Québec City: 3 Ways To Save Money While On Vacation

By Gary G November 1, 2020

Most people are drawn to Québec City by its old-world European charm, tasty food, and laid-back culture. One thing that most travelers aren’t as fond of, though, is the high cost of traveling to and around this area.

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can see the sights of Québec City on a relatively low budget. Here are our go-to tips for saving money while visiting this charming city.

Take the bus.

Image courtesy of StockSnap/Pixabay

As obvious as this tip is, it’s still worth a mention. When traveling in Québec City, you’re going to save a lot of money by getting cozy with the local city bus system.

Here, an unlimited day-pass is $8.50, a weekend pass is $15.50, and a 5-day-pass, which is valid for the 5 consecutive days after purchase, is only $29. For students, the deal gets even sweeter with the 5-day-pass costing only $24.

Stop at Méga Parc after hours.

Image courtesy of mega_parc/Instagram

Méga Parc is Québec City’s most popular entertainment hot spot. Featuring an indoor amusement park with roller coasters and a ferris wheel, as well as a plethora of mainstream stores and boutiques, it’s a must-visit location.

You can get in for a reduced admissions fee when you visit the park after hours — that is, after 5 p.m. When you visit the park after this time, you pay only $15 per person.


Image courtesy of Workandapix/Pixabay

The residents of Québec City are, for the most part, very friendly. They’re open to tourists and happy to make new friends. Often times, they’re more than happy to share their home with those visiting their great city.

So, when you’re there, why not make use of couch surfing? Ditch the hotel and make an arrange to stay with one of the locals to save a few extra coins.