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Winter Road Trip

Winter travel may not be your favorite thing, but you should do it to have a little fun. Historically, winter travel limits tourism, but that is positive news for you. This fact means you can go to places that few people go, beating the crowds in the process. Below are some options you should consider in the winter. You will not be disappointed!

Image courtesy of Josh Hild/Unsplash

Arches National Park (Utah)

Travel 36 miles on the Scenic Drive in Moab, Utah. There will be snow, but it is minimal. You will still see Delicate Arch, the Windows Section, and Wolfe Ranch. Not a bad way to get the most out of wintertime.

Seward Highway (Alaska)

Sure, Alaska will have some snow, but it is the best time to go. By driving 49 miles from Anchorage towards Portage, you will get to experience the stunning landscape that this state has to offer visitors. You can even go by train if you want to stay off the road. Portage is a ghost town with tons of history and an environment that will take your breath away.

Image courtesy of Ruvim Miksanskiy/Pexels

Parke County (Indiana)

If you want a ton of driving routes, then Rockville is your destination to hit. There are 31 covered bridges along the way. If the weather conditions permit, you can even enjoy it by bike, or motorcycle. These bridges, built in the 1800s, are sensational. A bridge you have to hit is the Sim Smith Bridge because of haunting tales. Try to listen for the sounds of the phantom buggy and horse that never arrived at its destination. You may laugh or may cry. Either way, you will have an experience.