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The Least Dog-Friendly Countries In The World

For centuries on end, humans considered dogs as companions. Many folklores recount how dogs were the perfect hunting partners. Today, dogs have now become closer companions for their human owners.

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There is a sad tale, though. Not every part of the world sees dogs as graceful creatures. In many countries, there are bans on bringing dogs to public places. Worse still, in other countries, the government kills and maltreat dogs. Check out six of the worst countries for dogs.

  1. Egypt: Very few countries can rival Egypt in terms of animal cruelty. Most dogs are kept in cages, used for scientific research, and enjoy no care from the government. The rate of stray dogs in Egypt is also alarming.
  2. China: If you expected to see China on the list, here you go. China has laws on everything except animal welfare. It’s no strange sight to witness the abuse and neglect of dogs in the country.
  3. Greece: In Greek states, dogs constantly go through gross mistreatment. The government poisons lots of stray dogs to keep them off the streets. At other times, dogs are left to starve till they die.
  4. Japan: One of the daily practices of Japanese people is killing dogs. Thousands of dogs die yearly from intentional poisoning or strangling. While they are kept as pets in some regions, other regions detest the sight of dogs.
  5. Saudi Arabia: Owing to religious beliefs, dogs do not enjoy acceptance in this country. There are bans on dogs in public and high scale neglect.
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Notably, the general perception is changing in some of these countries. Yet, the absence of laws protecting pets shows that these countries are only paying lip service to dog welfare.