Let’s Go On A McDonald’s Worldwide Tour

By Jhoana C

McDonald’s golden arches are iconic and recognized throughout the world, and the food chain has become a part of so many people’s lives. We can’t imagine our childhood without trips to the fast-food giant and enjoying their burgers and fries. Mickey D’s has come such a long way from their regular offerings and are now featuring specialty and fancy items on their menu. If you’ve traveled extensively and have sampled McDonald’s in other places around the world, you’d know that they don’t offer the exact same things. There are some food items available in some places that are not available in your local McDonald’s. So, we’re going to take around the world to see what unique menu items different Mickey D’s have to offer. It would be good to find out what other people get to enjoy. Some of them are definitely going to make you jealous and wondering why they are not available in your country.

#1 There is shaka shaka chicken in Japan

Cuisine varies from country to country and every place has its own special and national dishes. People also have different tastes when it comes to what they eat. So, it’s only normal for McDonald’s to cater to customers by tailoring their menu to the local’s tastes. Japan, for example, has shaka shaka chicken.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/frenchfryfanny/

This piece of chicken comes with flavoring on the side. They also give customers the option of BBQ, red pepper flakes, or powdered cheese. Customers can pour it into the bag and shake, shake, shake or sprinkle it on the chicken. Well, if you ask us, it should be called shake shake chicken.

#2 How come there’s bacon roll in the UK?

One of McDonald’s in the UK’s best things is that they serve a wide range of affordable breakfast options. The fact that they’re served quickly and can be eaten on the go means you needn’t be late for work or any place that you need to be.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/pirate_turbo/

One of the best breakfast options is the Bacon Roll. It can be topped with your choice of brown sauce or ketchup. It may be a bit fattening and may clog your arteries, but hey, at least you’ll be satisfied with your meal.

#3 Let’s move on to dessert with the Baci Perugina McFlurry from Italy

One of the things people look forward to after finishing a meal is partaking in dessert. Desserts were first used to wash down a large meal’s aftertaste with something sweet. One of the most popular McDonald’s desserts in Italy is the Baci Perugina Mcflurry.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/magzluvsu/

Baci is a well-known producer of chocolates in the region and their chocolate kisses are filled with hazelnut and wrapped in love notes of different languages. It’s nice that the company found a way to incorporate the chocolate into their McFlurry to honor Italy’s traditions.

#4 India has the veg pizza puff

McDonald’s India has a clever idea for a relatively healthy yet satisfying snack. They thought of stuffing mozzarella, veggies, and tomato sauce into a pastry and fried it, and the result was the veg pizza puff. If you ever find yourself in McDonald’s India, you should definitely try it.

Image courtesy of feedfantasyy/Instagram

The quick bites are not only affordable, but they also makes an excellent snack for people who are in a hurry. Although India’s street food is popular the world over, this veg pizza puff might just give them a run for their money.

#5 Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry is available in the UK, Canada, and Australia

In some places around the world, Cadbury eggs are only in demand during Easter time. However, in other places, such as the UK, Canada, and Australia, they are popular throughout the year. So, large fast-food chains such as McDonald’s find a way to incorporate it into their menu.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/dontcallme.liz/

They found a clever way by coming up with the Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry. It’s like your regular McFlurry but twice the fun and the deliciousness. Regular vanilla ice cream is drowned with egg fondant sauce and then sprinkled with chocolate chunks.

#6 Uruguay can boast of their Oreo McShake

Why are the good offerings always outside the United States? Just look at Uruguay; they have the Oreo McShake. The McFlurry has always been delicious and has always been a crowd favorite, but they found a way to make things even better over there in the Latin American nation.

Image courtesy of oqhdncomidas/Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to drink a super-sized cup of Oreo McShake? It seems especially a good option during hot and humid summer months. What McDonald’s should do is to offer it all over the globe. We should all be able to partake in the Mcyumminess too.

#7 Singapore has the KitKat McFlurry

It’s a good thing that McDonald’s decided to bring some of the fun and deliciousness over to Southeast Asia. The Little Red Dot has the KitKat McFlurry, and it was a hit over there. The McFlurry is the perfect dessert because it can be easily mixed with everything.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/rkgmlh38/

Over in Italy, they personalized it by adding Baci chocolates into the mix. But, we would personally like to extend our graciousness to the person who invented the KitKat McFlurry. All we can say is that we want to give him a hug. It’s the perfect way to end a tasty meal.

#8 We’d like to say ciao to Italy’s McToast

In yet another episode of enviable breakfasts from all over the world, we have the McToast from Italy. This crustless toasted sandwich makes for the perfect meal in the morning. However, you only get this when you’re passing by a Mickey D in Italy. They’re not available anywhere else.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/doublecloudfood/

It’s a sandwich with ham and cheese, which is perfect to get your juices flowing in the morning. It may sound simple, but we bet it tastes good, as with any other breakfast option from McDonald’s. The only sad thing is we can’t travel to Italy right now. Damn you Covid!

#9 Why are taro pies only available in China?

We can’t help but drool at the sight of these gorgeous purple pies. We also can’t help but be jealous of all the people in China who get to enjoy this goodness. Taro is a tuberous and starchy root that tastes like sweet potato and soaks up flavor like a sponge.

Image courtesy of lysa_tangkulung/Instagram

It originates from Asia, and that’s the reason why it’s only available there, but this still doesn’t justify the fact that it’s not available in other Asian countries. Life is just unfair sometimes. We want to be able to find that purple goodness everywhere.

#10 When CNY comes, people in Malaysia and Singapore can enjoy the Prosperity Burger

CNY is short for Chinese New Year and around this time of this celebration, McDonald’s in Malaysia and Singapore offer the prosperity burger, as well as the prosperity twister fries. The burger can be described as the McRib’s spicy juicier cousin.

Image courtesy of stormscape/Instagram

The sandwich has a beef patty that’s covered in pepper sauce and then topped with onions. This is a winning combination of flavors in our books. We just think that it would be perfect if they had only taken the time to add some pickles. What do you think?

#11 Anything with bagel sounds good

If you thought that McDonald’s over the way across the world in New Zealand was going to get left out, think again. They have the NYC Benedict Bagel. Now beat that! Anything with bagel sounds sooo good, and we’re sure it looks and tastes just as good too.

Image courtesy of mrs_scissorhands_xo/Instagram

Kiwis get to enjoy this goodness every day. The bagel sandwich is filled with bacon, egg, and cheese. For the perfect finishing, it’s topped with hollandaise sauce. It seems pretty fancy for breakfast food, but fancy is good. We love fancy.

#12 Sometimes we want something else aside from McFlurries

What’s almost as good as eating fresh apricots? You guessed it, an apricot sundae from McDonald’s Turkey! There are times when we want something else for dessert, aside from the usual McFlurry. No offense to the McFlurry; we know it’s tasty.

Image courtesy of invainvane_2122/Instagram

The Mickey D fruit ice cream is served in Arab countries, as well as Turkey. It might be seasonal, but it’s worth waiting for. In Turkey, it’s served during the summer, and it’s also available in a meal that includes other favorites such as the McNuggets.

#13 Thirsty in Japan? Try the banana milkshake

Thanks to the cute and mischievous minions, the banana has taken center stage and is now one of the most in-demand fruits all over the world. Thanks to the movie, there have been several minion-themed items on the menu at Mickey D’s.

Image courtesy of .instagram.com/puuvivi

One of the most popular banana items in Japan is a banana milkshake. The item must have been so popular that other countries have taken the cue and started offering it too, such as the UK and Italy. There’s one slight difference between the milkshake offered in Europe and Japan. In Europe, there’s no affiliation to the minions whatsoever.

#14 Start your day in Mexico with the McMollettes

How do you start your day in Mexico? You go to McDonald’s and order McMollettes. What is that, you ask? It’s an open-faced McMuffin with salsa, refried beans, and cheese. There’s no better way to start the day than with McMollettes.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/jennsb43/

The treat is only available on the breakfast menu, so you should go to the fast-food chain early. This a great option if you’re looking for a quick bite and you don’t want to eat something really heavy for your breakfast.

#15 if you’re ever in Peru, you should order the chicha purple temptation

If you think that McDonald’s Latin America is going to let Asia and Europe have all the fun, you’re badly mistaken. In Peru, you can get a decadent dessert made of blue corn. A very popular ingredient in Latin America, McDonald’s just had to find a way to include it on their menu.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

The dessert’s unique purple color is sure to grab anyone’s attention. If you’ve seen the taro from China, you’ll know that anything purple is delicious. The next time we’re in Peru seeing the Machu Pichu, we’re gonna make a side trip to McDonald’s.

#16 Chicken and spaghetti make the perfect pair in the Philippines

One of the most famous places to go for a fried chicken fix in the Philippines is McDonald’s. When you’re at Mickey D’s in the Philippines, you should really order one of the most loved items on the menu, the Chicken McDo with Spaghetti.

Image courtesy of .instagram.com/thetravellingduchess/

Sounds like a weird combination? It’s very popular in the country. If you arent that keen on spaghetti, you always have the option of swapping it for rice. One thing that you need to remember when in the Philippines is that their spaghetti sauce tends to be sweet.

#17 if you’re planning to go the Netherlands, try the McKroket

Ah, Netherlands, the land of windmills, tulips, Amsterdam, and of course, the McKroket. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming looks. It packs a punch and has plenty of sodium. It’s a croquette that is bathed with mustard sauce and sandwiched between two buns.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/sluglifee/

Is that all? Of course, not. When you bite into the croquette, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beef stew inside. It’s one of the bestselling items in the Netherlands, and we now understand why. We’d love to have one too.

#18 Ham N’Egg Twisty Pasta from Hong Kong

This alone is enough to convince us to fly to Hong Kong. Never mind the shopping or the culture, we’d just love to have breakfast at McDonald’s there because of their Ham N’Egg Twisty Pasta. Hong Kong is famous the world over for its street food, and McDonald’s wanted to be in on the action.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/babbelara/

This breakfast and lunch meal has pasta as its base and comes with either ham or sausage. Sometimes, the twisty pasta is offered with chicken. We’re quite sure that if they offered this in other places, it’s going to be just as popular as in Hong Kong.

#19 Fancy chicken and cheese in Korea

Another place in Asia that’s very popular for its street food is Korea. We all know that chicken and cheese go well together, but Mickey D’s over in Korea decided to make it fancier by throwing in mozzarella sticks. How can you go wrong with that?

Image courtesy of .instagram.com/muk_kkini

The McChicken Mozzarella is a popular menu item. We’re just curious if they give you your choice of sauce. This would allow customers to customize the flavor to their liking. Come to think of it; this is a great idea. We’re gonna pitch this to McDonald’s.

#20 We’re sad they discontinued the cordon bleu burger

People in Poland are either relieved or bummed because they can no longer order the cordon bleu burger. This delicious piece of chicken with ham that’s combined with some sort of cheese and sandwiched in a bun is what dreams are made of.

Image courtesy of The Recipe

And it wasn’t sandwiched between two regular buns; over there, they used onion buns. However, it didn’t get the reaction that the fast-food chain was hoping for, so they had to take it off the menu. We’re not sure why it didn’t become a hit because it sounds and looks mcdelicious.

#21 We all float down there

When the word “float” is mentioned, people immediately think of that evil clown IT who lives in a sewer. However, in Asia, when you mentioned the word “float,” it means something cold and something pleasant. In Japan particularly, Sakura and float work well together.

Image courtesy of hbxwm/Instagram

Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossoms, and the Sakura float is something that is served in The Land of the Rising Sun during the spring season. Its pink color makes it look twice as appealing. Who wouldn’t want to take a sip of this?

#22 Bye bye to the McLobster

Everyone knows that lobsters, as well as seafood, in general, are very expensive. Most people would only have lobsters in restaurants. However, McDonald’s thought it would be a good idea to offer lobster burgers in Canada. However, the idea wasn’t a winning one, and they had to discontinue the item.

Image courtesy of ckeyrouze/Instagtram

We think that it’s not the lobster that’s the problem because everyone loves lobsters. Rather, it was the price. The McLobster quickly became the most expensive item on the menu, and we all know that expensive is something that fast food can’t be.

#23 Another item that’s been discontinued is the Sweety Con Nutella in Italy

Italians sure do love their chocolate, and who can blame them. Sweety con Nutella was the food coma-inducing creation from the fast-food giant that featured hazelnut spread sandwiched between two soft buns. The description alone wants us to order a dozen.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/dudettedudette/

However, we can no longer do that as McDonald’s Italy has discontinued the item. We’re quite sure that a lot of people questioned their existence after the news was announced to the general public. That was one sad day.

#24 Not your boring burger

No matter how much you like burgers, they can get boring at times. So how does a fast-food chain such as McDonald’s address that problem? By coming up with new ways to make your burgers interesting by changing up the buns. Well, at least that’s what Mickey D’s over in China did.

Image courtesy of fivemonkeysburger/Instagram

They came up with black and white burger buns. The black bun was dyed with squid ink and served as a traditional burger, meaning a beef patty. On the other hand, the white bun was sprinkled with a generous amount of sesame seeds and is a chicken burger. Both burgers were also topped with bacon and mashed potatoes. We’d love to taste them but they have been discontinued. So sad.

#25 Craving for some noodles?

Sometimes you’ll never know if something works unless you try it. This is what seemed to be on the mind of the folks at Mickey D’s over there in Austria when they came out with the McNoodles in 2012. If it was launched in Asia, we would understand but in Austria? We’re a little skeptical.

Image courtesy of allmystery.de

Anyway, the Asian-inspired dish had chicken, veggies, salad, and the customer’s choice of curry or sweet and sour sauce. Unfortunately, as it turned out, Austrians weren’t very enthusiastic about it, so they had to take them off the menu.

#26 Why did they have to remove the McToast Chocolate from the menu?

We love chocolate, and we’re pretty sure that around ¾ of the entire population of the world feels the same way we do. So, whenever McDonald’s comes out with something chocolatey, it has more than 50/50 chance of hitting it big.

Image courtesy of delish.com/

However, the McToast Chocolate in Germany wasn’t a hit. The folded flat wheat bread had a thin layer of milk chocolate in the middle. We’re sure many people cried on the day they last served the toast, but there’s plenty of other sweet treats left on their menu.

#27 Brazil is happy they still have the Ovomaltine McFlurry

The McFlurry is a dessert, and it isn’t meant to be healthy. We all need to let go of stress sometimes, and the best way to do that for some sweet lovers is by ordering dessert. When you’re in Brazil, you should definitely try the Ovomaltine McFlurry.

Image courtesy of johnnyoliveiira91/Instagram

What is Ovomaltine? It’s known as Ovaltine in other parts of the world. It’s a unique take on McFlurry and can easily give the Italian Baci a run for its money. It’s also available in other parts of the world. However, it’s not on the universal menu, and we want to know why?

#28 when in India, do as the Indians do

India is the land of curry, so whenever you’re in the country, it’s customary to try the curry there. They have endless varieties and strengths of curries, so you should try at least a few different ones. Thanks to McDonald’s, that has now become a little easier.

Image courtesy of Big Global Travel

You can order the McCurry Pan. This item belongs on the vegetarian menu. The creamy curry is served on a tray made of bread which makes it more hearty. If you’re looking for something vegetarian that’s satisfying at the same time, you should consider this as a good option.

#29 Move over Germany and UK, Norway has the chili cheese tops

Norway may not be the first country that comes to mind when the world chili is mentioned, but apparently, they like things a little spicy now and then. If you love cheese and spicy food, the chili cheese tops are waiting just for you.  

Image courtesy of mcdonaldssverige/Instagram

This is like the perfect marriage between the jalapeños and cheese. Chopped-up chilies are mixed with cheese. They throw in plenty of breading and then fry the little fellows. The result? The perfect chili and cheese and a little crunch.

#30 we would have loved to try the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Toastie

All we’re asking is why are we the last to know of all the mouth-watering offerings at McDonald’s overseas? What you see in the photo is the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Toastie that was once available in Hong Kong. We say was because it has been discontinued.

Image courtesy of thestreet.com

It looks like a carb, calorie-laden filled panini, and it was released in 2017 in Hong Kong. It may not be the healthiest breakfast option available, but it sure looks like it is more than capable of sending us happily straight to food heaven. We’re hoping it makes a comeback so we can finally take a bite.

#31 Now that burger has got a regal name

Well, if you want something that will make you feel like royalty when eating it, you must try the Maharaja burger in India. In their language, maharaja means great ruler or great king. This item comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/foodie_sjb/

The maharaja burger is the tallest burger McDonald’s has ever made, so it is special. In some ways, it is the Indian version of the Big Mac. You might find yourself struggling to fit the burger in your mouth, but hey, that’s where the fun lies.

#32 When in Italy, eat turnovers

There are many versions of the turnover, depending on where you are in the world. When in Italy, the McDonald’s version of turnovers comes with two things Italians love very much, mozzarella and tomatoes. Mickey D’s in Italy took two of the most iconic ingredients and wrapped them in pastry.

Image courtesy of Big Global Travel

The result was these delicious turnovers that will make you want to book a flight right now to order some. Locally, these little treats are called panzerotti. An Italian vacation would be made even better by these. If only we could be in Italy today.

#33 You can always try some paneer in India

Paneer is native to India, and it is also known as the Indian version of cottage cheese. It is made from raw cow or buffalo milk. Naturally, McDonald’s India just had to find a way to include this national favorite on their menu.

Image courtesy of free_soul_wild_heart/Instagram

They thought of wrapping it up and adding some spice to it. It’s one of the most popular items on their menu, especially because millions of people in the country do not consume meat for religious and personal reasons.

#34 They serve some healthy breakfasts in Spain

If you fancy a healthier breakfast option but don’t have some baguette or the time to chop up plenty of tomatoes and garlic, you can always go to any McDonald’s in Spain. They serve bruschetta appetizers over there, which are good for you and delicious.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/jamjam.li/

Yes, you read that right. A bruschetta is a toasted Italian bread that’s drenched in olive oil and served typically with tomatoes and garlic. We don’t know why it’s served in Spain and not Italy. All we know is we want some.

#35 We want some chocolate croissants from Spain

While we’re talking about McDonald’s Spain, they also have chocolate croissants over there. This makes us hungry and angry at the same time. How come they always get to have the good stuff in Mcdonald’s in other countries? Life is very unfair.

Image courtesy of howtotraveller.com

We can almost taste the hot and crispy croissant in our mouths with chocolate in the early hours of the morning while we’re only half awake. Mickey D’s seriously needs to consider releasing this worldwide. It’s gonna be a global hit for sure.

#36 Rice on a burger

If you’re from Asia or have lived in Asia for the last decade, Southeast Asia particularly, you might have remembered the McRice Burger. Mickey D’s just had to capitalize on the fact that rice is the staple food of Asia by coming up with this weird burger.

Image courtesy of thetravel.com

It was your usual burger but with sticky rice buns flavored with barbecue. On top of the patty, it had cabbage and lettuce. It was sold in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia but has since been discontinued. Unlike other items, this one wouldn’t translate to the worldwide market.

#37 Fancy some pie?

Back in the day, if you fancied some pie for lunch in New Zealand, you could have always headed to the local Mickey D’s. They used to serve Georgie Pies, but they have since discontinued it due to the low demand.  What’s Georgie pie you might be asking?

Image courtesy of napoletana_pizza_creep/Instagram

Georgie pie is a favorite among Kiwis, and it’s a traditional meat pie that features a square pastry filled with minced steak and cheese. It sounds like something we would have tried, sadly we can’t do that anymore now.

#38 Malaysia also has their own version of pie

Malaysia isn’t going to be left out when it comes to pies. They have the Pulut Hitam Pie. It’s your normal pie from Mickey D’s, but it’s filled with a black glutinous rice filling. Rice, you may ask? Well, because it’s Asia and they love their rice even in their desserts.

Image couretsy of nurlizzs/Instagram

Black may not be one of the most appealing colors for your dessert but don’t knock it till you try it. It’s a hit in Malaysia, and it’s still on the menu. We’re sure that’s for a very good reason for that. So, whenever you’re in Malaysia, think of this pie.

#39 Get a New York Stack but in the UK

Mickey D’s across the pond in the UK, used to have some very American things, thanks to their Great Taste of America theme.  One of the six burgers in their offering was the New York Stack, which is ironically not available in any MacDonald’s in New York.

Image courtesy of joe.co.uk

The New York Stack comprises two beef patties, bacon, coleslaw, cheese, tomato ketchup, lettuce, mustard, and pickles. That may sound like a lot, and yet there is more-all of that yummy goodness is sandwiched in a sesame and poppy seed bagel. Whew, now that’s a mouthful for sure.

#40 They have fish and rice in Thailand

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is definitely a place where people love their rice. So, Mickey D’s over there decided to offer dishes containing rice, locally known as Pad Kaprao or Pad Krapaw rice. This is spicy so beware before ordering.

Image courtesy of acoupleofdestinations.com

Rice is topped with stir-fried meat, in this case, fish and basil. It’s certainly a hit with the locals because it’s currently still on their menu and being served up to happy customers. We’re not big fans of fish, but if given a chance, we would definitely try this because we like Thai food.

#41 Have some Greek Mac in Greece

Greece is the land of gyros and kebabs, so naturally, McDonald’s had to adapt their menu to the local food culture. The best way to do that is by offering the Greek Mac. It’s a new twist on the Greek classic and makes for a hearty meal.

Image courtesy of jamesdimitri/Instagram

You get two juicy beef patties with onions, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and lemon sauce, all wrapped together in pita bread. Sounds appetizing, right? We can definitely see ourselves ordering this and eating this while preparing to explore the Acropolis.

#42 Maccas has poutine on their menu

If you don’t know it yet, they call McDonald’s in Canada Maccas. Don’t ask us why. Anyway, Maccas serves the McPoutine, and it can be served without or with bacon. Canadians love their poutine, so it’s only proper that they have it on their menu.

Image courtesy of ravedave2005/Instagram

Poutine is French fries that are smothered in gravy and topped with cheese. This is almost a national dish in Canada, so Mickey D’s came up with a more affordable but still delicious version. We think that the rest of McDonald’s worldwide can benefit from having this on their menus; after all, who doesn’t love good poutine?

#43 Salmon burger, you say?

Salmon in a burger? Count us in. Interestingly this isn’t served in Norway’s McDonald’s, where they have plenty of salmon, but rather in the Singapore franchises. This is a healthier version of the regular meat and cheese heavy burgers from Mickey D’s.

Image courtesy of burpple.com

However, this was only a seasonal offering and was only available for a few months of the year. Not only does this look good, but the idea was a great one. It was a hit in Singapore, and when it was finally taken off the menu, it made locals sad.

#44 Get iced milk tea from McDonald’s Hong Kong

Milk tea is a big thing in Asia, and unlike its cousins in the UK, milk tea in Asia comes with a few accouterments, such as boba pearls. McDonald’s has their own version of milk tea. However, it doesn’t come with boba pearls.

Image courtesy of thebandwagonchic.com

They make lack pearls but it doesn’t mean that they are less delicious or thirst-quenching. They make the perfect accompaniment for the other items on the Hong Kong menu. We’ll be sure to order one when we next find ourselves in Hong Kong.

#45 Another seasonal item in Japan is the gratin croquette burger

Japan has some of the best seasonal items. Not only do they get to enjoy the sakura float, but they can also order the gratin croquette burger. This burger has a fried patty that’s made with crab, macaroni, and cheese. It absolutely sounds delish!

Image courtesy of en.rocketnews24.com

If you’re not allergic to shellfish, this is one for you to try as soon as it’s available again. This is only on offer during winter, by the way, so if this is on your food bucket list, plan to go when it’s cold.