Arabian Adventures: What Only Dubai Can Offer

By Ish B

The Middle East can be an exotic place for many people who haven’t been to that side of the world. Contrary to popular belief, Dubai isn’t just about camels and sand dunes. The country is abundant with many unique attractions, with the Burj Khalifa as just a start, which is the world’s tallest building. Emirati cuisine is also a unique world to dive into since they eat a plethora of meats, including beef, lamb, and even camel! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you simply can’t miss out on tasty dates, which you can get at markets everywhere. Be warned though, that Dubai is a pricey place, so make sure you’re packing enough cash for your travels there. What you’ll find on this list is a whole bunch of things that you wouldn’t expect to find in Dubai, such as a cheetah riding shotgun in a fancy sports car or even people playing tennis in the sky! You’re sure to be amazed by all the crazy and one-of-a-kind experiences only available in Dubai.

Robo Camels Racing

The wealthy Sheikhs of Dubai can’t get enough of their camel racing activities. They love it so much that they decided to make their own robo jockeys to race each other. You heard that right; this isn’t a real camel jockey! It’s a motorized one used for racing.

image courtesy of wonderful engineering

These robot jockeys have built-in technologies to help them run quicker and faster. They are lightweight and a whole lot less demanding than real jockeys, who, it seems, weren’t keen on racing camels. That’s a pretty impressive feat, and it’s amazing how they look so real.

Sailing With Simba

Having a lion on the deck of your yacht is commonplace in Dubai. If your friend can’t make it, why not bring your lion? After all, they won’t complain; they’ll just simply sit back and watch the view. Sounds like a win-win, right?

image courtesy of Funny/9gag

Having people on your yacht can be exhausting with all the planning sometimes, just bringing an animal is so much easier. This rich lad from Dubai brought his lion out on a spin on a hot summer’s day, both of them seem to be having a grand time.

Mercedes 4×4 and a Camel

If you’re out in the desert and have enough time, why not take your camel out for a walk too? In Dubai, it’s common to see camels lounging around and hanging out next to very expensive cars. This guy doesn’t have a trailer to put his camel in, so he thought he’d take him out on a walk instead.

image courtesy of Funny/9gag

It was thoughtful of him to give him a jacket since the heat can be too much for camels to bear. We hope they made stops every few hours so the camel could lap up some water. With all this heat, good thing he has a cover to avoid heatstroke!

White Gold Dipped

The only kind of dipped objects we’re familiar with are chocolate-dipped ice cream or vanilla-dipped strawberries. In Dubai, they have white gold dipped cars, and now we’ve truly seen it all. This Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is dipped in white gold – how crazy!

image courtesy of Funny/9gag

This car is fit for people who want the best of the best, meaning it’s not for sale for the average man. Millionaires, business tycoons, and celebrities are probably the only people lining up to get one of these. Whoever owns this splendid ride will be turning heads at every stoplight.

Fashion Center

Asia is currently booming on the fashion front. What these guys are doing, especially with regard to street fashion, is simply incredible. Dubai, too, has not been left out of that trend despite the fact that its culture is mostly conservative.

image courtesy of

Along with famed fashion capitals of the world like Paris and Milan, Dubai also hosts numerous fashion shows that do their best to promote local designers who create clothes for the modern conservative woman. Quite a smart and noble cause if you ask us.

Riding Home in Style

If you’re going out on a night of drinking with friends, it’s best to order a car. Or better yet, take the same cab together to make sure everyone gets home safely. If you’re living in Dubai, you won’t have to worry too hard about trying to find just the right ride.

image courtesy of

There’s a car service around every corner that’ll pick you up if you need a lift. The only difference is, it’ll always be a luxury car. Don’t be surprised when you have a sports car picking you up – it’s just the Uber driver! You know you’ll always be riding in class when in the Middle East.

Stacking Turtles

We’ve mentioned how the wealthy folk in Dubai love to dabble with exotic animals. Here’s another example of animals that they love to keep for their amusement. We see an image of a man happily stacking tortoises in a perfect line; we wonder how long it took him?

image courtesy of Funny/reddit

There’s a sight that you do not see every day, or ever. It honestly doesn’t seem fair for those poor animals to be stacked up like that, and we can’t imagine that they were willing participants in his game. Too bad, they couldn’t run away from him. We can only hope that no turtles were hurt in the filming of this image.

Time to Board

Indoor ice skating rinks are a thing in Southeast Asia, mainly in places where snow is absent. This arena, on the other hand, is meant for skiing and snowboarding. How cool is that? Instead of cooling off at home under your air conditioner, you can simply visit one of these places.

image courtesy of skidxb/ Instagram

It isn’t that difficult to snowboard or ski down this slope, and it’s a great way to brush up on your skills before your winter vacation to a ski resort in the Alps. Professionals will also have a fun time trying out the ramps, and it’s a great activity to bond with friends and family on your day off work or school.

No Date Zone

Beaches in Dubai have designated areas where people can enter, and only for certain groups of people. This family beach is designed for women who have families meaning a husband and kids. If a single guy is there alone, he can’t enter.

image courtesy of Jerusalem Online

The beaches in Dubai aim to stop men from ogling at women on the beach. Sometimes it’s good to go to the beach and stare at other people for inspiration when you’re trying to be fit. In contrast, other times it can be too intrusive. Good on Dubai for creating segregated beaches!

Celeb Destination

After all the wonders we have seen so far about this famed city, we know for sure that you’re probably dealing with a serious case of wanderlust. Well, we don’t blame you because it’s been a struggle for us too! It’s not enough to just read about this place.

image courtesy of fatoom/ Pinterest

You need to see it for yourself! Turns out, that’s a very universal sentiment seeing as quite a number of celebrities visit the UAE just to see Dubai for themselves. Pictured here is Kim Kardashian when she was there on a family trip a couple of years ago.

Golden Chariot

Normally, we would look twice when we see Suzukis, Sedans, or even minivans on the road. But in Dubai, it’s a different story- when you’re living in Dubai, it’s commonplace. These golden cars are the talk of the town, and they’re usually slathered in 14-karat gold.

image courtesy of samurai.eagle/ YouTube

In Dubai, it’s common to see gold-covered Buggatis or Ferraris and even the occasional diamond-studded Lamborghini, it in the case above, a gold Nissan. People in Dubai love to be flashy, especially with their cars, and they’ll pimp them out no matter the cost or make!

$1000 Dessert

This dessert is a gastronomical experience with the chocolate hailing from Italy, the vanilla beans stemming from Africa, and it even contains 24 karat gold dust! This dessert looks too expensive to eat, and if it were ever placed in front of us, we’d probably just stare at it.

image courtesy of thehungryceo / Instagram

How beautiful does it look though? It’s like each piece was perfectly handcrafted and made into a work of art. The cupcake even looks like it’s a perfectly crafted shell! The craftsmanship and work put into this are brilliant and beyond our wildest dessert dreams.

Fast and Furious

What you’re looking at is an aquatic vehicle, and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum of Dubai owns about 6 of these. You’d think he was a prince since he paid $800,000 for 6 of them, but if you have the bank account of a multi-millionaire, you don’t need to think twice or need a royal title to impress.

image courtesy of

WaterCar makes some of the most fun aquatic vehicles on the planet. They boast some of the fastest amphibious vehicles, and they have some models that are even designed for racing. If you’re into the luxe things in life, the WaterCar should be on your shopping list.

Constant Building

In Dubai, constant builing sites and cranes are a common sight. From every angle and viewpoint, it seems like new skyscrapers are always being constructed. That’s because Dubai is a buzzing and growing city, and each new building brings with it investments and a contribution to the economy.

image courtesy of

Dubai is a powerhouse, and just like developing countries in Asia, it aims to be the best of the best. They’re not far from it, though, and they’ve certainly outdone themselves with all the architecture. Kudos to them for their impressive technological feats!

Luxe ATMs

ATMs are there when you need cash on the go or when you’re running low and need a few bucks. They’re a lifesaver in places where cash is the only accepted payment method. In Dubai, they offer a different kind of ATM, and it’s a pretty lavish one at that. Would you expect nothing less?

image courtesy of TheRichest/ Youtube

What makes this ATM interesting, though, is that it dispenses solid gold bars and not cash. This man is looking well-pleased with the quality of this ATM, and he’s pretty sure he has the Midas touch. By the look on the guy’s face, we can assume that the ATM is made of solid gold as well.

High Class Stables

These high-class stables are for high-class horses. Why keep them in a barn where it’s too hot when they can relax in a horse- hotel lobby? These horses are getting the best treatment in the world, and they certainly can’t complain about their 5-star living quarters.

image courtesy of

In addition to being able to see each other and discuss their previous victories on the track, they love their climate-controlled environment and being out of the hot desert sun. They are pampered thoroughbred racehorses, after all. And it just goes to show how much people in Dubai value their prize Arabian horses.

One Bathroom to Rule Them All

Stepping into a fancy hotel restroom is one of the best feelings—the marble floors that glisten under the sun, the pristine bathtub. A good bathroom can make you feel like a queen or a king! In Dubai, this is what a standard hotel bathroom looks like. We thought at first that this was the presidential suite!

image courtesy of Funny/9gag

The bathroom comes well equipped with a skylight so you can watch the stars at night. Or if you plan to shower during the day, you can watch the sunrise and sunset. With all that space, you can even sleep in the bathroom and dine there if you wish! If that’s what the bathroom looks like, we can’t help but wonder about the rest of the room…

Free Food

Did our eyes see that right? Free food? Dubai has undoubtedly stepped up its game with its free food vending machines. Complete with yogurt and bottled water for those harsh days in the sun when you need a little pick me up. This vending machine isn’t for everyone, though.

Things That Can’t Be Missed When Visiting Dubai/pinterest

This machine is for people who are unemployed or lack the financial means to buy their own food. What a great initiative! It’s beautiful to see these kinds of machines where their goal is to help the less fortunate. We wish we could see more of these around the world!

Breaking Your Arm in Class

All it takes for you to ride in a classy stretch limo in Dubai is a broken arm! Who would’ve thought? It’s that easy. If you want an experience that makes you feel pampered and like a king, you can simply call an ambulance, and you know they’ll be there in a few minutes.

image courtesy of Dubai/Pinterest

You’ll only be getting the best medical attention in Dubai while still feeling like a million dollars in their ambulances. Yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes because this is the real deal. It’s not a ride that you will ever want to take, but at the same time, it’s all you could ever ask for in an ambulance. We wonder if they have flat-screen TVs inside too?

Ring With Bling

In with the new, out with the old, or so the saying goes. Sometimes it’s better to have new things to fit with the current times of today. If you’re looking for a new phone, look no further than Dubai’s very best cellphone shops. Are you looking for 14-carat gold or 21-carat gold?

image courtesy of luxhabitat

Whichever type of gold, platinum, or diamond drizzled phone you desire, they’ll have it ready at your disposal. These phones are of the highest quality, and you know you’re only getting the best of the best. These luxe phones don’t come cheap though, so make sure you have enough cash ready!

Cover Up

A scene like this in Dubai isn’t really uncommon anymore. While Dubai is more accepting of foreigners dressing freely, you’ll have to do so at your discretion, as modest laws are strictly enforced in places. Emirati women are usually covered up from head to toe because of their religious beliefs.

image courtesy of

Foreign women aren’t expected to start covering themselves from head to toe. But when visiting sacred areas, make sure you’re wearing something to cover your head, and a wise idea would also be to make sure you aren’t overexposing your body and being respectful of the culture at all times.

Tiger King- Middle Eastern Version

Joe Exotic isn’t the only Tiger King around here; the men of Dubai are often seen sporting exotic cats with them wherever they go. Not only do they have cheetahs lounging in their cars, but yes, they also have tigers.

image courtesy on

It’s hard to think that one could even domesticate a tiger, but there’s nothing these men can’t do. When there’s a will, then there’s a way, and it looks like they get their way most of the time from this sight! We wonder how the tiger fares when he’s older. Will he even fit inside the car?

Not Your Average Home Delivery

Need your car delivered? No problem, there’s a service for that. By now, after reading a few slides in this article, it comes as no surprise that car deliveries would be an actual thing. This guy is getting a personal delivery service to his location of choice.

image courtesy of

This is pretty common in Dubai and it cuts the time of traffic! Imagine the hassles of having to call a service to move your car, all you need to do is move to Dubai and have a helicopter do all the work for you. The people have life easy, wow!

Dubai Civil Defense But in Style

The Dubai Civil Defence is located in Dubai, in the Arab Emirates, and they’re usually fighting crime in style with their industrial and commercial safety and security top-of-the-line vehicles. They’re usually sent for rescue missions when things get awry.

image courtesy of teddyfeed

You’d usually expect an ordinary car to pull up like a Suzuki or even a Honda, but in Dubai, you should expect more. The Dubai Civil Defence is so fancy that they even have hummers and sports cars helping people out. If we could rate their service, we’d give them 5/5 for those sweet rides alone!

The City of Cloudscrapers

The City of Skyscrapers and tall buildings is none other than Dubai. Most of their buildings soar up 50 floors and even way higher. This can be dizzying for many people, and if you are afraid of heights, then make sure you aren’t working in one of these buildings.

image courtesy of katarina_bencek/ Instagram

The buildings are so high that they can almost seem to touch the sky, and Dubai also has the highest concentration of buildings in one area. Wowza! With a view like this, we’d be sure to stay in our offices even after sunset just to catch a glimpse of the setting sun.

Ordering Coffee in Style

When visiting Dubai, you can’t miss out on their epic Starbucks. Just by entering the fancy Starbucks interior, you’ll be blown away by the interior decor. We’re used to seeing the average Starbucks with a counter and a long queue, but with this, the counter has a 360-degree view of its surroundings and amazing settings.

image courtesy of superbori/ Instagram

We wouldn’t mind ordering a caramel macchiato in this fancy joint! We’d even bring a camera to stare at the incredible details on the walls and domed ceilings. Visiting Dubai is quite pricey, so before you plan on coming here, make sure you have enough saved.

Thats Not Trash

If we were out of money and only had $10 in our pocket, stealing this trash can would be a viable option. We’re kidding! Jokes aside, this is the most expensive Louis Vuitton trash can we’ve ever come across in our life. Does it get any fancier than this?

image courtesy of

We’re so used to the standard white or black trash cans that keeping this in our homes would look so awkward. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that this bin is outside! We wonder if there are Gucci, Fendi, or even Hermes trash cans as well.

I’ll Have a Burger and Fries Please

Middle Eastern food can sometimes seem exotic to people who don’t live there. Foods like hummus, shawarma, and even arak can seem strange and a bit too exotic for some people; Caucasian food is considered very special in Dubai. Hence, the name of this restaurant.

image courtesy of 35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai/pinterest

We wonder what they serve in this restaurant! Maybe milkshakes, burgers, and fries? It’s hard to pinpoint what Caucasian food is though since Caucasian is more than a race and involves many more countries and nationalities of people, all with their traditional foods and delicacies. A little disclaimer at the bottom would help the confused customer for sure!

Knight On A White Horse

We’ve seen robot jockeys, pure gold-dipped cars, and now we have a motorcycle in the shape of a white horse. The people in Dubai are certainly a unique bunch. This exotic ride is one of a kind, and you won’t find this just about anywhere else.

Image courtesy of Ravindranath K / The National

This man customized his ride and wanted to make sure that there was no one else on the road with one like it. We commend his uniqueness and commitment to make such a cool motorcycle! He should be dubbed the white stallion of Dubai.

Did someone order a Pizza?

Ordering pizza in Dubai is one of the classiest things you can do. Need pizza on the go? Look no further because Jerry’s has your back, and they’re driving a Ferrari to make sure you get your pie while it’s still piping hot. If we could rate these guys, we’d give them a 5/5.

image courtesy of Funny/reddit

Working in Dubai doesn’t seem so bad if you get to drive a car like this to deliver pizza. No more motorbikes with bulky boxes at the back; now it’s all about sports cars and fast rides! We only have one question for this picture: who do we send our resume to?

Foosball Fun

Why play on a typical foosball table when you can play on a golden one for fun? In Dubai, foosball is common, and the country is quite Westernised in its mindset. After cruising around town in your golden Hummer, why not come home to a golden foosball set?

image courtesy of 35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai/pinterest

The only question we have is: what else isn’t gold? We wouldn’t be surprised to see golden toilet seats at this point. Dubai never fails to surprise us with its lavish designs and over-the-top gold-plated everything.

Balancing Act

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s just a man balancing on top of his car. This man’s car toppled to the side, but he had to get a quick selfie in before calling someone to help him out. He doesn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that his car might be damaged.

image courtesy of engadget

They must have great insurance in Dubai with all the lions balancing atop their cars, and now, this. It’s nice to see the humorous and fun side of people in Dubai, especially when they manage to throw up deuces every now and then on the highway.

The Wonderful Aquatic Life

Even the fish have it made in Dubai, and we’re kind of jealous of them. This whole aquarium is the size of our entire apartment building, if not more! They genuinely value wildlife in Dubai and only want their animals to have the best of the best.

image courtesy of dubai/pinterest

At least they’re treating them very well since fishes and sea creatures need a lot of space to roam freely. While you’re shopping in Dubai, why not pass by the aquarium for some peace and serenity? You’re sure to see a few colorful fish that you like.

The Budding Boat

What does this boat remind you of? It’s giving us Noah’s Ark vibes with the depth and width of it! The size is reminiscent of Biblical times, and the man covered in white makes it look like he’s about to set sail with 100 camels, tortoises, and lions.

image courtesy of dubai/pinterest

This is a regular ol’ boat being made in Dubai, even though it might not look like it. Its width is admirable to see the length of it, and the work that went into this is pretty extreme. It must’ve taken them ages to complete this! Then again, with Dubai, anything can be made, and anything is possible.

Dripping in Gold

Gold isn’t just reserved for high-class chefs to use in their dishes or even rappers, it’s also for the extremely wealthy people of Dubai. When they’re not driving their luxury sports cars, they’re sporting their best jewelry out on the streets.

image courtesy of KDA/ Pinterest

Gold is one of the most valuable commodities in Dubai besides oil, and its locals have some of the best craftsmanship in the world. When visiting Dubai, it’s worth it to spend on a unique gold ring or even on a necklace because it’ll stay with you for a lifetime.

Classy Police

The Sheiks and upper class of Dubai aren’t the only people riding in style. The policemen are at it, too, with their fancy rides making sure the country is free from crime. They really know how to maintain their looks and style while still upholding the peace.

image courtesy of

Such thought is put into their police cars that it’s admirable. Usually, some police cars will be beaten up and messy, but in Dubai, you know you’re getting help from the best-looking cars. If you’ve any emergency, you’ll be sure that the police will arrive super-fast with their fancy sports cars.

Gold on Gold

Gold seems to be Dubai’s favorite color since you see it everywhere you go. A guy probably saw his neighbor’s gold hummer, and he thought to himself: “well, why can’t I have one too?” When you drive into a parking lot, you’re very likely to see a row of golden cars lined up.

image courtesy of engadget

It’s an incredible sight to behold, especially when you’re not the one who’s spending millions of dollars on one hummer. It’s worth it to book a flight to Dubai just to take a glance at their lavish lifestyle. Since we’ll never be able to afford 10 golden Hummers and Porsches, let alone 1, it’s nice to at least look at them and dream about owning one.

Smells Fishy

Usually, when you step into an airplane or any kind of public transportation, they’ll have signed on what you are and aren’t allowed to carry with you. Usually, it’s a no-brainer not to bring any harmful devices or illegal substances on board, but this sign is a little different. It asks you not to bring any fish on the Metro.

image courtesy of Jerusalem Online

Why fish specifically? It’s because it can tend to stink a place out due to its oils, and sometimes people bring them in public for their lunch or packed dinners. So next time you board the Metro in Dubai, make sure to pack vegetables and steak for lunch instead.


Keeping wild animals in Dubai is a common sight, and you’ll often see it among the wealthy billionaires. In the Persian Gulf Region, this is nothing out of the ordinary, and it can be seen as a massive status symbol and display of wealth and power.

image courtesy of humaidalbuqaish/ Instagram

People in the UAE are often seen with these wild animals in their cars. Some of them are even riding shotgun. How they remain calm and composed on the ride with their human, we’ll never truly know. We’d be hanging on to the edge of our seats!

Just Hanging out at the Pet Store

People usually own cats, turtles, fish, and, most commonly, dogs. But what isn’t expected at all is this sight. This woman is hanging out with her pet cheetah at the pet store! Probably getting him a few treats and maybe a big juicy steak?

image courtesy of waladuni

Feeding dogs or cats is relatively easy. All you need to do is go to the store and ask them for dry or wet food for your pet. In the case of the cheetah, it’s much more complicated than that. Ordering “cheetah food” at the store isn’t something you could imagine anywhere else in the world, but we are assuming the store owners in Dubai are used to this particular request.

Feeling like Tarzan

This man must be feeling like Tarzan while riding on his Lion because he sure looks like it. Lions aren’t usually a sight you see around your neighborhood, and you can generally find them in wild places, but in Dubai, having one at home is commonplace.

image courtesy of humaidalbuqaish/ Instagram

We’re not sure how you can adequately check if they have rabies, but this lion seems to be pretty calm. He’s probably used to the daily afternoon strolls, and rest assured, he’s being well taken care of by his loving owner. We applaud him for his bravery!

Car Show Sparkle

Usually, at the car shows in Dubai, you’ll see colorful convertibles with the latest gadgets and accessories. Sometimes you’ll even see cars with swinging doors that extend up the sides. In this car show, though, diamonds are the latest decorative addition to these blinged-out rides.

image courtesy of teddyfeed

The sparkles are 100% real, and as you can see, they arent in short supply here. Most diamonds and gold in Dubai are of the highest quality, and we can only imagine that that sparkle can probably be seen from outer space!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is a glorious one—butlers at your disposal 24/7. Designer clothes, the best gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, the traffic jams are like none you have ever seen before.

image courtesy of endgadget

It must be tough for people to be rich in Dubai, thinking about which sports car to use to get to the restaurant. It’s the quickest and most efficient way to get around when you think about it. With their wide roads, it must be one heck of an experience driving down the highway.

Surf’s Up

In Dubai, you can’t expect anything less than spectacular. If they aren’t rolling around the block in their diamond-crusted cars, then they’re engaging in SUP during their breaks. Usually, people abroad are seen walking down the street during their free time or chilling in cafes.

image courtesy of WanderWhat Mag

In Dubai, people do things differently. SUP is apparently a favored pastime, and it looks like heaps of fun! It takes a lot of core and leg balance to stay stationary on the board, though. But if you haven’t tried it at all, then we suggest you give it a try!

Game in the Sky

Usually, sports like tennis, golf, and even football are played on the ground. But for Dubai, anything is possible, and nothing is impossible. In this picture, we can see the Burj Hotel in Dubai. This place has got to have one of the the most incredible courts for playing tennis!

image courtesy of 35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai/pinterest

While you’re playing your match, you’ll be suspended 1000 meters in the air with a fantastic view. This stadium isn’t for the faint of heart and before you step onto it, make sure that you aren’t queasy or wary of heights. If you are, then this place isn’t for you!

Le Gasp

We’re not sure what a 200-pound lion would feel like on top of us, but this guy seems to be having fun with his lions! They’re just like extra-large cats that need love and attention! Minus the cat part.

image courtesy of humaidalbuqaish/ Instagram

Normal people would be worried about their sharp teeth and claws, but since this is common in Dubai, it’s OK to play with your lion in public. If this were any other country, though, someone would be calling the police or animal control because from afar, it looks like he’s being pummelled. But here, he’s being pummelled with love!

Camel Lot

Usually, in parking lots, you’ll see cars parked and the occasional van and truck. What you usually won’t see are camels chilling in the parking lot waiting for their owners. This sight may be an unusual one for some, but in Dubai, it’s quite common.

image courtesy of 35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai/pinterest

It is kind of strange to see the animals spotted between the luxury cars of the city, and it goes to show there is a ride to suit everyone’s needs. Don’t worry, though! Dubai usually makes sure that their camels are well fed and that they drink plenty of water to withstand the sun – hence the smile on this camel’s face.

Sturdy Hood

Your first thought probably was: “but isn’t the gigantic cat denting this guy’s car?” A dented hood is the least of this owner’s concerns. What he’s well concerned about is making sure his cat, oops, we mean tiger is well trained in the best possible way.

image courtesy of humaidalbuqaish/ Instagram

After all, tigers can be trained just like dogs. Cats are much harder to train to do tricks since they usually just like to laze around. But this guy is well prepared to train his tiger. Expensive sports car needs fixing? Nah, the dent can be repaired anytime.

Dubai’s Femme Fatales

The Middle East has often come under fire for its stringent rules and unfair treatment of women. That said, over the last couple of decades, most of its countries have begun amending some of the unfair policies that infringe upon the rights of the female population.

image courtesy of

Dubai, for example, has had a female police force since the late ’70s. As you can see, these police women exude confidence and style in every way, from their uniforms to their stellar rides. They are female officers in all sorts of departments, from bodyguards and forensics to dog handlers.

Abandoned Supercars

Yes, we are still not done talking about the supercars of Dubai. Seeing as luxury is an integral part of the culture there, there is no shortage of luxurious cars in this Middle-Eastern city. But there is always a catch.

image courtesy of

According to the law of the UAE, failure to complete your car payment can lead to you being arrested and convicted because you aren’t allowed to be in debt. As a result, so many people, especially ex-pats, abandon them in lots or airports as they flee to avoid going to jail.

Let’s Go To The Beach

Dubai is known for having stunning beaches and beach facilities. As a result, tourists flock to these places to experience the beauty firsthand. Plus, its the beach and we have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love galivanting on the sand during a holiday.

image courtesy of

However, once you get there, you might notice that the scenery is not the same as that of your average beach. We already mentioned that Dubai’s culture is quite conservative, especially regarding clothing. So instead of bikinis, you’ll see more burkinis.