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Canada, Oh Canada!

Canada is one of the best places to live in. People there are polite, the country is relatively safe, there are fantastic job opportunities, there is a free public school system, they love their moose and geese, and they have a great sense of humor. Who wouldn’t like to live in such a place? If you still need more convincing, just take a look at this list. We have summed up all the great reasons why Canada is one country which you should seriously consider living in. Plus, we have also thrown in some quirks, making Canada a truly unique place and Canadians all the more endearing. There might be a moose on the loose at times, but you’ll love the place. Here are some of the pictures that make Canada great.

Moose polo

Polo is a sport played on horseback by a team, and it is one of the world’s oldest known sports. Although there are many variants of the game’s concept, it has a history that dates back to the 6th century B.C. Canadians also like to play polo, but they do so with flair.

Image Courtesy of

They don’t play the conventional game, but they do play polo mounted on moose. Well, we’re exaggerating. In the picture, the guy is the owner of a property that got disturbed by a loose moose, so he got all geared up and wrangled the moose to drive it away.

In another loose moose episode, the creature is out and about

Two things stand out as unique symbols of Canada, moose and Tim Horton’s. Yes, the international fast-food restaurant is a Canadian company founded in Ontario in 1964. So, if you see either moose or Tim Horton’s, it’s probable that you have already crossed the border into the great north.

Image courtesy of laceandpearls/Reddit

However, if you see moose passing by a Tim Horton’s, then you can be 100% sure that you are in Canada as that’s the perfect image of the country. The moose might have gotten thirsty, so they dropped by for a cup of coffee before going on their way.

Police with funky pants

In Canada, the police don’t only wear their uniforms; they do so with a flair. Blue pants while making sure that protests are peaceful? Too boring and too official. They wear pants with vibrant colors and loud patterns. Got some cow pants? They’re perfect for the occasion.

Image courtesy of godsenfrik/Reddit

The police in the photo not only get to keep the peace; they also get to show their support, albeit implicitly. Don’t you just love cops who keep the citizens safe while sporting pants with crazy patterns while on duty?

Even the Canadian police can’t resist anything cute

Everyone loves cute puppies- even the Canadian police can’t resist. In other places in the world, cute puppies may be completely ignored by the police force, but in Canada, they get all the attention that they deserve and even more!

Image courtesy of csaby/Reddit

Look at that adorable dachshund dressed up as a Mountie. He looks more than happy to be out and about, making people’s hearts burst with sheer delight, and look at those three police officers taking some time out from their duties to be the dog’s obliging paparazzi.

Polite theft victim?

What would you do if you become a victim of theft? You’d probably be very angry, and you might say things that are not appropriate for little children to hear. You may curse and scream too. But what do Canadians do when they become a victim of theft?

Image courtesy of GuacamoleFanatic/Reddit

Well, they keep their cool, and they remain polite and friendly. When this person’s wheelbarrow got stolen, he posted a sign outside his house telling the thief to bring back his wheelbarrow. This tactic seems to work because, after a few days, the sign was changed to express gratitude for the thief for bringing the wheelbarrow back. We might just try this technique.

Now that we’re done with the polite theft victim, let’s talk about the polite thief

What’s even more amazing than a polite theft victim is a polite thief! This person must have been famished that he had no choice but to steal some food from an empty home. Because he was in a hurry to get food, he accidentally broke a glass.

Image courtesy of cyberwolf1/Reddit

Instead of just leaving the crime scene, he made time to write a note to thank and explain his situation, thank the homeowners for the “free” food, and say sorry for what he has done. He also warned them about the broken glass on the floor.

Not all Canadians are polite

It seems that not all Canadian citizens are overly polite, as proven by this sign found on one Canadian street. If you thought that you only have to watch out for the moose, you’re wrong. Aggressive geese are walking around.

Image courtesy of Shy_Cryptic/Reddit

Canadians, ever so kind, want to inform people who are from out of the country to avoid the geese as they scream danger. Shoppers might just want to head home after being bitten by geese at the shopping mall doors.

Nice policeman

Police officers in Canada patrol the neighborhood to ensure the safety of citizens and to keep the peace, but that’s not what they all do. If they find young entrepreneurs, they are more than happy to support their enterprises like this policeman.

Image courtesy of Murikk/Reddit

He saw that a young girl was selling lemonade and that she didn’t have many customers, so he stopped by to get a glass of her cold lemonade. Not only does he get refreshed, but he is also performing his civic duty of helping out entrepreneurs who are trying to make their way in the world.

Honest commuters

Rush hour can be overwhelming, and if you don’t get up early enough, you can be late for work. Canadians have the same rush hour problems just like any other first world country, but they don’t get a broken public transit system get in the way.

Image courtesy of jkjkjij22/Reddit

Instead of taking advantage of the broken system and getting a free ride when there is no one assigned to collect fees, they just simply leave their fare on the gate so that someone from the public transit can collect all of it later.  We applaud the commuters!

Cars stopping to let geese cross the road safely

If there are rude and aggressive geese, there are also polite and law-abiding geese, just like those captured in this photo. Canada seems to be a place where goodness pervades all through society, and this quality trickles down even to the animals.

Image courtesy of iknowshanno/Reddit

These geese did not want to jaywalk, so they crossed the road where it is right to do so, and they waited for the colors to turn before they did! They kept each other in sight the whole time to ensure everyone’s safety, and the drivers were more than happy to stop for them.

Even the graffiti is polite

Graffiti is irritating to the eyes, and it can ruin a perfectly nice cityscape. Take, for instance, the graffiti in the subway stations of large metropolises. Pristine walls get ruined by ugly designs, but there are instances when abandoned buildings become a work of art.

Image courtesy of

Graffiti in Canada is on another level. Canadians are so polite, and they genuinely want everyone to have a good day that they cant but go without letting everyone know. So, what do they do? They spray-painted the words “Have a good day eh” for drivers and commuters to see.

Winters don’t faze Canadians

We all know that Canadian winters can be pretty brutal at times. The biting cold can make some people wish that they lived in someplace where the sun shines all day long. But, if you’re a true blue Canadian, you don’t let winter faze you.

Image courtesy of

Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have some barbecues. Just look at this Canadian braving the cold and throwing some meat on the grill for a hearty lunch, through his window, nonetheless. Now, that’s the spirit!

Wearing tropical outfit in the biting cold

It can get so bitterly cold that some people have had to become used to below zero temperatures in Canada. To them, snowstorms are nothing. The next image on this list is an excellent representation of the Great White North.

Image courtesy of Poisonousking/Reddit

You see the student wearing a t-shirt and shorts while on his way to school in the middle of the snowstorm, and perhaps sending his teacher a message that he will be a bit late due to the gusting wind. We’re perplexed as to why he isn’t freezing yet, but then again, he’s a Canadian.

A memorial fit for a raccoon

When most people see dead animals on the road that have been run over by vehicles, they don’t pay them any thought. It’s just your usual road accident. However, in Canada, they treat animals with much respect and love.

Image courtesy of jasonwagar/Twitter

This memorial was made for a dead raccoon that has been left on downtown Toronto’s sidewalk for more than half a day. They lit candles and even made some notes for the poor guy before the city removed the little fellow.

Forget MAGA, Canadians have CAGE

Americans have been screaming MAGA, MAGA for quite some time already, and the slogan has become rather iconic, to say the least, but the residents of Canada don’t even have to bother with that in their country. Why, you ask? Well, they have CAGE, of course.

15 Image courtesy of lostboys519/Reddit

CAGE stands for Canada is Already Great Eh. Their take on the US’s most famous slogan is witty and funny. This is a great way to poke fun at the southern neighbors, and we don’t expect anything less from Canadians.

An irresistible offer for a thief

Theft is something that happens worldwide, even in first world countries, and if you have been reading our list from the beginning, you would already have seen a few cases of Canadian theft. This particular thief stole someone’s GPS.

Image courtesy of

In true Canadian fashion, the owner of the GPS had a big heart and even offered the rest of the GPS set to the perpetrator. How else would you be able to use it if you don’t have the instructions and the cables?

Please claim your lost monkey

Admit it, the little monkey on the picture has got to be the cutest thing you’ve seen today. The little fellow must be cold that concerned Canadians thought it’d be best if he wore a suede winter coat in toddler size.

Image courtesy of Laura Kane/The Star

The little monkey was found in an IKEA in Toronto, of all places! His pet parent must have been so busy shopping for furniture and kitchen cutlery that they forgot him. Don’t you just want to adopt him? We hope he got reunited with his mom, though.

Only in Canada do people refuse a pay raise

Only in Canada would you find people upset that they were given a pay raise. Most people would do anything to get a few additional dollars! This group of doctors was so visibly upset that the government decided to increase their salary that they marched on the streets.

Image courtesy of remain_unaltered/Reddit

They protested against the huge jump of benefits in their annual pay because they believed that by doing so, they could help ensure that other people get what they need. They surely have the heart to help even those who are not in a dire situation, medically speaking.

Don’t worry, I’ll lead the way

A lot of people in the world have to deal with snowstorms and their repercussions. We’ve all had to plow through inches and feet of snow at some point in our lives unless you live in a tropical country. But, this man right here is the real hero.

Image courtesy of heypeaches/Reddit

Not only did he brave through the biting cold, but he also ensured that the goats found their way. We are confused about what these goats are doing in his yard, but thankfully this man had a sense that they were lost, so he’s leading them to the right path.

Failed delivery

Don’t you just hate it when you’re expecting your online purchase to be delivered only to find out that it’s not on your doorstep when you arrive home? Reasons vary from delayed shipment to unsuitable weather conditions, among many other things.

Image courtesy of IamFane/Reddit

But this guy’s package delivery failure was for a reason that will go down in history books. There was a bear at the door, so the delivery guy couldn’t even go near his house. Well, this is an excuse we can surely forgive.

Sorry, we’re really sorry

When winter comes, and there’s heavy snowfall, roads become impassable, and stairs and walkways become accidents waiting to happen. It’s hard to find your way in the darkness, and with no one to watch you, sadly, it’s not unusual to suffer from injuries.

Image courtesy of kihary/Reddit

Canadian parks know the dangers, and they want to keep everyone safe, so they have put up a sign to tell everyone that a particular part of the park is not lit and not monitored, so it can be risky to go there. Not that it’s their fault the cold weather is not cooperating, but they still want to say sorry.

A moose cooling itself

We don’t know what it is with Canada and moose, but they just can’t seem to live without one another. In another feature of the nation’s favorite animal, we see a moose in a makeshift pool indulging itself in a little R&R.

Image courtesy of pancakessexual/llamageorgewashere

What do you do when you see this sight? Nothing much except smile. Moose in Canada don’t respect boundaries, and they often like to mingle with people. Fortunately, the considerate Canadian let the moose use the pool to its heart’s content.

Let’s celebrate Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day, and of course, Canadians want to celebrate said holiday. How do you do that? By waving the national flag, of course! So, this Canadian thought it would be a good idea to put the national flag in Lord Stanley’s hands.

Image courtesy of 6ix_8ight/Reddit

Careful not to be labeled as a vandal, the thoughtful guy posted a note saying that he will be coming back the day after to remove the flag and to just let everyone that he was only in high spirits while celebrating the nation’s holiday.

Excuse me, tiny tot, you’re over speeding

The police in Canada are good-natured and have a great sense of humor, but it doesn’t mean that they are not committed to their job and of keeping Canadians safe, even tiny tots! This policeman saw the little tyke driving down the road in his tiny car.

Image courtesy of Angelmdz/Reddit

So, he thought it would be a good idea to have a little fun with the boy. He pulled the little boy over as if he was speeding. The little kid just got his first speeding ticket, and he was more than happy to be ticketed, along with his fluffy dog.

Zen policing

Ensuring that the population is safe can be an overwhelming job, just ask any member of the police force. You never know if the next thing you’ll walk into is a robbery, a homicide, or civil unrest. You don’t even know if you’ll be able to make it home or not.

Image courtesy of West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre/Facebook

So, to ensure that members of the police force are in the right mindset to do their work, they’re practicing some Zen and mindfulness. We think this is a great idea that should be applied to all members of the force all over the world.

Your friendly door to door sales moose

Canada is a wonderland for moose, and you can’t be in the country without seeing or interacting with them. Fancy being stalked and not being left alone by a moose like a hungry salesman eager to meet his quota? This lady has been through that experience.

Image courtesy of zizz/Reddit

The moose followed her home and wouldn’t leave her porch even though she has locked the door after getting safely inside. This is a problem that’s uniquely Canadian. We bet people in other countries don’t have to worry about moose hot on their tail.

When seasons collide

Seasons in Canada can’t seem to decide if they should happen one after another or if they should just happen simultaneously. This picture is proof of that, three seasons coming together at the same time. People from other places might be alarmed by this, but this is typical Canada.

Image courtesy of goodluck_canuck/Reddit

This weird landscape is otherworldly and magical. Where else can it be winter, fall in just a few inches, and summer in another meter? The real concern here is what to wear? Should you take your down jacket and Ugg boots, or wear a summer dress and throw a scarf on?

Fun and enjoyable cop assault

Assaulting a police officer is a serious offense. You can get arrested for even attempting or threatening a police officer with an injury. However, things are a little different in Canada. Police are good-natured, and when you squirt them water, you won’t be arrested.

Image courtesy of asdmatt/Reddit

As this picture proves, they will be more than happy to shoot you with a water gun of their own. This parade was an enjoyable time where people on the sidelines, as well as the cops making sure that everyone is safe, and are all having a good time.

Lost and found

When you lose something elsewhere, you can just pretty much forget about it because there’s a slim chance that your lost property will find its way back to you, but not in Canada. Not only will you be able to get your lost item back, but it will come back to you in a better condition.

Image courtesy of ohammy/Reddit

From the picture, you’ll know that someone must be shaking in the cold as he lost one of his mitts. Not only was the mitt found, the person who found it also washed and mended it. Talk about being kind! The person who found it even returned it to the same spot where it was found, with a little note.

Sensible graffiti

What’s better than just randomly scribbling an incomprehensible message on signs? Something sensible, of course. That is what you get when you move to Canada. Vandals who want to make the world a better place by leaving sensible graffiti.

Image courtesy of garrista/Reddit

Instead of writing some nonsense, this vandal chose to leave a reminder for litterers that there is only one earth, and if we don’t take care of it, we are doomed. This guy also tagged the sign to make sure others leave the front in perfect condition.

The Canadian sporting spirit

Hockey is Canada’s national sport, and they are very serious about it. So, when the national team wins, everyone celebrates. Not only are Canadians happy when they win a trophy, but they are more generous too.

Image courtesy of 5_years_ago/Reddit

One case in point is this hockey fan who got served with a ticket. Another super happy hockey fan was so ecstatic about the win that he happily left some cash to pay for the guy’s ticket and even left a heartfelt message. Now, this is the real Canadian spirit right here.

5-star rating for a stolen bike

The incidence of theft in Canada is low, and when your things do get stolen, there is a big possibility that they will get returned. Like this fellow here who had his bike stolen. It was returned to him in the same condition, and he even got a handwritten review on his bike’s performance.

32 Image courtesy of effegenio/Reddit

The thief not only apologized for his deed, but he also let the bike owner know that the bike was superb and if given the chance, he’d steal it again. We don’t know if the owner should smile with satisfaction at the last statement or get a better bike lock.

The fallen Christmas tree

Canadians sure have a great sense of humor, and they do things differently than the rest of us. Christmas is similar in most Western countries. You pick a tree, bring it home, and decorate it with lights and other ornaments but not in Canada.

Image courtesy of N8theGr8/Reddit

To make the season uniquely Canadian, this homeowner decided to add a beaver stuffed toy to the Christmas decoration and arranged the tree in such a way as if it was just cut down. We can’t get over the little beaver’s face, though. It seems surprised by what just happened.

If you’re gonna steal something, please steal the whole thing

In yet another theft case in Canada, this victim didn’t get the police involved, throw a fit, or become overly dramatic. This gardener simply wrote a little message for the thief, and all he wanted was for the thief to take the whole rhubarb out instead of leaving a few bits and pieces.

Image courtesy of lexjac/Reddit

We are not into gardening, so we also only found out now, just like the thief, that if you cut the rhubarb at the base, it doesn’t grow back. We’d say that it’s the least the thief can do. After all, we thought he was gonna leave a good review of the rhubarb.

Patrolmen taking a bit of time off to play with children

Canadians, even the little ones, love to play hockey. They breathe and live the sport, and it’s not unusual to find tiny tots playing hockey in the streets. Some police officers who were patrolling the area decided to join the fun.

Image courtesy of Thund3rbolt/Reddit

They took some time off to play with the kids, and everyone is having a good time. However, it looks like the kids have the advantage here; they are beating the cops. Regardless of who wins, the most important thing is that everyone is happy.

Let’s all arm those bears

Canada is home to 20,000 bears, and the majority of these huge creatures can be found in British Columbia. What do bears have to do with this? You’ll find out soon. Canadians love to poke fun and use clever wordplay, even on their signs and notices.

Image courtesy of banjobc/Reddit

This sporting goods store thought it would be wise to put up a sign in support of citizens bearing arms, but in a uniquely Canadian way, they made it funny. Instead of saying ‘Support our right to bear arms,’ they said ‘Support our right to arm bears.’

A sorry note for a stolen parking spot

Some people are just plain heartless that they take other people’s parking spots and don’t even think about it. They don’t feel guilty and they don’t care. Well, not this guy, He was so sorry for taking another man’s parking spot that he left a note.

Image courtesy of

He expressed his apologies, and to make sure that the other person forgives him, he also sweetened the deal with a drawing of a spider. Where else does this happen? It might not be enough, but at least he tried, and the spider is smiling.

Returning a lost flash drive

USB drives or flash drives are useful. Small in size, they can store a lot of data. However, because of their compact size, it’s also very easy to misplace them and lose them. That’s exactly what happened to this guy.

Image courtesy of

Fortunately for him, he lives in Canada, where people are kind and more than happy to return lost items to their rightful owner. The person who found the note took the trouble to return it to the owner and even slipped a note in the envelope.

Apologetic Canadian drivers

Vehicular accidents can be dangerous, and they can be inconvenient, to say the least. But in Canada, the situation is generally better, thanks to polite and kind Canadian drivers. If you’re still reading up to this point, you should move to Canada.

Image courtesy of marching-sparky/Reddit

This vehicular accident involved a bus colliding with a car. So, what does the bus driver do? He says sorry. In other places, the drivers of both vehicles would have been cursing or would have already been at each other’s throats.

Make do with what you have

If you believe in something, it’s always good to get out there and let people know. Make your voice be heard and help the greater good. Canada is not a perfect country; it also has issues and problems that need solving.

Image courtesy of IHaeTypos/Reddit

In this photo, people take to the streets to let everyone know how they feel. Of course, placards and signs are familiar sights in demonstrations like this. However, what’s strange is the hockey stick holding up a sign. Hey, you got to make do with what you have.

There’s flannel everywhere

This town in Canada loves flannel, and the locals can’t seem to live without it. If this was elsewhere, you would probably have fainted seeing not just one, but three other people wearing almost the same shirt as you.

Image courtesy of shittersfull/Reddit

But in Canada, they celebrate it, and it’s a pretty normal sight. They don’t bat an eyelash when this happens. Most of the people in this town are also not concerned about the labels. They’ll wear anything they feel like wearing. No apologies.

Getting stuck in geese traffic

Geese are probably the second most common and popular animals in Canada, after moose. Geese are a natural sight in the country that you’ll start questioning where you are if you don’t see one. Not only are geese aggressive, but they can also crowd on roads.

Image courtesy of

This guy got stuck in geese traffic, and although they didn’t use the pedestrian crossing, who wouldn’t have the heart to let them through? We wonder how long the driver waited until he can finally go on his way.

A polite and friendly warning

The Canadian traffic force is among the friendliest in the world, and if you want proof of that, here you go. They operate differently than their counterparts in other places. If you forget to pay for your parking, they won’t tow your car.

Image courtesy of jayesch/Reddit

They will leave a friendly and polite note that you need to pay for parking whenever you see meters present. They also want to let citizens know that the money they collect is used for the community. Now, who wouldn’t be inspired to pay for parking?

Another polite, friendly, and understanding parking official

Here is yet another case of a polite, friendly, and understanding parking official in Canada. This vehicle owner is just like the rest of us. He must have been very busy running errands and settling a few things that he lost his car key.

Image courtesy of DmOnZ/Funny Junk

He must have been worried sick, searching for his car keys everywhere. He left a note on his car to let the official know what happened. The parking official was very understanding and also left a note in reply saying that they will grant him consideration. The official even wished him luck!

#45 Supportive cops

The police force in Canada is serious about keeping the streets safe, but they also know how to have fun. Another thing they like to do is supporting citizens in their endeavors. Canadian police went out in full force to support runners in a marathon.

Image courtesy of to_gs/Reddit

Not only did they show their support, but they were also able to remind everyone about driving safely by not driving too fast. Just look at the clever sign they brought with them. Do you know how fast you’re going?