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45 Funny Disney Memes That Will Make Anyone Sniggle

For most of us, Disney was a great part of our childhood as we grew up watching their beautifully-made stories. When we were younger, we would take their movies too seriously — but once we become adults, we start having fun with, and making fun of, Disney movies! There’s absolutely no shame in admitting that we watch Disney movies even though we’re all grown up. When you watch a Disney movie as an adult, you can’t help noticing that some characters and some scenes are more relatable than others — and even when they aren’t, people on the internet will still find a way to create memes out of the most innocent-looking moments. But more than just watching their magical movies, it’s even more hilarious to look at Disney memes! So, in honor of Walt Disney’s World upcoming 50th birthday, we’ve collected 45 of the funniest Disney memes you can find. Check them out!

When the camera filter comes off!

When we’re having a bad hair day or we just didn’t feel like wearing makeup, Snapchat and Instagram filters can be quite helpful. Some of them make our skin look smooth and flawless, perfect enough for us to snap a picture and post it — but what happens when the filter comes off?

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

You get scared, that’s what happens! Just like this meme shows, Snapchat filters can help make us look like queens even when we’re barefaced, but then we move the camera, and the filter comes off — and we end up looking just like the old lady in Snow White!

The best makeup remover on the market!

Do you want to talk about makeup removal techniques? Well, Disney certainly has a lot to explain to us: in this Mulan scene, our favorite heroine is taking off her makeup, as it doesn’t reflect who she truly is. The thing is, Mulan had no trouble at all removing layers of makeup with her sleeve!

Image courtesy of Mama’s Geeky

All that Mulan had to do to remove her makeup was wipe her face one single time, and it all came off effortlessly. Those of us who wear makeup are obviously jealous of how easily she got rid of layers and layers of makeup — and that’s why we would love to know where to get the same makeup remover Mulan used here!

Did you leave me on “read”?

Let’s be honest: there’s not one person who appreciates being left on ”read’. No matter how much we pretend to be cool with it, it sucks when someone ignores your messages. But there’s something even worse: when they see your message and don’t reply, but then post something on another social media platform!

Image courtesy of Disney Memes

It’s one thing to be ignored because the other person is too busy to text back. But it’s a completely different thing to be ignored and then realize that the other person clearly has time to be posting on Instagram or Facebook! 

Same, Donald Duck, same!

Over the past couple of years, Donald Duck has become an internet icon thanks to the several screenshots of him sleeping in different situations. It’s safe to say that most of Donald Duck’s memes are easily relatable, especially this next one!

Image courtesy of PIXIMUS

Hard-working adults know just how hard it is to get up in the morning and get ready for work. Students may also know this situation very well — after all, nobody appreciates waking up at the crack of dawn to get their day started! Some days we’re so tired we just want extra 15 minutes of sleep, regardless of what’s at stake!

But I must wear three changes of clothes per day!

Who doesn’t love traveling? There’s nothing more relaxing and exciting than spending a couple of days at a new location, without having to worry about the tons of things we have to do during the week. But one of the most difficult parts of traveling is choosing the perfect clothes to take with us!

Image courtesy of @DoYouEvenJoust

If you’ve watched the iconic Disney film “The Sword in the Stone,” you know this scene very well. Merlin, the elderly wizard, is about to return home with Arthur, and he magically packs all of his things into a tiny bag! We sure would love to use some of Merlin’s powers before going on a vacation!

I was just about to get them done, Mom!

This next meme represents the one thing that every single child has done at some point. You know when your mother is heading out, and she tells you to do something — but you end up forgetting to do it? 

Image courtesy of Jonathan Lambach/Pinterest

Whether you had to wash the dishes or to put your laundry away — if you didn’t do what your mother told you, you know exactly what the little girl in the picture felt. As soon as you hear the front door opening, you know you’re in big trouble!

Relatable Alice!

Alice in Wonderland is one of Disney’s greatest classics. The book that inspired the film is also extremely popular — and the main character, Alice, is loved by many. When we were children, we would do nothing but root for the little girl to find her way back home, but as adults, we’ve come to realize just how relatable Alice is!

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed

From her early moments in Wonderland, Alice was already eating and drinking everything that was in front of her, in hopes that the foods and beverages would actually solve her problems and take her back home — in other words, Alice was our spirit animal!

Just 10 more minutes, I swear!

Technology is such a big part of our lives that it has become hard to even think about living in a world without it. It’s not unusual to see kids from Generation Z wondering how did their parents and grandparents cope without tools like Tik Tok and Instagram!

Image courtesy of LAMOONIER/Pinterest

This Sleeping Beauty meme definitely sums up what life feels like nowadays! We often try to go to bed early and see if we can get 8 hours of sleep — but then we unlock our phones, and it’s time to say goodbye to a good night’s sleep!

Can’t stop this feeling!

Mulan is easily one of the best movies ever released by Disney. Not only is it touching and inspiring, but it also features memorable characters — and let’s not get started on the film’s iconic soundtrack. As soon as we hear the first second of most songs in Mulan, we’re ready to sing our lungs out!

Image courtesy of Proud Disnerds

And that’s one of the best aspects of Disney movies: most soundtracks feature songs that we’ll carry inside our hearts forever. And let’s be honest: we won’t hold back when it comes to singing Disney songs, even if we’re embarrassing ourselves in front of other people. That’s how good they are!

A midnight snack!

It’s safe to say that many people have been going to bed way later than usual — especially over these past months with the quarantine. Staying up until late consequently leads to being hungry in the middle of the night — and no one can resist a midnight snack!

Image courtesy of Meme Central

If you have roommates or live with your parents or relatives, you know exactly what this meme is about. You’re pulling an all-nighter, you get hungry and decide to microwave some food — but then you forget to stop the microwave before the time’s up, and you’ll be caught red-handed!

Hades knows what’s up!

Having a real friend is one of the best things in life. You have someone to rely on, to laugh with, and to care for. Caring for our friends means that we don’t want to see them getting hurt — and some people come into their lives that we just know are going to make a mess.

Image courtesy of ME.ME

Most of the time, it’s a guy who makes said mess. Just like the girl in the meme, our friends may fall for their sweet and thoughtful act — and just like Hades, we know that really isn’t true; he’s just a guy, after all!

Oops, sorry for wasting your time!

Truth be told: after online dating became a thing, some people have upped their flirting game like never before! Meeting new people — including potential love interests — is easier than ever, and sometimes we may meet a few too many people.

Image courtesy of Potato Girl/Pinterest

Nowadays, it has become pretty common for people to flirt out of boredom, especially during the lockdown. However, when we do that, we don’t expect that the other person will actually take us seriously — and just like Mulan, we never meant for things to go that far!

Make up your mind, Jasmine!

When we watched Aladdin for the first time, we were too young to notice some inconsistencies in the plot and in the characters. Jasmine may have been a princess, but that doesn’t mean that the internet will let her off the hook!

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

Jasmine doesn’t seem to make up her mind regarding what she considers safe or not. She has a pet tiger — yet she’s unsure about whether Aladdin’s carpet is safe for her to ride! This just proves that Jasmine is a relatable princess, considering that she’s indecisive just like the rest of us!

Go away, there’s nobody home!

Let’s paint a beautiful image in our heads: a peaceful Saturday morning, you’re just chilling on the couch, too lazy to move a finger — and you have no chores to do, so you can just rest the whole day! And then someone knocks on your door.

Image courtesy of Kenny the Pirate

Answering the door, especially on the weekends, is awful. It’s our day off, and we just want to rest without being bothered by uninvited visitors! Like Lumière and Cogsworth, the best thing we can do is not to move and not make a noise — and hope that our visitors will just leave!

Alternate uses for utensils!

Honestly, who even cares about happily-ever-afters anymore? It’s 2021, and there are better things in life than loving and being loved unconditionally! Well, maybe we’re just pretending to be fine with being single, and we would love to have a romance straight out of a Disney movie. 

Image courtesy of Jordan/Pinterest

But let’s put love aside for a minute and talk about something else that Disney taught us: alternate uses for utensils! Rapunzel uses frying pans as weapons. Ariel uses forks as hairbrushes. Maybe we won’t have a love like these princesses have — but we sure will follow their steps and explore other uses for the contents of our kitchen!

Modern Cinderella!

Have you ever wondered how Disney classics would look like if they were set in our modern society? Things sure would be easier for the characters now that they would have access to technology — especially for Cinderella and Prince Charming!

Image courtesy of @ThisJenLewis/BuzzFeed

For one, Prince Charming wouldn’t have to go from door to door asking the ladies in his realm to try on the glass slipper. All he would have to do was type in Cinderella’s name on Facebook and then slide in her DMs!

Say what?

Disney movies aren’t simply ‘movies for kids.’ Of course, Disney’s primary purpose is to entertain the masses — but their films have much more depth than that. They’re powerful, they’re inspiring, and they carry very important messages to the audience. Really, what’s not to love about Disney movies?

Image courtesy of Proud Disnerds

Nonetheless, there are helpless souls out there who haven’t watched Disney movies and claim not to like them! It may seem impossible to think like that, but trust us when we say that many people don’t like Disney movies. Just like in this meme, when someone tells us they’re not Disney fans, there’s nothing we can do other than facepalm!

Is this really a curse?

This next meme is for the men! It’s probably safe to say that most men appreciate being hairy and athletic, and what men wouldn’t want to be as strong and manly as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast?

Image courtesy of FunnyBeing.com

In this meme, men are questioning if it makes sense that the Beast’s curse was to turn into a creature that has a deep voice, an athletic body, and an awesome beard? We mean, if turning into a charming beast is considered a curse, we can’t really tell what isn’t!

No wi-fi, no life!

A nightmare in the 21st century? To not have wi-fi, for sure! And no, we’re not saying this because we’re addicted to our cellphones. Well, kind of. But nowadays, we’re using the internet for way more than just checking our socials — especially during the pandemic.

Image courtesy of BoredPanda.com

This is probably one of the most accurate Disney memes on our list and also one of the funniest. When Cinderella’s stepmother locks her in a dusty room, she’s okay. But then, when she learns that she won’t have wi-fi access, she gets desperate. Isn’t that an accurate representation of a modern person?

Disney has taught me many things.

Growing up, we usually watch Disney movies all the time. From Snow White to more recent classics such as Frozen, these films are highly entertaining and teach us many positive messages and traits. Well, most of the time, that is.

Image courtesy of Someecards

Disney characters are mostly kind, polite, generous, and selfless. However, as we grow up, we start noticing some other traits that we may not have noticed when we were younger. While not necessarily villains, some of their characters are sassy and sarcastic, often showing off their dry humor, just like the lady in the meme!

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho…it’s down the stairs we go!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely walked up or down a flight of stairs before. Stairs are tricky things, and if you miss even a single step…it’s bound to be a disaster! This next meme clearly depicts us when something like this happens:

Image courtesy of Gallery Roulette

It’s truly frustrating when you’re walking down the stairs and then manage to miss the very last one! But do you want to know what is an even worse scenario? Tripping on the stairs while you’re out and about in public! 

One more book for my reading list, please!

Now, this next meme is for book lovers! The one thing that all book lovers have in common is that we can’t, for our own good, enter bookstores — or we end up buying 10 new books to add to our already-long reading list!

Image courtesy of BookBub

But, honestly, is there a better feeling than visiting bookstores and inhaling that delicious scent of books? Just like Elsa, we feel like belting out a song about feeling free and accomplished! At the bookstore, we’ll stand; at the bookstore, we’ll stay!

Says who?

One of the most common misconceptions that some people have is that Disney movies are actually made for children. Well, sure, that may be true — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are exclusive for children. Adults can also appreciate watching Disney movies and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Image courtesy of Ruin My Week

Disney movies tell beautifully crafted stories that will touch the heart of the audience regardless of their age. You can try to explain that politely to whoever tells you you’re too old for Disney movies, or you could clap back at them and ask them if superhero movies aren’t for children as well!

Can I be miserable alone, please?

Have you ever had one of those days that you just want to be miserable? Life is tiresome, and sometimes we just want to chill in bed, without talking to anyone and without needing to be all cheery and friendly.

Image courtesy of ChristineRees.com

But there’s always got to be that one person who’s always bright and cheerful, right? Excuse us, we’re not in a funk or anything, but we just want to be miserable and snappy for one day! It’s therapeutic, okay? All that’s left for us to do is to frown just like Donald Duck!

Sorry, I’m just hungry!

If you have a child or have ever been around one, you know how they get when they’re sleepy or hungry, right? It’s usual for kids to start crying and throwing tantrums right around lunchtime — but did you know that adults can be like that as well?

Image courtesy of The Design Inspiration

It may not be our brightest moment, but we can’t help feeling moody and having an attitude when we’re hungry. But suddenly every bad feeling magically goes away as soon as our meal is ready! And then we go back to being as sweet and gentle as Winnie the Pooh!

I’m not princess material, sorry!

Lady Tremaine and her cat Lucifer are two iconic characters that are hated by many — and rightfully so! These two do everything in their power to ensure that poor Cinderella will never get to be truly happy, even though she doesn’t deserve their hatred at all.

Image courtesy of PopSugar

And while it’s common for young girls to want to grow up and become princesses just like their Disney icons, sometimes we grow up to be different people than we originally expected. For some people, instead of becoming a princess, they turn out to be just as grumpy as Cinderella’s stepmother!

Single AF!

Disney movies are all about finding yourself, pursuing your own happiness — and falling in love in the process. While these movies may make us create unrealistic expectations regarding love, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop wishing we could find our happily ever after!

Image courtesy of thefabdivaonadime.com

This meme really sums up what life feels like when you’re single and watch too many Disney movies! We keep hoping to find that perfect person who’ll make romantic gestures and bring us breakfast in bed — but the truth is that we’re single AF, just like Donald Duck in this picture!

Food is a synonym for happiness!

Whenever we’re feeling down or bored or impatient, food is one of the things that can bring us joy. There’s nothing better than eating a spoon of chocolate chip ice cream or eating a piece of a deliciously creamy chocolate cake!

Image courtesy of Gallery Roulette

If we’re at a restaurant, we know that our food won’t be ready immediately — we’re not the only patrons, after all. When we have company, it’s easy to find a distraction in small talk — but as soon as we see the food coming our way, everything suddenly becomes better, and our spirits are lifted!

Yep, I’m a baddie!

Self-love and self-acceptance are two big topics as of late. Never before have people been so encouraged to embrace their looks and be happy in their own skin. And, honestly, is there anything better than feeling comfortable with you are?!

Image courtesy of pictaram.com

Loving yourself and appreciating what you’ve got are two essential things if we want to be truly happy. When we dress up and put on some makeup, we feel even better — and there’s no shame in being proud of your looks when you catch your reflection in the mirror just like Scar did in the meme above!

Puppies are the cutest!

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend.” That phrase didn’t become popular by chance. Dogs are indeed our best friends — our loyal, caring, loving, and perfect best friends. And if that wasn’t enough, dogs are also hilarious with their antics!

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme

When our dogs are still puppies, they are fearless but also extremely clumsy. Depending on the breed, they can’t jump on our bed thanks to their tiny size — but that doesn’t keep our dogs from trying! It’s so funny when they don’t jump high enough and end up looking just like the lion in this meme!

What happened?

Once upon a time, the Disney Channel would release great show after great show. During the channel’s golden age, we got to see series and movies like Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical! However, a lot of Disney fans have been upset with their latest releases.

Image courtesy of Clean Meme Central

The newest Disney Channel shows aren’t as funny or as binge-worthy as older shows, and sometimes we end up having a reaction similar to the one we see in this meme! It’s not that Disney has been releasing low-quality material; it’s just that we miss those old-school classics and their fresh humor! 

I won’t do what you tell me!

We all have those days in which we just want to be miserable on our own. Naturally, the one thing we don’t want to do is smile — what is the point of smiling if we don’t mean anything by it, anyway? 

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

However, there are some people who are clearly bothered by our lack of smiles! We don’t really know what is it to them, but whenever someone tells us to smile more, we literally get and look even more annoyed, just like the princesses in this meme!

No can do!

With our society’s advancement, we can’t help but wonder what classic fairy tales would look like if they happened today. Surely, with the help of smartphones and computers, our favorite characters would have a much easier time in life!

Image courtesy of Jordan/Pinterest

However, as much as technology helps, it could also be a problem for our Disney couples. In this meme, Jasmine is doing something that many women do: asking to check her boyfriend’s phone! And just like many men, Aladdin is okay with promising to show her the world — but he draws the line at showing her his phone!

Wait, am I a princess?

As a child, which girl didn’t wish she could be a Disney princess? Royals get to live a glamorous life and to wear beautiful dresses. We are sure we would love to have all of that! And while we were often told that Disney princesses weren’t real, who said that’s true?

Image courtesy of Proud Disnerds

According to this meme, Disney princesses like to sleep. Well, so do we! And they talk to animals? Hey, we talk to our pets all the time! What about a short temper? Try our patience, and you’ll see us losing our temper! And princesses love to eat? Well, that’s a perfect description of who we are!

Say it louder, Elsa!

We all know that there’s an exact reason as to why Elsa is a queen and not a princess. Our favorite ice queen is pretty wise, and she gave her sister some of the best advice ever. If only Anna had listened to her…

Image courtesy of hellominder.com

You can’t marry a person whom you just met, as you don’t know them that well and don’t know how your life together will turn out. The thing about Elsa’s advice is that it doesn’t only apply to Anna — it should also work for basically every other Disney princess!

A regular sleep routine? What is that?!

As we grow older and start having more responsibilities, one of the hardest things for us to maintain is a regular sleep routine. We go to bed way too late and get up way too early. And when we decide to take a nap in the afternoon, we have a hard time sleeping at night, no matter how tired we are.

Image courtesy of @allidoisdisney

When we mess up our sleep routine, we look just like Sleeping Beauty in this meme: sleeping pretty deeply in the middle of the afternoon and staying up until the early hours of the morning! And if having insomnia wasn’t enough, we even feel energized to do a million different things at the crack of dawn!

Wait, are we relating to him?!

When we’re adults and rewatch Disney movies, we look at them from a different perspective. We’ve had plenty of experiences in life, and now we can understand why some characters act the way they do, no matter how mean they are!

Image courtesy of funnyjunk.com

Scar may be the villain in The Lion King, and we sure were afraid of him as kids. However, as we grow up and start being surrounded by different kinds of people, we finally realize why Scar was so frustrated with those around him to the point of calling them ‘idiots’! 

Who hasn’t done this?

If you’re not an only child, you certainly know that having a younger sibling has both its pros and its cons. While siblings may pick a fight with each other over the littlest of things, we love our brothers and sisters — though we may use them to get what we want sometimes!

Image courtesy of eBaum’s World

If you’re the youngest kid, this has probably happened to you before! As parents tend to do basically everything we want when we’re young, older siblings like to take advantage of their younger sibling’s power over parents. If we want to eat candy or junk food, all we have to do is ask our little brothers and sisters to ask our parents to buy us (them) candy!

An awful nightmare!

When our phones have no signal, we can kind of deal with it — as long as we have wi-fi. However, when we don’t have wi-fi and have no signal, things turn dark pretty quickly! Well, we may be just exaggerating, but let’s be honest: who hasn’t done this with their phones?

Image courtesy of Zip Meme

When our phone has no signal, we desperately flung it around as if that will make the signal come back again! When we do that, we certainly look like we’re reenacting the classic Lion King scene in which Rafiki holds Simba up in the air!

Bye-bye, hair!

Maybe this is not true for every woman out there, but some of us make pretty crazy decisions from time to time, especially when we’re bored. If we’re bored and have nothing better to do, we may end up flirting with strangers online, or even worse — we may end up getting a haircut!

Image courtesy of Seventeen

The thing about getting a haircut when you’re bored is that the result is not always what you expected. In most cases, we just mean to trim the split ends but end up with our hair so short it doesn’t even reach our shoulders!

Hey, did you know I was chilling at the beach?

Maybe it isn’t that much of a stretch to say that we all know someone who loves bragging about their vacation. While there’s nothing wrong with that, people sure can be annoying when they won’t stop talking about their recent trip!

Image courtesy of Mutually

As adults, we work really hard to pay our bills and have money to go somewhere exotic during our time off. Just like the Genie in this meme, when we go on vacation to a tropical location, we might come back hoping for people to notice that we’ve got our tan on! 

Let me sulk on my own, please!

Do you know those days that we’re feeling so sensitive we get upset over even little things? And then when we’re back to being our normal selves, we realize that we were just overreacting? Well, we’re pretty sure we’ve all been there at some point!

Image courtesy of weheartit.com

Now, when we’ve matured a little bit, we know that when we’re having one of those days, the best thing we can do is keep to ourselves. And just like the cutest alien ever, Stitch, we’ll spend the day in our pajamas, sulking on our own!

Now, this is real love!

If we’re completely honest, everyone wants to find true love. When we watch Disney movies, we can’t help but wish we could have our happy ending with a nice, sweet person, just like our favorite princesses and princess have!

Image courtesy of Memes

And what exactly do we look for in the perfect person? Well, we want someone who will be as caring, loving, and devoted to us as we will be to them. And just like in this Sleeping Beauty meme, we want someone who will let us sleep in peace!

Hey, don’t laugh at my height!

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that smaller creatures tend to be considered extremely cute. For instance, a tiny puppy melts our hearts; cute, little babies make our hearts grow tenfold! And smaller adults can also be seen as cute — much to their dismay!

Image courtesy of Nerdism

If you know someone who’s under 5’3”, you know exactly what this meme is about! They’re tiny, and we naturally think they’re cute, even when they’re getting angry! And the fact that taller people think that small people are adorable makes them even more furious!

Expectations vs. reality!

Life is all about expectations and reality, right? We all expected to grow up to become princesses or princes — but we ended up growing up to be the grumpy and hard-working ladies in Disney films! Having long hair is also a really long and annoying game of ‘expectation versus reality’! 

Image courtesy of Sunny Skyz

We keep dreaming of how our hair will look like once it’s grown and shiny and soft and smelling great! But the reality is that long hair is challenging to take care of — and when the wind blows, we’ll look just like Pocahontas in the second picture!