Invisible Bus - Traveler Door

Invisible Bus

(C) Pexels

Google Maps is revolutionary, right? Having a street view setting is something that has made technology much better. But, what if you start seeing things on Google Maps that start to get weird.? Well, something incredible happened on Google Maps in the country of Iceland that was a little ridiculous.

The picture that people saw baffled many. In the background, people saw the beautiful mountains of Iceland. But, in the foreground, it was crazy. Now, hearing that people saw a bus might not seem that exciting. Still, the bus only had two wheels. You heard that right. Normally, only two wheels are on a motorcycle. However, this was on a bus.

Many questions started to arise. How is the bus standing upright? Where is the rest of the bus? Why is the bus in the middle of nowhere? Is this picture edited?

(C) Pexels

As people dove into the subject, it was hard to pinpoint what was going on. There are actually people in the bus and only one row of seats. The bus was staying up, even though the axis would say no to this out of basic principle. Ultimately, people were equating it as a failure of a panorama picture. When people take this kind of photo, 360-degrees are used to make sure that the images works out seamlessly. However, this could not be further from reality. There was a real failure here, but many people got a chuckle out of it. Still, it looks pieced together perfectly. Maybe someone hacked into Google Maps and did some crazy editing.