German Festivals You Won’t Want To Miss

By Gary G

Punctual, humorless, serious — these are only a few of the words that have been used to describe the world’s German population. If you’ve never been to Germany, you might believe these stereotypes but here’s a little secret: Germans are actually some of the most fun-loving people we’ve come across so far.

As a demonstration of this idea, we’re going to share a handful of our favorite German festivals with you. After all, what’s more fun than a festival?

Cologne: Karneval

Image courtesy of unuk/Pinterest

Cologne’s version of Italy’s Carnival, called Karneval, is one of the city’s most popular annual events. Boasting beer, colorful costumes, and Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) which features a parade, floats, performers, and tons of sweets, Karneval is worth staying a few extra days in Cologne for.

Berlin: Unity Day

Image courtesy of Juska Wendland/Flickr

Sort of like the United States’ Fourth of July celebration, Unity Day is a national holiday that celebrates the fall of the Berlin wall. The holiday is celebrated all over the country but Berlin’s celebration is one for the books. It includes open-air concerts, parades, and art exhibits that are lined up along the wall’s remains.

Worms: Backfischfest

Image courtesy of Martin H. Hartmann/BilderKartell

Backfischfest is Worms’ way of celebrating everything German – fish, beer, and entertainment. The festival features downtown parades, a circus compete with rides and games, food, creative costumes, and open-air concerts that are free to the public. It’s attended by thousands of people each year and is incredibly welcoming to visitors.