wouldn’t people do for a selfie?”

Blown Away

It is as beautiful as it is beguiling. You wouldn’t know it by its appearance, but the walk to the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona can be dangerous. And it’s all because there are no guard railings. The rock canyon is about 4200 feet high without any barriers to catch you or to hold onto in case you fall.

Image Courtesy of @serafimafima / Instagram

So when taking a selfie, make sure that there’s a certain amount of space between you and that edge, and between you and other people. Visitors frequenting the area have complained that it can get crowded at night. You wouldn’t want to lose your footing now, especially in the dark.

A Bit Further

Photographer, designer, and video maker Ivan Beerkus got his start in life by “roofing”. With laced rubber shoes and wearing jeans, he would target the loftiest skyscrapers, and dangle his legs over the ledge of the roof. He claims that there is no greater thrill than seeing the world beneath his feet and feeling the adrenaline coursing through him.

Image courtesy of @beerkus / Instagram

Just a bit further, just a bit higher, just outdo yourself one more time. He loses track of time as he feels the wind on his face. Sometimes he’ll savor the freedom with a bite of pizza. Life is better when you’re living on the edge.

Under the Sea

We’ve been fascinated by worlds other than ours, and we are discovering more and more all the time. Whether it be outer space, subterranean, or under the sea, we can’t get enough! As Sebastian puts it, right here on the ocean floor, such beautiful things surround you.

Image courtesy of @nadia.aly / Instagram

But we’re not advising anyone to swim in Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Oceania, because of the jellyfish. Although, according to scientists, the species of jellyfish in the lake do not have enough stings to be considered harmful to humans, however, due to the high amounts of hydrogen sulfide in the deeper layers of the lake, scuba diving is not allowed. Just keep that in mind when you visit.

Selfies and Stones Will Break Your Bones

Just because it will look good in the picture doesn’t mean you will. When this woman saw a picturesque background, she navigated the moss-covered rocks to take a selfie in the middle of Rolley Falls in British Columbia. She probably hadn’t considered the risk of breaking her bones should she miss a step.

Image courtesy of @shife23 / Instagram

Neither a broken arm nor scratch will look good on camera. Nor will a smile pretending to hide the pain. She could have just taken a selfie of the falls by the bank. At least, she’s guaranteed to go home in one piece.

Welcome to the Largest National Park

The Utah National Park is famous for its 100-mile mountain biking terrain. It was established in the 60s where tourists could camp, rock climb, or hike on. The Colorado River had naturally carved it, and it still morphs into buttes, canyons, and mesas.

Image Courtesy of @coltonbrock / Instagram

So when Colton Brock visited the national site, he thought of taking a selfie. He claims he’s not a vain person, but when he takes selfies, “they’re dangerous.” He’s standing so close to the edge that you can hear the crumbling stones falling steeply down below him.

At Your Own Risk

What’s worse than telling someone something is bad for them? Prohibiting it entirely. People are more inclined to break the law and get themselves in trouble when they’re told they can’t do something. So the government advised visitors to act on their own risk.

Image courtesy of Telegraph UK

At least that way, higher-ups won’t be held accountable for injuries or mishaps. People are warned of the possible consequences of their actions. And with the hope that the presence of lions will scare people enough that they might stay in the car. Did we mention lions can run at a max speed of 60 miles per hour?

Artistic Creativity

Alex Gaston’s favorite subjects include Tupac and Scarface. He frequently draws them or edits their images to make them appear in a single picture. But when he feels lacking in artistic creativity, he chooses a building and dresses up as a pizza delivery man. He’ll speak to the front guard so he can gain access to the elevator.

Image Courtesy of @alexgaston_art / Instagram

He bends over backward to serve his client – himself. Squinting at the midday sun, he captures a glorious moment in Midtown Manhattan. He had done this before and is likely to do this again to take his artistic mind to a higher level.

Classy Ride

On the track, race cars can go up to 200 miles per hour. You can up your speed from 0 to 100 in less than three seconds. So the old adage, “keep both hands on the wheel,” should be practiced consistently. There’s no room for mistakes within the track, nor selfies.

Image courtesy of @wotaselfie / Twitter

They say speeding on the track is the fastest way to learn about physics. You get to see it all in action – what forces slow down a car and which propel it further, how do we minimize friction, and how do we keep drivers safe. Driving on the track means serious business.

Bull’s Eye

This famous event draws millions of daredevils to the historic streets of Pamplona, Spain. People line the narrow streets, and on the release of six bulls, frantically try to run away from them—some attempt to grab the bull by its horns. Do so, and you’ll be fined- heavily.

Image Courtesy of @nbaloca_ / Instagram

This bull run tradition has been condemned for the goring of some tourists, and matadors within the ring. Despite such, it’s been hard to ban the festivities because it had been in place since 1591. Medieval farmers would herd their animals to the bullring, just to show them off. Well, look who’s showing off now!

Cherry on the Cake

About half a year ago, Angela Nikolau wanted to roam the world. She had set her sights on Tianjin, China – the primary gateway to Beijing. It’s one of the biggest industrial cities in the country and is called the bright pearl. The city is lined with skyscrapers and towers, as so many firms and companies are based there.

Image Courtesy of @angela_nikolau / Instagram

No wonder, she had chosen the city. Unfazed by the heights, she holds another phone in her hand – probably to take a view of the ground below. Her mantra is “no limit, no control.” That we can see anyway- she does acrobatics from a construction site, 640 meters off the ground!

Cool Shot

The Grand Canyon is a mile-deep canyon carved out over millions of years by the Colorado River. It has diverse life zones and landforms. Travelers are encouraged to visit the South Rim because it’s easier to reach. However, walking a 7000-foot high boulder can be strenuous. It’s typical to see people taking breaks from time to time.

Image Courtesy of @karinclaessonart / Instagram

But not everyone takes precautions. Some fail to bring water or their umbrellas and warm clothing; others refuse to keep a safe distance from the cliffs. There have been cases of fall-related deaths. Instead of deterring people from standing too close to the edge, people still take unnecessary risks when visiting this wonderous place

Selfie First, Safety Second

This man is a professional. George Kourounis is a National Geographic explorer and works alongside a team to document tornadoes, hurricanes, and other extreme forces of nature. You can watch his documentaries on The Weather Network. Here he stands a few meters away from Vanuatu’s Ambrym volcano in the South Pacific Ocean.

Image Courtesy of @georgekourounis / Twitter

Yes, that’s an active volcano spewing off steam and magma. To describe the experience, he says, “It was…Warm”. Owing to the suit, the hissing lava or both, the heat must have been unbearable. He had been invited by adventurer Geoff Mackley to venture inside the crater. The two brought along filmmakers with them. It was so fiery that one of their cameras melted.

Under Poseidon’s Grip

San Diego waves can crest to eight meters high and reach up to 18 meters. From the land, these are a majestic force of nature. The immensity of the water pressure is strong enough to rupture a surfer’s eardrums, at least one who falls under the strong currents. So try to enjoy them from a distance.

Image courtesy of @jimgrantinsandiego / Instagram

Or you might just be doused by water spraying from the rocky cliffs in California. That will not only ruin your picture but your phone as well. And in the brief moment that you’re disoriented, you could stumble backward and off the edge of the cliff. So please approach with extreme caution.

Just Sunbathing

When applying sunscreen, take the time to cover your whole face – especially the nose! You may opt to wear glasses, but there’s nothing to protect that cute nubbin from UV rays, especially when you’re sunbathing from up top like Alexander Remnev. In case you’re wondering, he was chilling fon top of one of the skyscrapers on Hong Kong’s skyline.

Image Courtesy of Alexander Remnev / Facebook

Sure, he’s using a selfie stick, but he travels with a group of friends. They take selfies too, so it’s common to see them having the same background in their pictures, and often, they try to outdo each other. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Remnev states that they have been lucky not to meet any police, but that they have had some confrontations with security guards.

Chugging Down the Tracks

In some East Asian countries, trains chug over rusty railways. A blaring horn echoes for about a hundred meters, announcing the train’s arrival. Dust billows up in the air and rests on willowy leaves and shrubs. Within a couple of minutes, the ground trembles. But instead of staring at the chugging beast from a safe distance, this man takes a selfie precariously at the edge of the railway track.

Image courtesy of @portodiao / Instagram

He supports himself by bearing part of his weight on a piece of signage. He is unafraid of the ground quivering beneath, fearless that he won’t topple over and fall into the river. There are no crossing gates in sight, nor fences to keep him safe. But it’s all worth it for a rad selfie!

Flag to the Pole

Even during the pandemic, Instagrammer Daniel Lau frequents heights to take selfies from. He works an eight-hour shift as a personal trainer. But outside of work, he goes above and beyond the weights and climbs Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. He went from scavenging abandoned places to climbing building antennas.

Image Courtesy of @daniel_lau / Instagram

He has never found this endeavor scary. In fact, he states that it was fun. Back when he started (around the time this picture was taken), dangerous selfies were still a relatively new trend. No one had seen Hong Kong like this before.

Finding Captain Hook

There are many things to do at the Everglades Holiday Park for people of all ages. It’s one of the rare places where crocodiles and alligators co-exist. So this Peter Pan, had the idea of going a few feet from them to catch a picture of their snappy jaws. Wonder why he’s called Peter Pan? Here’s a man who wouldn’t grow up.

Image courtesy of @bulldogpro / Instagram

These giant reptiles stealthily creep across the water. A visitor has seen them close to the banks, and so they rewarded this intrusion with a warm welcome. They stop a few meters away from him and look anticipatingly at each other. How about a little dessert?

Safe Distance

She’s dressed for hiking and has made it in time for sunset. She dusts off an area about two meters from the edge of the rock wall and sits there. Wanting to immortalize the view, she takes out her phone, probably hits a couple of filters, and then takes a selfie.

Image Courtesy of @roxiazea / Instagram

In the background stands the Horseshoe Bend. It’s disarming, with its rusty color in contrast to the blue-green waters surrounding it. There had been seven deaths within the area in the past years, two of which were selfie-related. Luckily, there have been no recent reports of injury or death.

Riding Without a Ticket

You’d think that Instagram user Stratimir Georgiev would have enough money to pay for transport, but it seems like he doesn’t. In case you’re wondering, he has 38,400 followers on his account, and he claims to do the coolest s***. He had wanted some fresh air on the train in Sofia, Bulgaria, and he managed to save a couple of bills.

Image Courtesy of @balkan.beast / Instagram

By riding outside the coach… Let’s hope he got away with it, or that the train conductor hadn’t seen him doing this stunt. That selfie stick might have easily got tangled into a nearby tree or pole, and the result would have been catastrophic. So much for saving a couple of bucks.

Hearing a Pin Drop

We’ve always wondered what’s terrifying about heights. We find it liberating. There’s cool air to caress your cheek, fresh air, and a magnificent view from above. But the highest we’ve gone is 75 stories high, so that’s pretty unimpressive actually. Why don’t we ask Russian drone pilot and filmmaker Vadim Makhorov?

Image courtesy of @makhorov / Instagram

For your information, he was not using a drone when he took this picture. Without any lines or cables to secure his safety, he stood atop the Radio Mast at Ekaterinburg, Russia. That’s roughly 720 feet or 220 meters high! This unfinished construction was built in the 80s. Well, at least it’s being used for other purposes.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back in the Water

A shiver runs up your spine. Their conical snouts angle to the side, but their fins are directed straight towards you. Your heart pounds in your chest; it’s deafening. You wait calmly, hoping to disarm them with your bravado. Come, let’s have a picture taken of us predators.

Image courtesy of @chad.sinden / Instagram

To be fair, shark attacks are rare. There are about a hundred unprovoked attacks worldwide every year. But this figure is slightly increasing due to the number of people and shivers of sharks dominating the ocean at the same time. They generally just ignore us, but owing to an active imagination and news media, we easily panic.

How Romantic

This pair caught the attention of all the passengers on the train when they dove in for a kiss. It wasn’t the smooch that captivated everyone, not as much as where they did it. She flung her arms around his neck and then clasped her legs around his waist. He hung on for dear life.

Image courtesy of backpackdiariez / Instagram

In case you’re wondering, they’re a couple of travelers. They’ve been to several places around the world – Portugal, Brazil, Switzerland, Bora Bora, Capri, and the Maldives. Those are just to name a few. No wonder they’ve got their sights set on each other. Their relationship is driven by adrenaline.

Nice Kicks

When in China, we suggest that you drop by the Tiger Leaping Gorge. It’s in Southwest China’s Yunnan province. Water flows through it – between the Yuling Snow Mountain and the Haba Snow Mountain. In case you’re wondering how it got its name, it’s because a tiger once leaped from one mountain, unto a boulder mid-river, then to the other mountain. You’d get a beautiful view of it if you sit beside this woman right here.

Image Courtesy of @ahahahayley / Instagram

She obviously loves to live life on the edge. We hope that isn’t the middle of the lower gorge. There’s a kilometer-deep cliff by the Slippery Flagging. You could hike the trail. Depending on the itinerary, it would take you about two days to complete it.

Look but No Touch

This woman paid the ultimate price after taking a selfie with a wild animal. Since monkeys are uncommon in the city, she had thought of inching closer to it, probably attempting to pet it after the shot. It’s just that she wasn’t able to build instant rapport with the primate.

Image courtesy of @allisonsheehy92 / Instagram

Fascinated with the beads in her hair, the monkey dashed to tug on them. No, those aren’t fruits, to its dismay. And as it pulled harder, Alison drew back. Both were bewildered, so the monkey scampered back towards the forest without any reward for its curiosity.

Everything’s Cool, Dude

He started taking risky selfies six years ago when he was just nineteen. Well, when we were around his age, we were pretty reckless too. But instead of speeding on the road, this guy thought of scaling the wall. With two of his friends, they embarked on a trip to Shanghai, where they knew there were many skyscrapers.

Image Courtesy of Alexander Remnev / facebook

And here they are, just chilling. We are perfectly content with hanging out in a treehouse, but that’s child’s play to them. The Centre is a 346- meter high building owned by Li Ka-Shing’s Cheung Kong Holdings. Reckon they’d file suit if they had found out that any of these roof toppers violated company protocols?

Catching a Home Run

What happens if you catch a homerun? You can take the ball and have it signed by the batter. If it set an important record, and if the hitter is a relatively famous player, you can sell it online for a hefty amount. You’re not obliged to return it, but sometimes the team will offer something to get it back. Despite the perks, not everyone is ecstatic about catching a home run ball.

Image courtesy of DaDerpDeeDerpDaTeetleyDerpeDumb / Imgur

Especially when it impacts with the back of their head or straight in the face. Home run balls can reach up a speed of up to 100 mph, depending on the force the batter hit it with. Taking a selfie a hundred meters away from the field seems innocent enough. But it pays to be alert within the stadium.

Trying out Ballet

You’d be amazed at what people will do for attention. This Instagram user had gone on top of a rusty pole and balanced himself gingerly on one foot. It’s a great way to learn Ballet fast. Beneath him, a seashore filled with shells and stones watched.

Image courtesy of mustangwanted / Instagram

We hadn’t assumed that he had done it for fame. But his Ig username tells otherwise. Wonder what it’s called? mustangwanted. Well, getting a thrill out of life goes beyond just speeding. He thrives on it with these dangerous stunts.

Where Are You Going?

They get their name from the coarse hair lining their face. They shift their weight from one flipper to another on land and look adorable doing so. You may be accustomed to seeing them in ocean parks. But make no mistake, sea lion attacks are dangerous. Here’s one of them asking an unsuspecting tourist, “where are you going?”

Image Courtesy of @wild_life_85 / Instagram

To display dominance, they open their mouth and show their teeth at you. You’d know from the looks of this picture, that this seal meant business. That bite could leave about an inch-diameter wound. But don’t worry, these attacks are very rare. Just keep a respectful distance away from them.

Fake Smile

One of the most unattractive things to see in a selfie is a forced smile. Everything else may be in place, but the key to perfection is sincerity. Why take a selfie at all if you’re unhappy? Take this guy for example. See how his eyebrows are raised in worry, and how the corners of his eyes don’t wrinkle.

Image Courtesy of @herba_marcelo / Instagram

If you can’t do it right, then don’t do it at all. There’s a fascinating landscape behind you, and you should be pleased to have it as a backdrop. Sure, you’re standing on a 5-inch wide metal railing without any safety cables, but you chose to do this. So smile like you mean it!

Lace Your Shoes

When you see an extraordinary animal, it’s normal to want to edge a little closer to get a better look. You’ve only seen them in books, so seeing one up close can be surreal. With every step you take, it’s as if you can feel your hand gliding over their thick, leathery skin. But keep a safe distance. Surprisingly, they can run up to 20-25 miles per hour.

Image courtesy of@katja_loving_motherhood / Instagram

It’s easier to run with your back turned away from the predator. Since you’re taking a selfie, you’d be able to check if it’s gaining ground towards you. But they can catch up the distance between you pretty quickly, so make sure to have your shoes laced.

Fresh Air Everyone

Every selfie taken on a skyscraper pales in comparison to this. While flying an airplane, this pilot thought of opening one of the front pane windows and taking a selfie. You’d think he’d be concerned primarily with the safety of his passengers, but that seems untrue.

Image courtesy of gearsworld / Instagram

Guess he had altitude sickness or something. When climbing to higher altitudes, our ability to force oxygen into our bloodstream becomes harder. This could cause anyone to act temporarily out of character, and experience other symptoms such as dizziness or worse, fainting. The Aviation Authority should be more discerning of its pilots.

Humpty Dumpty

This lady sits by the edge of the Villehardouin’s Castle wall. It’s now an abandoned settlement, but had anyone been living there, they would have surely requested this woman come back from the ledge. Those walls aren’t just meant to keep danger out, but to keep people safe within the fortress.

image courtesy of @guardoilmondodaloblo / Instagram

Once both feet are safely back within the castle wall, the tour guide can escort her to the Diros cave, the temple of Agia Sofia, the church of Perivleptos and Pantanassa. At least, no one will have to worry about her falling a steep drop.

Taking a Swipe

Adventurer and traveler Raleela goes on trips in her Jeep. She’ll pack essentials, a camping bag, and charter unfamiliar territory. This is why she makes a great travel adviser! She makes a map of all the places she’s gone to, and the wildlife she has seen there.

Image Courtesy of raleela / Instagram

One of which includes a live bear. We can feel beads of sweat forming on our foreheads. Did you know Usain Bolt, at top speed, runs 27 miles per hour? That grizzly bear can run at a max speed of 35 miles. Even with its back turned against her, that grizzly bear is a cause for concern.

Weathering Heights

There isn’t the slightest look of worry on their faces. Donning shades and lightweight attire, they sit unrestrained on a metal railing. They support themselves single-handedly. One holds a selfie stick, while the other holds her phone. They’re too cool to care the slightest bit!

Image Courtesy of @7_pa_5 / Instagram

Well, with the sight at hand, our attention would be riveted by it too. Never mind that we’re defying gravity. There are a hundred feet between us and the asphalt, so falling should be the least of our worries. What do we say to the god of death? Not today!

Hanging with the Pack

You will find yourself catching your breath, looking at this picture. But before anything else, a fun fact about lions is that they can run up to max speeds of 60 mph. They can pounce up to 15 feet, and while running, they can jump up to 40 feet. With or without momentum, there’s good cause for calling them the Kings of the Jungle.

Image Courtesy of tomwhitman / Instagram

So a few travelers had thought of paying tribute to royalty. They walked tentatively towards the playing pack. Without bowing down, they stood with their backs against the Kings and took a selfie. We aren’t worried about the playing pride of lions, now the visitors, that’s a different story.

Nice Ski Pole

Ski poles are made of different materials – aluminum, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. They increase your speed as you are coursing down the mountain tops. They also help with balance and timing. So it’s no wonder this skier was able to take a selfie mid-air after making a timely cursory jump.

Image Courtesy of @anthonyroober / Instagram

How do you think he landed? We hope it was on both feet, and that he didn’t forget he only had one ski pole. He might have forgotten and used that selfie stick to navigate through before skidding to a stop. Nonetheless, we’re happy that he was able to share this glorious moment mid-air.

The Heat is On

Something is mesmerizing about flames and heat. Whether it be the burning embers of a campfire or hot lava, people are drawn to it. So when this woman was next to an active volcano, she determinedly went towards it.

image courtesy of travel earth

Sure, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. While all the natives are fleeing for their lives, a foreigner intentionally visits the open crater. How did she even get there in the first place? The climb up top is fraught with danger. You’d feel the heat emanating from the ground.

Moray of These Pictures!

These eels were reserved as a food source for Hawaiian royalty only. They fetched a high price because they’re incredibly elusive and hard to skin. They have a distinct taste and were served with rice and fish broth. But we wouldn’t suggest that you hunt them.

Image courtesy of Honolua-Mokul’ia Bay / Instagram

They’re considered one of the most dangerous underwater inhabitants. When disturbed, they can bite with strong, sharp teeth that cause a lot of blood loss. Also, their skin is toxic to humans. Stay away and try to remember, it’s hard to shake off an opponent underwater.

Prepping for the Olympics

It takes about one to two decades for a person to become insanely successful. Olympians like Michael Phelps started training when they were kids. But don’t worry, with intensity and perseverance, you can amass the same skill set as they do. To compete as a gymnast on the flat bar, you can do this.

Image courtesy of mustangwanted / Instagram

That amount of pressure will force you to train seriously. You can build upper body strength, but no amount of training can keep your hands from sweating. So when doing this, use chalk…or common sense. Just stay away from these kinds of stunts.

Safe Drivin’

He was only “clowning around.” But it’s because of people like this that we have such strict driving rules. The harsh penalties don’t deter people much. Can you think of other ways to make drivers’ ed more effective? We are open to suggestions.

Image courtesy of @dean_rowley_712 / Instagram

We hope he hasn’t made a habit of this, and that he had taken this with the opposite lane vacant. It’s easy for anyone to swerve dangerously when their attention is focused on taking a road ragin’ selfie and not on the actual road.

Freezing Temperature

Despite freezing temperatures, you can scuba dive in Antarctica. You can also go zodiac cruising, kayak with whales, observe penguins in the Falkland Islands, and explore Deception Island. If en route to any of the islands there, how about you send us the pictures?

Image courtesy of 123rf

Well, sailors adjust the sails by climbing poles, this also offers a great vantage point for looking at islands from a distance. This shouldn’t surprise you. It’s just that the layers of clothing won’t be of any help at all if you fall into the icy waters. That will send a shock right down to the bone.

The Most Dangerous Hike

It is hailed as the world’s most dangerous hiking trail. It’s only 2.6 kilometers long, and it takes a hiker roughly 20 minutes to get through. But the path you’ll be walking on is made of about a foot-and-a-half inch thick planks!

Image courtesy of sassy hong kong

There are safety cables of some sort, and chains bolted on the rocks, but this isn’t a hike you’d want to go through in bad weather or even good weather for that matter. Some tourists leave a padlock with their names on these chains. And despite what everyone thinks, it’s actually a sacred pilgrimage site.

Taming the Beast

There is a list of rules published by the City of Pamplona for the Encierro or the Bull run. You can be detained, arrested, or removed from the competition if you’re found violating any of them. Some include wearing appropriate footwear and keeping doorways open. People are also disallowed from grabbing or harassing bulls, or at the very least, taking a selfie with them.

Image courtesy of CNN

Gee, wonder why? This guy was lucky enough to be spared because he was running right in front of the bull. Imagine if he were a few inches to either side. That would have been a different story altogether. And it would have slightly dampened the day’s festivities.

Peer Pressure

It’s wise to choose a partner who’s good for the soul – someone who’s kind, patient, and who listens attentively. He should also be able to respect your boundaries, especially when you say no. Reckon she made the right choice?

Image Courtesy of @rafa_fazio / Instagram

Because despite the beautiful scenery, she was basically bullied into climbing this cliff and taking the selfie with him. He could have gone by himself. He proudly tagged them as “having fun” and praising her for being “so brave,” but her face reflects how she really feels about being on the edge of a cliff, and possibly about the relationship in general.


In West Asia, camels are a preferred mode of transport over horses because they can travel twice the distance, and they don’t mind the heat. Although they are known to be relatively friendly creatures- they can bite, and have rather big teeth.

From the look on this camels’ face- he wasn’t very impressed about sharing the limelight, and the poor guy who just wanted a selfie next to this enormous animal looks in danger of being bitten. Selfie tip no 1 – keep your head away from the mouths of animals with bigger teeth than yours.