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5 Sri Lankan Breakfast Foods To Start Your Day Of Adventures Off Right

Sri Lankan food is delicious. In particular, people seem to enjoy Sri Lankan dinner dishes, with their savory flavors and tasteful amount of spice. What most people don’t realize, though, is that in Sri Lanka, breakfast is just as tasty.

Don’t believe us? Check out these breakfast dishes if you ever find yourself taking a trip to this South Asian island.

Pani Pol

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Pani pol is the Sri Lankan version of pancakes. Made from a crepe-like batter and filled with spices, shredded coconut, and jaggery (cane sugar). It’s often served alongside a hot cup of tea.

Aapa (hoppers)

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Appa, which are also known as hoppers, are another popular Sri Lankan pancake. They are different from pani pol because they are savory, pan-fried, and often made with a fried egg in their center. After they are cooked, they are shaped and served on a hopper mat.


No good Sri Lankan meal is ever lacking a dish of curry. For breakfast, curries are usually fish, chicken, or potato flavored. Potato curry is soupy, while chicken and fish curry are dry and spicy.

Buffalo Curd

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Buffalo curd is a meal that can be served at any time of day. It’s a yogurt-like dish made from buffalo milk and is typically served with fresh fruit and treacle, a syrup that tastes like maple syrup but has a honey-like consistency.

Coconut Roti

Coconut roti is a simple combination of flour, coconut, water, and salt. It is pan-fried and served alongside other dishes such as curry and buffalo curd. When made for lunch or dinner, it can have additions like onions and other vegetables.