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Things That Are Not What You Think They Are

The world is chock full of beautiful and random things. While lying down on the grass, you’ve probably looked up at the sky a few times and saw how the clouds shift and change shapes to create different images in the sky. A cloud might sometimes look like a T-Rex or a person eating an ice cream cone. You also might be driving in your car, and you stop to see a bush that looks exactly like a silhouette of a human. This isn’t your brain playing tricks on you; it’s just that many things can look like other things. The human mind is a wondrous machine that can come up with many creative ideas. Let your imagination soar with these objects that aren’t truly what they seem. From mops that look like scientists to bushes that look like humans, we’ve got them all!

Flamingo Pepper

Ah, dinner time. It’s been a long day, and it’s time to kick off your shoes and unwind. You turn on Netflix and hear your stomach growl. You head to the kitchen to whip up a bowl of salad. You cut the cucumbers in slices as usual, and then the onions.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

Next, you proceed to cut the bell peppers, but you’re met with a strange sight. Your bell pepper looks exactly like a flamingo! But it’s only one flamingo, not two. This might look strange at first, but it’s just a result of the GMOs in your bell peppers, or sometimes this happens with veggies. It’s a pleasant surprise, nonetheless.


Trees can take on the shape of anything. From animals to monuments to even fire breathing dragons? These guys were on a trip to the woods when they decided to rest on a big tree trunk. Little did they know that they’d be disturbing the dragon’s abode.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

Everything about this tree resembles a dragon. Even its eyes have a tiny slit in the middle. We wish we could see the rest of the tree to see if the body looks like one too. It seems like it could take off any minute now!

Under The Sea

This window gives us nautical vibes. These people are about to head to an underwater concert with dancing jellyfish and starfishes blasting out a tune. The view from down there must be amazing! Look closer, and you’ll see that this airplane is above ground, and it’s only submerged beneath the water because of the tinted windows.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

Whoever came up with the design of the windows is a genius, and it looks purely intentional. Nice one, guys! If this were our view, we’d be staring out of it for hours. The clouds below look like coral or plankton floating around. Stunning graphics on this underwater space vehicle

Space Chickens

These chickens were sent from outer space, and they bear us blessings. They come in peace with their space vanilla cakes because they believe their cakes are the best in the galaxy. The problem is if you eat them every day consistently for 2 years you’ll start changing colors just like they did and after a few more years you’ll end up looking exactly like them.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

This would make for a cool sci-fi movie if it were true. These are actually Darwin’s Slipperflowers! Some people even see orange penguins. What do you see? These flowers are so strange-looking that one can’t help but to stare at them and think of all the other things they could be,

Massive Explosion

Now this one is evidently a burnt cauliflower left in the oven for too long. But it also makes for a cool explosion right? Not that any kind of explosion is cool, but it could also be a rock formation that formed from lava.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

If you’ve tried baking cauliflower before, you’ll know that they aren’t easy to perfect. You can either wrap it in foil, so it cooks evenly or just douse it in any oil of your choice and watch it work its magic. This cauliflower looks about ready for consuming.. yum!


Clothing shops can be exciting places to let your imagination run free. In this store, Spiderman lurks behind the clothing rack. He spins his webs on the hangers and dangles from them to greet eager customers; this is how he traps them.

image courtesy of brighthumanity

By setting up cobwebs in the shop, he lures the customers into spending more money. They can’t refuse because of his intense glare and white eyes staring back at them. He’s just here to help the shopkeeper maintain the peace and to boost his sales.

Yolk’ve Got to be Kidding Me

At first, this might seem to be an egg yolk. But it isn’t. It’s crazy how our brain works into thinking that the initial glance is always right. If you look again, you’ll see that it’s a canned peach half and the egg white is juice from the can.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

Someone was either whipping up a peach pie or just messing around when they took this picture. Either way, we’d eat it. It would make for a great April fool’s prank. Hand one to your sibling and tell them it’s an egg. They’ll be mindblown!

Looks Broken

It’s crawling, it must be alive! It’s a rare albino shellius snail that only lives on tin plates. It feasts on tiny grains of rice and retreats into its shell at night. Actually, this is just a broken egg that took on the shape of a snail.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

How it assumed this shape, we have no idea. The shell might have been cracked already, therefore, the snail-like egg-formed after it spread out. Once the top was cracked, the rest of the body poured out to form this shape.

It’s a Man! No Wait…

As you’re driving with your buddies on the freeway, you decide that today’s the day where you want to do one good deed. You choose to pick up a hitchhiker on your travels home only to see that it isn’t an actual hitchhiker.

image courtesy of pareidolia/reddit

From afar, it looked like a person dressed in green or some type of camouflage uniform. As you inch closer, you see that it’s just an overgrown bush. Oh, how the mind likes to play games on us. It was a funny sight to witness, and maybe the government ought to start trimming overgrown plants.

Stay Positive

Happy Guy- Either this epoxy resin on wood is delighted to have been made, or it’s a crystal that is joyous to have been discovered. A geologist student on Reddit mentioned how it contains minerals, so we’re leaning more towards the idea that this is a crystal or some type of sediment that contains crystals.

image courtesy of pareidolia/reddit

We aspire to always be like this rock, happy-go-lucky without a care in the world. He serves as a reminder that even though we have hard times, it’s essential to see the good in everything. Also, it’s mouth looks like an underwater cave, cool, huh?

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

In a galaxy far far away, rocks clashed together containing feldspars, metals, magnesium, among other elements. These minerals gave birth to planets that surround brand new stars. This image looks like the beginning of the big bang or a wide-shot of the universe from a drone. But if you look closer to the black areas in the picture, you’ll see trails of smoke, and these trails come from fireworks.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

From up in the sky, they can look like shooting stars because of the multicolored lights they emit. They sparkle just like stars but die out much sooner. Also, there are too many shooting stars for this to actually be real. We wish it were, though!

Frozen Landscapes

Here is where the importance of perspective comes into play. From up close, this is simply a frozen puddle on a winter’s day, with scattered brown rocks on the side and chunks of asphalt. From an aerial perspective, it looks like a frozen landscape somewhere in Europe or even North America.

image courtesy of confusing_perspective/reddit

It’s incredible how our minds can play tricks on us, depending on the angle we look at things. The frozen landscape looks like a post-apocalyptic barren land where no animals roam, and it’s all ice and black sand. It also looks like it could be home to the White Walkers from Game of Thrones.

Space Cows

These cows are out of this world! With a coat like that, this cow is flaunting her look in style by just standing there. She has her trusty calf, Nebula, by her side to keep her company in the lone galaxy. These two are the guardians of the farm, and they were sent by hyper-intelligent aliens to watch over the earth.

image courtesy of woahdude/reddit

They don’t simply moo; they communicate telepathically while they chew grass. Her coat isn’t a common one for cows, and it’s a rare sight to see. If you ever come across a cow like this in real life, then the aliens have communicated their message.


Is that a pumpkin-shaped like a melon-shaped like an apple? And is the banana a regular banana? We’re so confused by this image, and we’re sure you are too. To shed some light on this picture, it’s actually an apple gourd or Tinda. It’s part of the same family as the pumpkin, and it’s mostly found in Southeast Asia.

image courtesy of woahdude/reddit

It does resemble a squash and an Indian pumpkin, but it’s an entirely different fruit on its own! You learn something new every day. Oh, and the banana is just a banana, no trick there. We wonder how the apple gourd tastes, though, and if it tastes like a watermelon or a melon or neither?

Space Creature

This isn’t any regular space creature; it’s a jellyfish. Because of its bioluminescence, it looks like it’s floating in space when it’s just swimming underwater at approximately 30,000 feet below. At these depths, sea creatures are completely different-looking. They can look other-worldly, just like this case.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

Jellyfish are unique animals since they have no blood, brain, or heart. They float around and reproduce without any partner and multiply like wildfire. They bop around in the aquatic system with no cares in the world, and they truly are aliens in their kind of way.

Yoshi City

This isn’t any regular steering wheel; it’s actually Yoshi from Nintendo dressed as a steering wheel. If you’ve played Mario Brothers or any Yoshi game on PlayStation before, you’d be able to see the resemblance. The large nose with the ford sign and the wide-mouthed smile, yup, that’s him alright. For those who don’t know, Yoshi is a fictional dinosaur that’s usually featured in Super Mario World games.

Image courtesy of

He lives in a fictional world where Mario, Toad, and Princess Peach all live together. They drive karts in their free time, and then Yoshi decided to turn into an actual car himself since he was bored with the 2D world. He needed an upgrade.

Here He Comes!

When we were kids, our parents would sometimes read stories to us of fairies, Santa Claus, and all things metaphysical and out of this world. We’d put teeth under our pillows to summon the tooth fairy, and we’ve carried on this age-old tradition with our children. What we forgot to tell our kids, though, is the mystery of Bigfoot.

image courtesy ofbigfoot/reddit

Imagine the fright our kids or family would get from cleaning the walkway at home and seeing this. It almost makes you not want to wash the sidewalk ever again. Bigfoot is furious that you’ve invaded his house, and he will not take no for an answer. You clean vigorously to wipe off his smile, but it remains until the end of time. Or, until you decide to just paint over it to remove this creepy looking image.

Hang On

You’re tired after a long day of work and just want to hit the hay. You take a nice warm bath with your new bath bomb and unwind with a good book. Afterward, you grab your toothbrush and place a blob of toothpaste on it.

image courtesy of pareidolia/reddit

Right before the toothbrush hits your teeth, you notice that it looks like it’s hanging onto dear life. It seems like a little baby chimpanzee dangling on the bristles of your brush. Before you use it, you snap a pic to immortalize this moment. Cause after all, when are you going to get a toothpaste blob like this again, right?

Pacman Soap Holder

We’ve all played Pacman at least once in our life. The alluring lights and the sound of his mouth chomping down on the circular lights is an iconic sound that one can’t forget. When it became trendy in the 80s, it was a huge hit, and people played the game in arcades non-stop.

image courtesy of pareidolia/reddit

Pacman is a classic game for your gaming console or even for your phone. Someone loved Pacman so much that they decide to make a soap holder in the image of a Pacman ghost to show their passion for the game. Either he installed this design on his bathroom wall intentionally, or it came like that. Either way, it’s neat for any gamer or non-gamer out there.

The Others

Clouds can take on the shape of any animal, object, or even person. Their flexible make- up morphs, stretches, and grows when the winds move them. This looks like a scene straight from the movie Inception with the sky looking like it’s about to abduct a bunch of humans.

image courtesy of Lubyanchenko/twitter

If you look closer, you’ll see that it’s just a massive blob of fog floating on by. From afar, it looks super futuristic like the door might open, and Darth Vader will walk out. This has got to be one of the coolest fog formations we’ve ever seen!

It’s a Sign

You’re drinking your favorite fizzy drink on a hot afternoon with the sun shining down. You contemplate the next country you want to travel to. You’re thinking about going to Southeast Asia, but you’re also open to traveling to Europe.

image courtesy of hmmm/reddit

You ask the world for a sign since you can’t make up your mind. You look down at your drink and see this in your glass. What a freaky sign from the universe, but at the same time, it helped answer your question. To Asia, it is! Thank you fizzy drink, you’re such a reliable source of help and decisiveness.

Steer Clear

It’s a hot day, and this animal decided to try and get some shade under the metal bars. It found the shadows of the bars made for the perfect amount of shade while still getting some warm sun on its fur. From afar, it looks like a tiger, and you think about proceeding with caution.

image courtesy of hmmm/reddit

But as you inch closer, you realize it’s just a gentle dog taking a break. You had a mini heart attack, but after you confirmed it was just a doggo, the fear subsided. We’re wondering how he got there and where his human is! Hopefully, he was able to make his way home.

Joker Yoghurt

You make your way to the grocery complete with your list of things to buy—shampoo check, laundry detergent check, yogurt that looks like a joker.. check! Wait what? You walk down the dairy aisle and realize that you are hungry, they say never to go shopping on an empty stomach- and now that makes sense. You peer down at the ready to eat section and come across this happy-go-lucky yogurt.

image courtesy of pareidolia/reddit

You remember the Joker from Batman and decide why not? It looks cheerful, as well as delicious. You dig your spoon in and take a bite from its blueberry eye and know you made the right choice. This supermarket has great marketing tactics!

Into the Universe

Yes, this looks like someone’s eye. But the black hue on the outer edges can’t be part of the eye since its unnatural. While it could also look like unstirred paint, it’s actually an oil spill that spread out to form an eye. Even though fossil fuels aren’t recommended to use since they can be harmful to the environment, they do make great art.

image courtesy of confusing_perspective/reddit

Some people claim that if you stare at the center for a while, it’ll look like it’s moving and growing outwards. What do you see? We believe this is so because of the contrast of the black background and the bright blue, which gives this illusion.

Ghost From Winter’s Past

It’s wintertime, and that means it’s the season for hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. You invite your friends over for a chill night of grilling and chilling when you hear a shriek in the kitchen because your friend says someone’s trying to break in.

image courtesy of Lubyanchenko/twitter

You rush outside to see what the commotion is all about and you see this. An ice formation that has formed into a super tall human being, and it’s peering into your kitchen. Maybe by giving it a peace offering of hot cocoa and a Smore, he will be on his way and scare the people in another house.

Here Lies Someone

You’re walking around on the farm, and you stop to see that it looks like someone’s grave has been dug . You’re freaked out, so you stay back and call your friend via video call. He responds by telling you to look closer because he doesn’t think it’s a grave.

image courtesy of woahdude/reddit

You later realize that it’s just hay bale with a perfectly cast shadow. From a different angle, this looks completely normal but since this is a semi-top view the shadow makes it look like there’s a grave underneath it. It’s amazing how light and the right angle can change how an object looks like.

Play That Funky Music

Gone are the days of walkmans and cassette players. We live in an age of instant music like Spotify and Soundcloud. The days where we’d collect these things are long gone, but vinyl is still the rage. Yes, at first, this looks like a series of cassettes stacked on top of each other.

image courtesy of confusing_perspective/reddit

In reality, these are multicolored buses with pilgrims in them. They’re traveling all the way to Mecca in for the Haj, and it looks like they’re going to be in for a long ride. For some people, this might be claustrophobic, but for pilgrims, they’re pretty much used to this age-old tradition. During Eid, it can get extremely crowded, so we’d recommend going there on another occasion when there’d be fewer people.


We’ve all heard about or seen the iconic movie Jumanji. Two kids find out that a mysterious board game which holds mystical powers to be able to unlock the animal kingdom that eventually comes to life while the game is being played.

image courtesy of woahdude/reddit

Mini dinosaurs roam through the parks with no supervision! But wait, they aren’t actually mini dinosaurs. They’re small animals, maybe mongooses, who escaped from their enclosure at the zoo and are now roaming free looking for adventure.

Not a Wall Mount

This gorgeous dog is so pretty it looked like it was pulled straight from a Wes Anderson movie. In the scenario, the family is gathered around the table smack in the center frame, and the dog sits on the side, waiting to be fed. It might look like a wall mount at first because of the awkward position of the dog.

image courtesy of hmmm/reddit

But if you look closer, you’ll realize that its luscious hair is covering the rest of its body. No science here at all- just a matter of looking at it from the right angle. Her piercing honey-colored eyes are yearning for a bone to chew on or for a nice back rub.

Buddy Is That You?

Stains on a wall can look like anything. Some people sometimes even claim they’ve seen Jesus or a celebrities face in stains on the wall. These aren’t acts of miraculous divinity; they’re just stains that happen to form a shape on the wall.

image courtesy of hmmm/reddit

This stain though, is pretty remarkable since it came to life by surrounding the holes on the wall. This isn’t just a stain of a dog, but it’s also a work of art! The rust stain formed around the holes to form ears, a small little neck, and a cute face. Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Space Lobsters

Crustacean Overlord -The year is 2500, and crustaceans have taken over the world. Crabs, shrimps, lobsters, and others unite to make the world a better place. They’ve decided that social media isn’t necessary anymore, and they’ve created a way for each crustacean to communicate with each other telepathically.

image courtesy of confusing_perspective/reddit

With the help of their overlord who sits on his metallic throne, he mandated that everyone walk outside after dinner every night instead of just sitting down to look up at the stars. This would make for a great intro to a book and would be way more interesting than describing the actual image. The actual image shows a lobster on a metallic plate. The droplets around it that resemble stars are actually just water droplets. We’d like to think the former was true, though.

Message From The Gods

This text spread is from the ancient Jidutri tribe of the Philippines. It showcases their language originally called Poonto and this is one of the last remaining scrolls that they have left. It was a message from the Datu (king) to his people that they need to till the land for the next few months to have enough rice for the cold months.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

This story would sound really cool if it were actually true. But these are in truth, just regular English words that were printed over each other a few times due to a poorly functioning printer. This effect makes it look like its some form of ancient text, and it would make for a beautiful work of art.

Album Art

Ah, the early 2000s was an era of great music. From bands such as Westlife to Backstreet Boys, who pulled at our heartstrings and made us have an unhealthy obsession with memorizing all their songs by heart. To Britney Spears and Spice Girls and how they empowered us never to be afraid of who we are.

image courtesy of liveabout

This isn’t album art from the 2000s, but what it is is a cheese grater! How strange. From this perspective, it looks like one of those music videos with mirrors on all sides, so it seems like they’re standing in a cube-like box. Far out!

Polar Bear Dog

It’s time for your dog’s weekly bath. You struggle to put him in the tub because he still wants to run around outside. So you lure him to the bath with doggy treats by creating a trail. He follows the path only to slip and fall into the bathtub! Gotcha.

image courtesy of aww/reddit

He emerges from the depths of the bubbles with matted hair, looking like a polar bear. He isn’t pleased with the trick you pulled and certainly won’t fall for it again! At least someone’s all spic and span and ready for bed.

Frost Art

Snow crystals are unique since no snowflakes are entirely the same. They can take on shapes that condense and expand to make curls and twists that can also make your imagination run wild, just like Dr. Seuss-looking frost art on someone’s window.

image courtesy of 7jjn4d/reddit

This view looks like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss Book or Narnia. Little snow people live their lives in an eternal winter, and they tend to their snow plants that also live off of water and the cold environment. This naturally made artwork is literally cool!

Spaghetti Time

Concrete blocks get hungry after being outside for long periods. Their stomachs growl, they get impatient, and they can’t do their job correctly. This concrete block beside a busy highway is having its fill of carbs: spaghetti, to be exact.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

In the afternoons, it likes to have a light meal of soup and salad, and by night it usually fasts to save its appetite for the next day. It makes this face when it’s full and happy, much like a human being does when they’ve had a big meal.

Where To?

We all get gunk and dust on our faucets from using it daily. It can accumulate because of soap stains that weren’t washed off properly, or even from chemicals in your day-to-day cleaners. If you look closer at these stains, you’ll notice that they have their own story to tell. Some people claim this looks like a hammerhead shark showing off his tattoo on his fin (now you can’t unsee this).

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

Or just a plain old’ map of the world, if another version of the world existed in our vast galaxy. The lines and dots are scattered at unique degrees and angles, which makes this piece an artwork in itself. Might want to rethink wiping down your faucet if it looks as amazing as this.

Feeling Ill

Your laundry machine stopped working at home, but you still need fresh clothes for the week. You hop on over to the laundromat with all your dirty clothes in hand. You also brought your favorite red wool sweatshirt that needs to be run on a gentle wash.

image courtesy of liveabout

A few minutes later, you pull out your pants, socks, and shirts. The red wool sweatshirt is the last item of clothing you fish out, but you realize that the laundry machine looks sick. Your sweater looks like a tongue, and now the machine is all dizzy from washing your clothes. Someone call it an ambulance!

Ice Cold

This vase was delighted when its owner took out the plant inside it. Finally, it could see the outside world. What a wonder it was to behold the sky full of stars and the trees full of munching squirrels. Little did the vase know that the outside world is a unique place.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

It developed its eye when the water froze over the top, and the bottom of the vase became the iris of the eye. It’s funny to see how everyday objects can look completely different when viewed in a new light.

Final Destination 33

If you’ve seen the Final Destination movies, you’ll probably look at this with hesitation. But don’t worry, no one was harmed in the making of this image. It’s actually a citrus press that processes blood oranges, giving it that stark blood-like look. Even though it looks gory, it smells of oranges. The blood orange is usually found in Europe and has a tough outer layer and a reddish-orange color inside.

image courtesy of woahdude/reddit

There are so many species of oranges out there, but this one has to be one of the most interesting and unique ones. The dark crimson-colored flesh is the perfect prop to make this horrible looking scene. This is definitely a case of things aren’t always what they seem.

Eye See You

Eyes are one of the most fascinating parts of the human body. Our eyes are so special that they can point out almost 10 million different colors on the color spectrum. Our eyes have tiny blood vessels and nerves that sometimes they can look like branches or trees even.

image courtesy of woahdude/reddit

No, this isn’t a horror movie poster from the 80s, although it could be! It’s actually a close-up image of an actual eye. It’s astonishing how different our eyes look like when photographed with the right lens, you can see every part of the eye, and it’s almost glowing with life.

Rare Iguana Fossil

Millions of years ago, iguanas roamed the earth free and wild. Now, we currently only have around 200,000 and 300,000 iguanas left. This is a rare fossil that was uncovered and is carbon-dated to be about a million years old! That would make for an exciting story.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

In all truth though, this is just a rock. Rocks can take on the shapes of many objects, and this unique shape is one of them. It even has the carving of the eye and nose perfectly shaped. We hope the guy who found this rock kept it for its uncanny resemblance to a fossil.

Groot’s Brother

You and your family are on the way to a weekend getaway. You play a game of “I Spy”. One of you says that you see a red bird flying in the sky. The other person says he sees a man in the shape of a tree hailing a cab.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

You all laugh out loud since there’s no way a tree could possibly look as if it needed to go anywhere. But that’s where you’re wrong. This tree looks like an actual person hailing a cab. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you; it actually is a tree in the shape of a person. Hopefully, the tree person was able to hitch a ride back to the forest.


Is it a strawberry? A tomato? How about a pair of swollen tonsils? This object can be many things, but one thing’s for sure. It’s a tomato berry! If you’ve never heard of them before, they’re not to be confused with cherry tomatoes. Contrary to popular belief, a tomato is known to be a fruit, so if you thought this was a fruit, you were right.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

Would you bite into this? It’s supposed to taste slightly sweet. The hollow of the tomato that you’re looking at is called the locular cavities that are filled with seeds. So even though it might look like a strawberry, it’s actually a Tomato berry! Ya learn something new every day.

Dentist Visit

Going to the dentist every 6 months or so is important even when you don’t have any underlying conditions. It’s recommended to visit your dentist for check-ups and to have your teeth professionally cleaned. A lot of people avoid going though since it isn’t their cup of tea, and secretly a lot of people have a phobia about visiting the dentist.

image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/reddit

If you happen to see a bull staring at you while you’re in the dentist’s chair, then it shouldn’t be that bad, right? With this guy staring at you, getting your teeth fixed would be a breeze. Next time we go to the dentist, we’re definitely checking to see if things look different from what they seem to make things more interesting and keep our minds on something other then that big drill he is holding.