4 Countries With The Best Art Collections

By Francis Tunwase

Art is beauty. To visit a place where you can view famous masterpieces that you normally only see in books is just bliss for lovers of art. Countries with the best art collections are mentioned below. You should try to include one, if not all, on to your travel bucket list.

Image Credit: shutterstock.com

Ever heard of The Louvre? It is the largest museum in the world. Located at the heart of Paris, it was originally built as a fortress. Most notably, the iconic Mona Lisa painting by the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci is kept in this museum. In 2016, over 7.3 million visitors visited The Louvre, which houses 38,000 artifacts in 8 separate departments.

This is where the Van Gogh Museum is situated. At least 2 million visitors come here every year to check out Vincent Van Gogh’s exclusive works. Also, the Rijksmuseum located in Amsterdam is another beautiful sight that houses art collections. Over 8 000 artifacts and a collection of one million objects spanning 800 years of history are housed in this museum.

Image credit: holiday-golightly.com

The State Hermitage Museum located in St. Petersburg is the 8th most visited museum in the world. This is linked to the fact that it has the largest display of paintings globally with over 3 million pieces. It spans 700,000 square feet. The museum houses work from legends like Picasso, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt.

The British Museum possesses the largest collection of artifacts globally. With 6.8 million visitors annually, it ranks as the 5th best museum in the world. It houses the works of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Van Gogh. This is a strong drawing card for the United Kingdom that it is a place where you can relish the best of artworks that the world has on offer.